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Manufacturers, their agents or middlemen, or even customers many a time are in need to redo or modernize either their beds in their bedrooms or acquiring fresh wardrobe or for refurbishing their kitchen cabinets or furniture in their homes or any other plausible reasons or uses which a customer might have. Given the lifestyle we all share and the incessant to-do lists which never end, one does feel lazy and entirely dreads the process of going to different markets or different stores and dealing with different dealers in order to source raw materials.

More often than not, one is required to undertake major inconvenience in the sun to source raw materials because such raw materials are not available at a common or a single source or store per say, which necessitates the said manufacturer, middleman, or agent to travel to different locations to source all the needed raw materials. The parties, as such, had to afford a lot of inconveniences. A lot of companies and players in the lifestyle market recognized or identified the drawbacks in the customer purchase cycle, and the opportunity on the horizon to adapt and adopt innovation to ease the purchase process for the customer and were aware that if the same is not done, their sales and revenues would not be able to break through.

Centuryply plywood

Among all companies, CenturyPly was one of the earliest market leaders who identified this opportunity and revamped and modified its business model. Their philosophy placed technological innovation and digital disruption at the center of their approach. The company, which saw its inception in 1986 – because of such emphasis on innovative approaches, has now become a market leader in the plywood segment. Customers – were very satisfied with the advent of digitization of the entire process of sourcing raw materials – whether for bedrooms, furniture, home décor, doors, or kitchen cabinets, because their purchase or acquiring journey became a lot less tedious.

Century Eshop

The company not only has a well-functioning, robust website from which customers can access the latest plywood offerings based on their needs, but it also has an app called “CenturyPromise App” or “CenturyE-Shop” that can be downloaded from the Playstore and accessed from the comfort of their mobile phones. Customers may obtain all raw materials, plywood, and any other necessity linked to the same from a single source, eliminating the need to go to many sites to obtain raw materials.

Furthermore, CenturyPly Plywood is very aware and cognizant of the fact that there exist unscrupulous and fake sellers in the market trying to pass off and sell malafide or sub-par quality products. In order to curb such a practice, they have introduced the provision of a QR Code. By allocating a unique QR Code to each plywood sheet online, the app enables the customers to know whether the product purchased by them is an authentic one or not. In addition, the products listed on the website or the app come with a warranty for 20 years – to the advantage of the customers.

The customers or middlemen can thus, without unnecessary hassle, order raw materials from a centralized location, or buy Laminates, that too on a digital platform, without having the need to physically travel to a brick-and-mortar store for the same. The products are of assured quality and genuine in quality and also come with a warranty. How convenient has the entire process of acquiring become? Customers really saved time and energy and readily accepted this digitization of the entire purchase journey.


Thus, it is clearly and transparently evident why CenturyPly has and continues to be a market leader in the plywood space. Continuous innovation and disruption coupled with state-of-the-art products have made them a force to be reckoned with and made the brand the first choice among interior designers, architects, manufacturers, and customers.


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