Sexual Dysfunction – Types of Sexual Deficiency in Men and Women


Sexual dysfunction is growing common with each passing day not only in men but in women too. This issue is known to prevent couples from relishing satisfaction from sexual activity. Being a sensitive topic people generally don’t get it treated and live with it disturbing their relationship. According to a report, 43% of women and 31% of men are known to face some sort of sexual dysfunction. Hence treating this issue in the sexual response cycle is prime. There are plenty of ways out of this issue but primarily you must consult a doctor.

What Do You Mean by Sexual Dysfunction in Men and Women?

Whenever a man or woman faces any kind of problem while having sex that doesn’t allow them to have satisfactory intercourse is known as sexual dysfunction. This issue is found both in men and women. And additionally, the risk of developing sexual dysfunction increases with increasing age. Several youngsters too are facing this issue. Sexual dysfunction can be due to various reasons such as the ill effects of medication, emotional issues, stress, and many more. Facing occasional episodes of sexual dysfunction is normal but when it gets frequent you must consult your doctor immediately. When you visit your doctor tell him everything as it will be private and help him treat better.

Why Does a Woman or Man Face Sexual Dysfunction?

Certainly, there are plenty of factors that can mess up your sexual functioning. These reasons incorporate specific meds, existing illnesses such as diabetes or hypertension, unrestricted liquor use, or vaginal and urinary diseases. You might not know but sexual dysfunction can be also due to physiological causes such as sadness, relationship issues, and misuse at present or in the past. Levels of certain chemicals in the body have an impact on sexual dysfunction for people. When there are low male and female chemicals it can directly oversee less sexual longing. These chemicals steeply decrease in both females and males as they age.


Female chemicals can also change during pregnancy, just after labor, or when you are breastfeeding. And surprisingly after a woman hits menopause she feels less sexual craving. Likewise, menopause causes vaginal dryness, which can prompt agony during sex.

It does not matter at whatever stage of life you are in, the anxieties that you face on a regular daily basis can cause sexual dysfunction. Being worn out from a bustling position or focusing on small kids might influence your sexual craving. You may likewise be exhausted by a long-standing sexual everyday practice.

What Are Common Sexual Dysfunctions in Men and Women?


 1)  Desire disorder:

Desire disorder is mostly seen in females. A person is suffering from desire disorder when he has nonappearance of sexual drive, additionally known as low moxie. This absence of sexual drive might be towards a single man that is your partner or a total absence of desire. Low sexual desire can be due to low levels of the female chemical estrogen and the male chemical testosterone that can prompt a lessening in sexual longing. Testosterone keeps up with sexual drive notwithstanding sperm creation, muscle and bone turn of events, and male example hair development. 

2)  Arousal disorder: 

Impotence in men is presently depicted as erectile dysfunction and various terms exist to portray this issue. These people might have an antipathy for or inclination to stay away from sexual contact with an accomplice. In this case, guys might discover they can just keep a fractional erection or they might not be able to acquire one by any stretch of the imagination. Influenced guys may likewise discover they gain no joy or forever from the sexual movement. 

3)  Orgasm disorders: 

People who face orgasm disorders find a problem or even don’t reach a climax or they at times have delayed climax. These issues might be brought about by actual components such as prevalent sickness or even because of utilizing specific drugs. In guys, climax issues incorporate discharge problems.

4)  Pain disorders:

The most common and frequent sexual dysfunction in women is a pain disorder that is caused due to deficiency in the grease of the vagina during sex. This decrease in lubrication can be due to the absence of incitement or energy about the sexual movement or by hormonal changes that happen because of pregnancy, breastfeeding, or menopause. This disorder can also be due to a condition called vaginismus, where the muscles of the vaginal divider fit automatically during intercourse. The reason for these fits isn’t too clear however past sexual injury, for example, misuse or attack has been proposed as a trigger of the condition.

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What Are the Treatment Options for Sexual Dysfunction in Men and Women?


1)  Prescription medications:

As you know that sexual dysfunction can be due to a prescription and in this case, an adjustment of the drug might do the job. Mem or women with chemical inadequacies can have good results on consuming chemical shots, pills, or creams. For men with erectile dysfunction or low sex desire medications such as Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, Staxyn, and Stendra may assist with working on sexual capacity by expanding the bloodstream to the penis. Ladies have hormonal enhancement choices such as estrogen. In premenopausal ladies, two meds are endorsed by the FDA to treat low craving, including flibanserin and bremelanotide. 

2)  Mechanical guides:

By virtue of technology, certain vacuum gadgets and penile inserts might assist men with erectile dysfunction. A vacuum gadget is additionally endorsed for use in ladies, however can be costly. Dilators might help ladies who experience limiting the vagina. Gadgets like vibrators can be useful to assist with working on sexual happiness and peak.

3)  Psychotherapy:

Getting a therapy session with an expert advisor in the town can assist you with tending to sexual injury from an earlier time, sensations of nervousness, dread, responsibility, and helpless self-perception. These components might influence sexual capacity. 

4)  Getting proper knowledge

Taking education about sex and sexual practices and reactions might assist you with defeating tensions about sexual capacity. Open discourse with your accomplice about your necessities and concerns additionally beats numerous obstructions to a solid sexual coexistence.



Having sexual dysfunction is normal and a treatable condition. All you need to do is put your step forward and consult a doctor. The success of your treatment depends on you and the cause of the issue. At times you might face occasional episodes of sexual dysfunction, but it is normal and might be due to a stressful day. Hence don’t panic, if you wish you can also get a diagnosis at that time.



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