Scream and Shout: The Top Ten Horror Movies Hollywood Has to Offer


Watching horror movies Hollywood has to offer can be a fun way to spend an evening with friends, but where do you start? There are hundreds of streaming services out there, and they’re all competing with each other to provide the best horror movies hollywood content at the lowest cost. If you’re looking for the best way to find great horror movies hollywood, use JustWatch.

The Exorcist

It’s hard to believe that it has been more than forty years since The Exorcist first made its way into homes around the world. The film is still as terrifying today as it was then, which is in large part thanks to director William Friedkin. If you’re looking for a flick that truly scares you, look no further. Set in a Georgetown mansion with a twist ending you won’t soon forget, there is a reason why the power of Christ compels you! became one of cinema’s most famous lines. Director William Friedkin masterfully combines elements of mystery, horror, fantasy, and true-life terror for one hell of an intense experience.

An American Werewolf in London

With a simple-but-effective premise— an American guy gets bitten by a werewolf while he’s traveling through London— An American Werewolf in London is an essential horror movie. One of its many distinctions is that it’s responsible for popularizing one of horror’s most used tropes—the person being attacked seeing their life flash before their eyes. Directed by John Landis, An American Werewolf in London also has a tremendous cast, including David Naughton as Jack Goodman, Griffin Dunne as David Kessler, Jenny Agutter as Alex Price and Brian Glover as Uncle Ted. It’s definitely not a movie you want to be watching alone.


Despite its low budget, Hellraiser is widely considered one of the best horror movies Hollywood has ever produced. Clive Barker, who wrote both Hellraiser and its sequels, didn’t have much experience in film before he created Pinhead. He would go on to direct every subsequent installment himself until 1994’s Hellraiser: Bloodline—though none come close to matching Pinhead’s iconic evil presence. All in all, there are nine installments in the franchise; but with an ensemble cast featuring such celebrities as Doug Bradley (Pinhead), Sean Chapman (Butterball), Barbie Wilde (Tiffany), Peter Atkins (Chatterer) and Nicholas Vince (The Engineer), you won’t want it to end any time soon.

It Follows

Halloween (1978) is a classic horror movie directed by John Carpenter that has been remade countless times. So for our money, it’s best not to stream one of those versions. Instead, watch Halloween (2007), another remake that is directed by Rob Zombie but starred original Halloween actress Jamie Lee Curtis. This film sticks very closely to Carpenter’s original plot and characters, making it a must-watch if you love Halloween. While it may not have gotten as many positive reviews as some of its counterparts, we feel that once you’ve seen it for yourself you won’t be disappointed.

Get Out

This is a movie that needs no introduction. Get Out was released in February 2017, starring Daniel Kaluuya, Allison Williams, Bradley Whitford, Caleb Landry Jones and Catherine Keener. Jordan Peele directed Get Out, a satirical horror thriller that won rave reviews from critics all over. Social satire with real bite says one review while another goes on to say that it’s one of those rare films that transcends genre. JustWatch notes that it has an 8.5 rating on IMDb but we wonder whether they went ahead and made their own mind up when they watched it – because we’re still not sure what everyone else is going on about! You can buy Get Out via Amazon Instant Video or iTunes.

Night of the Living Dead

Made in 1968, Night of the Living Dead remains one of hollywood’s greatest horror movies. This movie is not only a great zombie classic but it is also an important film in cinematic history. It’s said that George Romero invented modern horror cinema with his low-budget masterpiece. If you’re looking for where to watch Night of the Living Dead online without paying for a cable subscription, your best bet will be Movierulz on streaming platforms like Android or Apple TV.

Halloween (1978 film)

John Carpenter’s chilling independent slasher film was released in 1978, with a final shot that is considered one of film history’s most terrifying. It boasts one of cinema’s classic villains in Michael Myers, whose blank stare still sends shivers down moviegoers’ spines. Thanks to its John Carpenter-directed scares and iconic villain, it spawned seven sequels that all fall into a similar horror film mold. Despite being shot on a budget of just $300,000, Halloween grossed $70 million at the box office worldwide (about $225 million when adjusted for inflation) and spawned six sequels over four decades. Although some were not as successful as others, they were all bona fide horror movies.


Rosemary’s Baby (film)

Rosemary’s Baby (1968) is a haunting tale about a young couple who discover that there are things beyond their control after they move into an apartment with a haunted past. Filled with intense imagery, unrelenting chills, and memorable characters, it’s a horror film that goes beyond simple scares—and becomes more frightening for it. — Movierulz TV


28 Days Later

This movie stars Cillian Murphy as Jim, a bicycle courier who wakes up from a coma in an abandoned hospital. He discovers that he’s trapped in London with zombies roaming around – they are created by a virus released when animal activists break into lab facilities. If you’ve seen it, then you’re probably familiar with Murphy’s inability to escape wherever he is; it’s always 28 days later.


Silence of the Lambs

A good starting point is to think about your favorites, so look at which movies come up most frequently when you’re watching horror movies hollywood. Those are a great starting point. Don’t overthink it too much – all movies are horrific on some level, after all. Here are our top ten horror movies hollywood picks. Check them out, stream them with Movierulz TV and never waste another night of sleep again!


To answer our question, if you want a list of films that’ll scare your pants off, these are some of the best. But if you want to watch an entire movie trilogy with all your lights on, there are more than enough high-quality films for you in modern horror. There’s no wrong way to enjoy horror movies, just make sure you can enjoy them from home! Good luck!


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