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Yoga Diet
Yoga Diet

With time, we tend to go back to our pure form, either because of the pain caused by a disease or for arousal to do some good and do less harm to our mother earth. Sattvic Diet, which is otherwise called yogic food, curbs the qualities like selfishness, impulsiveness, and passion. It also treats the food only for its purpose that is fueling your body and not for other emotions.

The food that we consume is only for carrying out body functions. As per the ancient scriptures, the Sattvic diet can enhance your life expectancy. The term Sattvic is obtained from the Sanskrit word Sattva, a concept from the Indian Yogic philosophy. The word embodies actual, energetic, healthy, and some vital characteristics.

A sattvic diet mainly involves foods that help in being extremely mindful of oneself and your environment. It also instills good eating habits such as eating in moderate quantities, avoiding overeating, and proper weight management.

In simple words, the Sattvic diet or yogic diet is a diet that does not involve any living beings flesh or any food items that might enhance energy like onion or some pulses. The foods that are included in a Sattvic diet are pure that energizes one’s body and mind.

As per Ayurveda, Sattvic foods are necessary for maintaining a balance of healthy mind and body. For carrying this balance, Ayurveda encourages consuming foods as per one’s Dosha. If you are not aware of your Dosha, you must know that your Dosha represents your physical and personality traits. Human bodies are made from three doshas Vata, Pitta, and Kapha.

We must eat according to our Dosha to prevent an imbalance between our body and mind. Most people think of Sattvic food as food that is raw and not cooked. But in truth, it is a routine that emphasizes natural and cooked seasonal foods like fresh fruit, ripe vegetables, whole grains, etc. Because this food strengthens virtues such as Ahimsa, it only involves vegetarian proteins, thereby avoiding any harm to nature.

Highly processed, over-cooked, and spicy food are Tamasic or destructive. As per popular belief, Sattvic foods are not tasteless. They consist of all six different kinds of sweet, bitter, astringent, sour, salt, and spicy flavors.

Essential things you should keep in your mind while preparing the Sattvic diet.

  • Make sure the food is cooked freshly, and all ingredients and vegetables are virtuously sourced.
  • Foods must be mixed to obtain nutrients from various sources.
  • It always encourages food that is developed symphonically in nature. Foods that ripes and are produced naturally without any treatment with chemicals.
  • His diet helps in forbidding the ingestion of packaged or canned food of any kind.
  • Cook only the necessary amount of food.
  • You must chew your food correctly, eat it at a moderate pace, and not rushed.
  • You should always prepare your food with love as well as gratitude before consuming it.

Onion and garlic are not included in Sattvic food. Know why?

According to Ayurveda, garlic, onion, and other such vegetables are not included in the Sattvic diet. This kind of food might induce aggravation, anxiety, as well as agitation. This is the reason they are considered harmful. Another primary reason to avoid onion and garlic is they might cause body odor and bad breath.

Only seasonal products are included in the Sattvic diet. Know the reason.

Because of technological advancement in food production, all-natural food products are now available all through the year. Sattvic diet acclaims seasonal food for a straightforward reason. Fresh foods that are locally harvested have full flavors intact are absorbed when you consume them. Because of this, food is tasty and nutritious instead of the food that is induced with different chemicals for preservation. Purchasing seasonal food from local farmers is always fresh, harmless, and affordable.

All thing that we eat is solely for our soul. And if you want your soul to be clean and virtuous, the food you wish to should also be sourced and consumed similarly. Many yoga schools in Rishikesh have this subject in their course where they teach how sattvik diet has helped people in many ways.

The food you should eat when you are on a Sattvic diet.

  • Fruits that have ripened naturally without the use of chemicals and other pesticides for inducing ripeness.
  • Green and leafy vegetables but do not include onion and garlic.
  • Whole grain products such as rice, wheat, and oats.
  • Dairy products such as milk, cheese, and cream are made from cows, buffaloes, and goat milk.
  • Sesame, olive, and sunflower oil.
  • Unsalted nuts and seeds.
  • Herbal teas, lemon juice, and honey but without any artificial sweeteners. It would be best if you prefer things like salt, jaggery, etc.
  • Cinnamon, basil, ginger, cumin for making your food delicious and full of flavor.
  • Legumes, sprouts, and alkaline foods.

What are the foods you should not include in sattvic diet?

  • All kinds of non-vegetarian foods.
  • Processed foods such as Maida, white sugar, etc.
  • Junk food, excessively oily food must be avoided. Onion, garlic, or any food that creates hormonal imbalance.
  • Soda, aerated drinks, etc.
  • Refrigerated foods and microwave-heated foods.
  • Stale foods.

Advantages of Sattvic diet

There are some specific attributes that a person who eats a sattva diet possesses. For instance, their thinking power is good, they sleep better, and they have excellent digestion power. Moreover, their body is free from toxins.

Here are few significant benefits of following a sattvic diet:

  • There will be no deficiencies: When the matter is about fruits and vegetables, it implies you are consuming seasonal foods. If you are eating a 40-60% raw food diet, it is highly beneficial for your body to get all kinds of vitamins and minerals. There will be no deficiencies of essential nutrients in your body.
  • Easy to digest: All Sattvic foods are straightforward to digest. As most plant-based foods are steamed rather than frying or cooking in oils, they are easy to digest. There will be less spice and oil, which is easy for your digestive system to process. Some of the items like hing and black pepper also help increase your digestive system’s health.
  • It is suitable for losing weight: Sattvik diet is also good for weight loss because a lot of fiber enters your body in a very natural way. It also makes the person highly active. A typical sattvic diet contains 40% raw food. When you are consuming so many fruits, vegetables, and nuts in one single day that it is too raw, it is perfect for losing weight. Even though you eat cooked food, they are steamed, so that is also easy for digestion.
  • More minor lifestyle disorders: A person having Sattvic diet have less lifestyle disorder such as cholesterol and diabetes which are nowadays very common among peoples. Moreover, people also do not fall prey to any respiratory issues. As per popular belief, mucus secretion occurs when there are too many toxins in our body.

Final words

To conclude, we can say that the Sattvic diet is one of the vital parts of yoga. If you have enrolled yourself in a 200 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, then most probably you have to follow this diet. Yogis believe that a sattvic diet plays an essential function in maintaining a pure soul and peaceful state.

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