Promote your cigarette brand with these effective packaging ideas

Custom Cigarette Boxes

Are you an owner of a cigarette brand and want to promote your business using the latest marketing strategies? With the increasing popularity of cigarettes, you need to level up your product by making it up to the competition. The most important aspect to keep in mind to increase the demand for your product is to make it visually appealing. Most of the consumers of cigarettes are young people and they look for style and making a fashion statement. Youngsters look for a fashion statement in every product they carry. For this purpose, we will talk about all the ways you can notch up your Custom cigarette Boxes.

Requirements for packaging

The following requirements are to be kept in mind to keep the packaging of your cigarette boxes up to mark to suit the consumer.

  1. Visibly attractive packaging

The basic requirement for sales purposes is for your product to look visibly appealing to the customer. Young consumers which generally buy it for recreation want the packaging to be attractive and vibrant with trendy designs. Many companies incorporate unattractive images of medical conditions caused by smoking. This greatly decreases the appeal of the product and they do not feel like buying it. You need to make your brand stand out and make it look much smarter and classier. For this purpose, you much select the coolest-looking prints for your cigarette boxes.

  1. Cost-effective

The material used for the packaging of your product must be cost-effective so that you get quality products at less price. This can be useful for you to save much money for your business while not having to compromise on the quality of the product.

  1. Protection

Another important aspect while selecting custom cigarette packaging is to keep in mind the protection of the product inside. The packaging must have a durable closure, so the cigarettes don’t fall out and are fresh and moisture-free. Also, it must be difficult for children to open for their safety. The seals of the lid must be proper to avoid harm to the product inside.

  1. Content information

The information about the contents and their empirical concentrations are of the utmost importance. This will help consumers in the selection of desired product types. Also, the consumer must have information about possible side effects.

  1. Branding

For business purposes, the most important thing to consider is the marketing and branding of your company/product. Branding can help promote your company and let consumers trust your product and make it look unique and exclusive.

  1. Buy in wholesale

Buying wholesale cigarette boxes is the best option to get premium quality packaging boxes. They are specially formulated by manufacturers keeping in mind the growing competition in the market. This can help you get exclusive discounts and sales on bulk products.

Material of packaging

While selecting the ideal material for packaging it is important to look for various options that meet your requirements. It must be of a material that can support the product with safety and avoid any kind of damage to it. The cigarette packaging must be made of the finest boxes that are strong enough so that they do not get folded or damaged easily.

  1. Kraft material

Kraft boxes are a good option for making cigarette boxes as they are made of good strong material that is very resistant to damage. Another benefit of using this material boxes is that it is very sustainable and eco-friendly. It is 100% recyclable and does not pose any harm to the environment. With the increase in use and popularity of more and more eco-friendly products, this is a great option. The downside of its use is that the use of various colors and patterns will not look very attractive on this packaging. The reason being its plant sources that give a characteristic brown color to the boxes. Lighter colors especially white, really die down when transferred on the Kraft boxes.

  1. Corrugated packaging

Corrugated box packaging is another option for the packaging of cigarette boxes which are much stronger and more resistant to damage. It consists of three layers or more arranged in a way that there are two flat layers on the sides and curved or fluted layered in the center. This design of packaging provides a more cushioning effect to the boxes through which the product can remain much safer.

  1. Cardstock material

Cardstock packaging is another option to select for making your custom cigarette boxes. This packaging is most preferred because it can be customized in much more ways. The colorful patterns appear very nice and bright on the thin yet supportive packaging boxes.

Coating and printing

Let us talk about some of the options of coating you can use on your custom cigarette boxes to jazz up their look.

Most companies use glossy finish coating on the boxes that can look even a plain color look bright and shiny. Brighter colors pop up much more and make the look of the cigarette box very striking and vivid.

It is however becoming increasingly popular among companies to use a matte finish look which is becoming defined as a classier look, with emerging new brands opting more and more for this look.

Another popular coating technique is the spot UV method that gives a shiny yet varied textured design with variable depth and contrast to a specific area or text.

Styles of packaging

The classic packaging style for cigarette boxes is the one with tuck end having a folded top lid that can fit into the much longer bottom part that contains the cigarettes. This style is very convenient for users as it is easy to flip open and close again firmly. It protects and keeps them safe from falling out.

For cannabis cigarettes, however, many other styles can opt for. Their packaging can be sleeve boxes or boxes with windows on them. There are much more options for cannabis cigarettes because they are sold in smaller packs. If you have more than one product, you can come up with special designs for custom cigarette boxes to differentiate one unique product from another.



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