Poker- A Beginners Guide to Quickly Learn the Game


Are you curious to learn the most luring real money card game online? Wondering how to play Poker and get started? Below is the first-hand guide to acquiring the basic poker skills and win the game like a pro.

All About Poker

Poker is amongst the oldest card games played, mainly with a standard deck of 52 cards. A subtle know-how about poker hands and their rankings aid in forming useful poker strategies to fetch the best outcomes in the game. 

The whole game juggles between the combination of hole cards and community cards. Thorough learning of the hand rankings and figuring out the odds are of utmost importance if you are willing to learn the game and make money here.

Before you scout how to play Poker, take a small leap through its origin. The etymological meaning of Poker is still arguable, but experts relate its probable interpretation to the French term ‘Poque’. It is again a card game with similar lines to Poker.

So, here’s a common sequence of FAQs scrolling through the minds of every player spotting poker tables for the first time.

How to Play Poker? Basics of Online Poker Game

The dealer starts the game with card distribution here. All players on the table are dealt with 3 community cards and 2 hole cards. After distribution, players begin with the betting rounds and start picking cards from the community cards dealt on the table to create perfect combinations. Learning antes (minimum bet) is vital to grasp Poker.

The game starts with the small blind and big blinds, which contributes to raising a decent winning amount in the pot. It is an alluring incentive attraction to win the pot in the game. Other actions resulting from subsequent wagering rounds further raise the pot money.

Common Actions in Poker Game

When you are looking for how to play Poker, it is crucial to refrain from making rookie mistakes that could push you to the back position in the game. A better catch is to memorize the actions in Poker that take place while playing a hand.

  • Check- To check is abstaining from opening at the betting round or increasing the wagered amount if you are positioned to play the next big blind. Players are allowed to check only if there’s no bet placed in a recent round. This action is then passed on to the next person clockwise.
  • Bet- To bet is to proceed with the game by adding further to the bet size, considering the recent poker hands. Following players need to ‘Call’ or ‘Match’ with the wagered amount to stay back in the game.
  • Fold- If players think their cards are not worth giving a shot, forfeiting or putting down the current hand is advisable. The player taking this action has to lose the amount invested in a pot till that moment, and the following player takes the next action.

  • Call- It refers to the amount you must match made by the player before you in any round. 

  • Raise- If you are fortunate enough to fetch the top hand rankings as per the poker books, raising the bet size and increasing the pot amount is a good idea. Subsequent players have to match that amount to retain in the game or call or fold.

All these actions keep repeating in various Poker rounds. They are as below.

Pre-Flop: It is the betting round where players get the hole cards before any community cards that are dealt in the game.

The Flop: Betting starts once the remaining three community cards are dealt.

The turn: The third wagering round after the fourth community card is dealt.

The River: Final betting stage is when the fifth community card is dealt, and players have to make a 5-card combination using their hole cards and 3 community cards.

Showdown: Once all the cards are dealt and the bet is raised in the final round, the remaining players go for a showdown to make their card declaration. The player with the highest poker hand wins the round.

How to Win a Poker Game?

Players with the highest rank of poker card combinations win the game. In a few scenarios, the player makes an uncalled bet and seeks the winning position without the requirement to reach a showdown. 

Having said that, having a notch over basic wagering skills and bankroll management also helps you earn a remarkable position in the game. Beginners may start with Texas Hold’em Poker, as it’s the simplest variant that amateur players can easily learn, play and earn.

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