Online Queue System: The best solution to serve more customers

Online Queue system

Amid the open-ended pandemic, businesses need to modify and adjust to the new normal. For service providers who remain open, the requirement for a safer atmosphere for staff and visitors is becoming more crucial than ever.

Online Queue management system is one of the key solutions to this issue. But What is it, and how does it function? We’ve gathered the most prevalent questions about online queuing (also known as Virtual queuing). Let’s dive in!

What is an online queue management system?

An online queue management system is a system that assigns customers to a virtual waiting line, where they don’t have to stand in line to receive a service. With an online aka virtual queue management system, customers can wait wherever they want as they are not restrained to any waiting spot.

How does online queuing work?

Step-by-step example of the working :

  1. The Customer scans QR code placed outside at the entrance of the business/ premises (for instance, on the main door or the window) with their phone.
  2. They select the service and get a mobile ticket instantly.
  3. Customer waits remotely (in their car or home, for example), and watches their position in line on the phone. They will be able to see the real-time updates, their spot in line, and the anticipated waiting time till their turn to be served.
  4. When it’s their turn, an employee calls the customer using a mobile app or they will receive the notification.
  5. The service is provided and taken at a safe distance.

Online queuing across various sectors

In the current situation where only basic businesses and service providers remain open, online queuing solutions can offer great protection in:

  • Public sector: Government offices and services that need to operate as a mandate.
  • Healthcare: Hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare departments
  • Retail: Supermarket stores, drugstores, other necessary business stores

Benefits of Online Queue management


  • Reduce waiting time.

The main purpose of incorporating an online queue management system is to decrease waiting time for your clients. Remote queuing from anyplace makes for a better customer experience and more effective services since customer arrives really in time for their registered appointment.

  • Customer description and segmentation

When you’re utilizing an online queuing solution, you have every customer’s status (name, the purpose of visit, etc) right at the point of entry into the queue. This enables you to segment customers, deliver personalized service.

  •  Improve Staff Efficiency

In peak hour times, your employees may find themselves trying to regulate the queue manually. This Traditional queuing strategy makes it hard for them to serve customers efficiently. Having a virtual queue system will reduce the workload of staff and improve the service quality.

  • Customer Loyalty and Retention

Poor queuing conditions can often lead to customers preferring not to return to a store. In a competitive market where people have so many other options, retaining loyal customers is important. The power of social media can lead to posts about bad customer experiences go viral quickly and can put potential new customers off visiting your store. Owning a good queue management system in position, especially for times like sales and festivals, prevents customers from going anywhere else.

Wrap up!

The best queue management system for your business is subjected to what you’re trying to accomplish. Choose a system that is adapted as per your business requirement rather than your business adapting to the system.

Hope the article answered all your questions! Let us know in the comment section.

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Author Bio –

Allen Daniel is a graduate in English Literature. She is a part of Qwaiting, the best queue management system for the last two years. Allen mostly writes about the latest technology, gadget reviews, and marketing strategies to improve customer experience.


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