NOM Certificate | NOM Certification Mexico – A Safety Certificate For Importing in Mexico


NOM Certificate – A Safety Certification For Importing in Mexico

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Norma Oficial Mexican (NOC) certification allows the seller to sell its products in the Mexican market by confirming the NOM standards. Therefore, it is a passageway to the Mexican market, so manufacturers and import sellers must obtain the NOM certification.

Compliance with standards is mainly demonstrated through either of the paths: Certificate of Conformity (CoC), which can be issued by a Mexican accredited foreign certification authority. However, it does not allow you to affix the NOM mark on the product. The second path is NOM certification, which is governed by ANCE (Mexican Certification Authority).

What is the Official Mexican Standard?

Official Mexican Standards or Normas Oficiales Mexicanas (NOMs) is a legal enforcement document managing products, processes, and services that can affect the safety and health of individuals, animals, or the environment.

Moreover, it issues the minimum safety requirements which a product, process, system, activity, installation, production method, or operation must comply with.

Number or Frequency of Follow-ups Under NOM Certification

As per NOM certification or standards, the validity of the NOM certificate is 1 or 2 or 3 years, and you need to comply with the follow-up visits and laboratory tests. Thus, during annual testing, the product must comply with the NOM requirements.

Moreover, the number and frequency of follow-ups and inspections varies as per standards,

It ensures safety standards for electronic products. It required one visit after 7-8 months of certification.

It signifies the energy efficiency standards for every product excluding LED lamps and luminaries.

It comprises one visit after 7-9 months of certification.

It demonstrates electronic product safety standards. Moreover, it includes one visit per scheme after 3-4 months of certification, including submission of a test report after 7 months of certification.

On the contrary, it could include two visits after 7-9 months of certification.

It signifies the LED products’ safety standards. It comprises two visits, the first visit in the first years after obtaining the certificate and the second visit would be in the second year after obtaining a certificate.

Documents Required to Obtain NOM Certificate

  • Instructions or manuals of operation or service.
  • Technical description of sheet.
  • Pictures of the product.
  • Electric diagram of the good.
  • Information regarding natural or power type.
  • Voltage supply of a product (in Voltage).
  • Rated frequency of the product (in Hertz).
  • Power consumption of the product (in Watts or rated current in amperes).
  • If applicable, submit the information concerning component listing.
  • If your product includes a battery eliminator or voltage adapter, you are required to submit the replica of the part along with specifications or specification sheet, or product sample.
  • Mexican traffic applicable to the good.

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The Process of Obtaining NOM Certification

  • The form will be duly filled along with the required documents.
  • Once the form is filled, a product  sample will be sent to the NOM accredited laboratory.
  • If a product complies with the NOM standards, NOM certificate will be issued.

Note- The validity of the NOM certificate  Mexico varies as per the standards. Thus, the number and frequency of the follow-up inspections also differ.

JR Compliance has the complete knowledge of NOM certificate Mexico, product testing, documentation, and post-certification inspection. That makes us the most appropriate compliance service provider to liaison you in obtaining the NOM certificate Mexico.

Our Role in Acquiring NOM Certification

  • Our experts will educate regarding each aspect of the NOM certificate Mexico.
  • Our NOM experts will assist you in acquiring the NOM certificate Mexico.
  • We guarantee to provide you complete assistance in the documentation to avoid inaccuracy.
  • We will directly coordinate with the NOM accredited laboratory for product testing and to ensure appropriate follow-ups.
  • Our team can also assist you in a post-certification inspection.
  • Our team will coordinate with NOM officials for follow-ups and acknowledgment.
  • In case of any query, our NOM consultants guarantee to provide you a most satisfactory solution.


Acquiring the NOM certificate is tricky because it includes many factors such as determining whether your products come under mandatory certification or not or type or compliance scheme, incomplete knowledge regarding the NOM requirements, and more. All of these can result in delays in the certification or even rejection of the application.

Consequently, JR Compliance-an award-winning compliance service provider is the most appropriate solution to all your challenges in obtaining a NOM certificate Mexico because we have experts and knowledgeable consultants who can assist you from the first to last step of NOM certification, along with providing assistance in a post-certification inspection.

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