Must-Have Multivendor Shopify Marketplace app Features for Shopify Sellers

shopify multivendor app

Online communities sharing ideas together have brought people from multiple parts of the globe under a single umbrella. This has resulted in the sprouting of the businesses around these communities and thriving marvelously. However, creating an online shop for sharing products and services with your community singlehandedly is not possible for every business owner. To cater to such merchants, platforms such as Shopify offers the Shopify Marketplace app which takes a community-based approach to eCommerce.

With a community eStore, the sellers can cater to their community while co-operating together for store maintenance. Apart from this, it also can offer users a better navigation experience as well. 

Shopify multivendor Vs Solo eStore

Although multivendor marketplaces as discussed above can bring profits, merchants are often aversive towards adapting it. The reason being, using a multivendor marketplace would mean sharing a platform alongside competitors. This can become a roadblock in the future for creating a unique brand image. However, by taking proper precautions, merchants can build up a unique branding while using a Shopify multivendor app as well. Below is a list of some of the perks of using Shopify multi-vendor instead of Shopify Store:

  • Multivendor marketplaces are usually cheaper to manage whether you build one or subscribe to it.  
  • Further, since it is used by multiple eCommerce store owners, you get to interact with other businesses and find the latest trends faster
  • Also, it can help you in observing other competitors using the marketplace and learn from their strategies. 

Hence, we can say that engaging with a multivendor marketplace when you are starting out can be a learning opportunity. Further, it can prove to be a great space for introducing your brand and its products as well. 

Perks of Running a Multivendor Marketplace

Now since we are familiar with the difference of using a multivendor marketplace over the eStore. It is time we also look at the unique benefits offered by the multivendor marketplace’s use as well. A better understanding of benefits offered from the seller and marketplace owner perspective can make the decision-making process easier. Below is a list of benefits of using a multivendor marketplace:

  • Multivendor marketplaces provide easier store management. As its responsibilities are either handled by the community or designated admins. This makes managing eStore via using a multivendor platform much easier and affordable.
  • With a multivendor marketplace, you also don’t have to worry about spending most of your time marketing and attracting an audience. With multiple users promoting their shop running on the marketplace you can easily attract more visitors.
  • Also, with Shopify multivendor app you can access a well-managed order fulfillment and payment system as well. This can save you development costs and preserve a pleasant navigation experience as well 

To create a multivendor platform that provides the above benefits, you can easily integrate a Shopify marketplace app. Further, to cater to the needs of sellers you can also choose to create Shopify Marketplace app as well. 

Must-Have Feature for Multivendor Marketplace

From the discussion above, we can see that a multivendor marketplace can make selling online easier for your community. However, to make it successful catering to the needs of both sellers and users is crucial. This includes providing them scope to properly manage their store and allowing them to successfully fulfill orders and transactions. 

Yet multivendor store owners often miss these crucial criteria which often leads to failure. To help you avoid similar results, below is a detailed list of must-have features for multivendor marketplaces:

Proper UI/UX by Using Customizable Themes

UI/UX of your multivendor platform just like any eCommerce store plays a key role in attracting and engaging your audience. Further, it also has to be manageable and scalable enough to allow sellers to effectively representing their products and services. 

Hence, a proper balance of easy navigation and customization is a must for your multivendor marketplace to stand ahead of the curb.  For this, you can either create a theme from scratch or can choose a customizable paid theme that allows your seller to add a sense of brand identity to their product pages. As a result, the seller can elevate their brand’s image. Further, the users can easily explore a plethora of options while making a purchase. 

Order Management and Payments

Order management and proper fulfillment are crucial elements in making a business rise and shine. Hence, empowering sellers with a proper order management system so that they can efficiently fulfill orders is crucial. 

Further, to ensure that they are able to receive a fair amount of orders, it is also crucial to provide proper checkout. An easy checkout will instantly result in rising rates of purchases. For this, merchants can include multiple payment options and one-page checkout using customized solutions. Further, they can also allow modern payment methods such as digital wallet payments and POS payments according to their niche.

Products and Inventory Management

A proper product management system is also a must for merchants to efficiently sell and fulfill their orders. As proper inventory management allows faster processing of orders and a deeper understanding of the required product stock as well. Since sellers can easily figure out their best-selling products and the average amount that must be stocked.

For this users can include plugins that would provide availability labels, current stock, and provide current purchase or cart status.  Also, they can add analytics data to enable sellers in monitoring their sales data and user behavior.     

To Wrap Up on Shopify Multivendor App

From the discussion above we can easily conclude that a multivendor marketplace can open up new opportunities. From making the process of running an online store affordable to scope for higher sales, it can be a great asset. Further, it can also make establishing a brand identity while growing as a community easier for the registered sellers

However, for this creating a marketplace that caters to the niche-specific business needs is a must. So include the above mention features as required in your marketplace today to enhance overall sales.


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