Most Common Wedding Vendors for your Wedding

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Couples who are planning their wedding often face some surprises. One of the things that attract people the most is the number of people who need to participate. This is a big project and requires a carefully planned wedding budget.


A wedding vendor is someone you pay to provide a product or service for your wedding, and the list goes on and on. It is also different for each couple. We have done our part to provide you with a complete list of wedding vendors that will lead to your big day.


The most common wedding vendors


There are a large number of wedding vendors out there. In this 2020 Newlyweds report by WeddingWire, the average couple hires 15 vendors for their wedding. These are some of the most common:


Venue – You must book in advance the physical locations where your wedding and reception will take place. Before making any other plans you need to make sure that the wedding venue of your dreams is actually available. If you do not have an address, you can not send invitations, and if you do not know the layout of the place you can not fully arrange the details for decorations or pictures. Whether you are getting married in a church, banquet hall, open garden, or old barn, you should hang on to it right away.


Wedding Planner – If there is anyone who can help reduce the burden of planning a wedding it is Wedding Planner. The catch is that wedding planners are booked well in advance. If you are at least 9 months before your wedding date or you have a low engagement, you may want to lock one in as soon as possible.


Caterer – Catering required! Whether you want food for a rehearsal dinner, a full wedding day party for hundreds of guests, drinks for a cocktail hour or just want to rent a food truck for a reception in your backyard, great food makes a great wedding. You start researching catering options after almost 6 months and want to finalize the menu options soon.


Photographer – One time I went to a wedding where the bride and groom decided not to hire a photographer. Instead, they asked all their family and friends to take pictures and send the best ones. That did not happen properly. Take it from me, great photos of your wedding are a happy investment you have made for the rest of your life. It is worth planning in advance – a good wedding photographer is in high demand and is often booked in advance so you should choose a photographer within 9-10 months from your date to make sure the photographer is locked out. Your wedding.


Videographer – Most couples choose to photograph their weddings rather than just photographing them. Reviving your wedding day and providing footage for your children and grandchildren too is a great thing. You can take both pictures and videos from the same company. If not, when you book your photographer, use it as a reminder to go ahead and book a videographer at the same time so you do not forget later.


Hair and Makeup Pros – Every bride wants to look beautiful on her wedding day. Not everyone hires a professional hairstylist and makeup artist, but those who do so rarely regret it. Even if you specialize in hair and makeup, having someone pamper you on your great day can be fun and relaxing. Four to five months is a good time to start experimenting with different looks and book your glam squad.


Baker – Choosing a baker to bake your wedding cake is one of the most enjoyable parts of the wedding process. Taste Test Anyone? Take a look at some of the different bakeries, consider any allergies or food needs of your guests, and be sure to try as many different cakes as you can before making any final decisions. Giving it about 5 months is helpful – and if you want to try all the cake flavors you’ve discovered so far, feel free to start as soon as you pop the question.


Florist – Wedding Flowers are an important part of the wedding decoration from the table centerpiece to the bridal bouquet. After about 3 months, you should take a look at what flowers are going to be in season on your wedding day and choose your favorite ones from those options. This will help save some money if the flowers are in season. Also ask your florist about delivery and pickup options.

Jeweler – It is difficult to imagine a wedding without wedding rings. Whether you find a great set of vintage rings from a traditional jeweler, or you customize your rings, the rings you change will definitely reflect your unique love story. Creating hand-crafted or customized rings can often take months. Assuming you are going to wear this ring for the rest of your life, it is worth taking the time to customize something unique for you, so make sure you have plenty of time for this process.


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