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Mastering the classic is a must, but once you are ready to improve it – there is a lot of space to experiment and prepare some pleasant cocktails! Are you preparing to impress guests at a cocktail party or plan the night of cocktail zoom for your Friday night? Here are eight impressive and pleasant cocktails that raise the mixology bar in the world of mixology.

  1. PUMMS Pavlova

The first fun cocktail on the menu is Pavlova Pimms, an Australian summer drink that adds the perfect touch to a comfortable dinner in the backyard. With a simple combination of PIMM, fresh orange juice and passion fruit, you will make a smooth but refreshing drink that realizes the balance between fruit, sweet and smooth taste.

  1. The axis of peaches and white brown whiskey

For a combination of peaches, whiskey, and delicious white chocolate, this whiskey acid is not less than pampering. With a sweet taste from a cooked summer stone, mixed with the warmth of the whiskey and vanilla tone of buttons from white chocolate, you can expect a flavoring concoction.

  1. Serano -spiked paloma

If you enjoy cocktails with a tasty kick and edge, seasoned paloma for you. Driving more to the exotic side of cocktails, of course, packaging hot and agility! Getting his kick from Serrano Pelada, still has a bitter taste from grapefruit juice and a little agave to balance it.

  1. Hazelnut Espresso Martini

Moving to something sweeter, Martini Hazelnut’s espresso flowed with a taste like Nutella, balanced with the bitterness of coffee and rounded with orange skin that added subtle freshness. We recommend the use of high -quality shaker for every Martini mixology, so this is the Amazon link to our Mixology crew kit which includes stainless steel.

  1. Vegan Pisco Sour

If you have been looking for acids that do not have egg white, or you are interested in experimenting with a new method, this one’s for you. Different from ordinary Pisco Sour, this cocktail has a unique sweet orange aroma and taste, with flower accents. We all know how well Pisco Sour is about the right place with the punch and sweet taste of the orange, so if you like the original, try this vegan rotation.

  1. Twisted Violet Blueberry Gin Sour

With this cocktail, you can expect fruit and flower renditions from the original lemon -based gin. This recipe is based on the classic while adding violet and blueberry to turn it into a pleasant and enthusiastic cocktail. With a brilliant color and cream and sweet tone, it was balanced with lemon and lime and violet flowers.

  1. Valentine bitter

Fill the hearts of your loved ones with strong but delicious cocktails. This pleasant cocktail for fainting on a date you have Amaro Lucano, Tequila, Water Strawberry and Lemon – all work together to make brave drinks. Whether it’s to celebrate one day a year, or a simple romantic signal on a night date, this cocktail will definitely season everything. The taste in this cocktail is modest and bitter, with a little sweet taste from strawberries that create romance.

  1. Lemon meringue pie Martini

For lovers of simple and sweet and soft tones, the touch of this Martini will reach the right place. We recommend using high quality liquor, as well as fresh lemon juice for the flavor to mingle smoothly. We also recommend high -quality beaters, which you can find here.

  1. Strawberry Basil Gin Sour

Gin Sours is one of the most popular and versatile coctail recipes for those who don’t like drinks that are too sweet. This fruit twist is a delicate flavor partner and comes with the challenge of making homemade strawberry syrup. This is the perfect cocktail for a comfortable sunset or warm afternoon!

  1. Chai Latte Espresso Martini

If you are easily faint by a delicious and soft Chai Latte, a twist to this classic Martini espresso will be your ally. Espresso Martini is a person who is easily filled with a crowd when coming to the pampering, cream and sweet, mixed with the aroma of coffee that is crazy and bitter. Now, add an entertaining flavor from cinnamon and spices of Chai and you have more cocktails with a mixture of smoother and less intense flavors.

  1. Peach Mojito

Maybe the refreshing and simple symbol of cocktails is Mojito! Materials and techniques bring it back to the bottom -base, but always a refreshing winner on a hot day. We have decided to see the touch of fruit to the popular cocktail, with this mojito peach up to challenges. Imagine a refreshing soft cocktail with a delicious sweet peach tinge.

  1. Rhubarb Aperol Spritz

Known for a bright orange color and a refreshing and bitter taste is a classic spritz aperol. Quite simple in the ingredients, usually made with water prosecco, aqual and soda. This twist adds Rhubarb’s infusion that changes a little taste, gives a little additional fatigue while also adding depth to the combination of taste.

  1. Amber Negroni

The classic is loved by the mixologist because of its fabrication and simplicity! Classical Negroni was created for Count Camillo Negroni in 1919, and radiated a sense of ‘old tradition’ with deep and especially, strong kicks. Classic Negroni is usually made with the same GIN, Campari and Sweet Vermouth. In this round, Braulio Amaro and Lillet Blanc replaced Vermouth and Campari, while also adding Rosemary, lemon juice, and bitter. The result is a sharp and slightly bitter drink with a unique yellow hue.

  1. Elderflower and Lemon Gin and Tonic

You will never be wrong with the classic G&T, of course. However, here we give you a twist that carries the scent of flowers and adds orange blows. The addition of Elderflower and a little lemon juice turned it into a refreshing summer drink for the tastes of enjoying the aroma of zing and flowers.

  1. Lavender Collins

To mix it from Tom Collins classic, the Lavender infused cocktail is light, refreshing and easy to drink. Made with homemade lavender syrup, you can expect the perfect summer flower cocktail for the afternoon with friends, or a weekend picnic surrounded by nature.


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