Maurice’s Jewelers Have A Long And Illustrious History.

Maurice’s Jewellery

Maurice’s Jewellery was founded in 1935 by Maurice Koppel, an entrepreneur and jeweler, and his wife Leah. Maurice established a three-generation family tradition. Today, the family business is run by Andrew Koppel, his wife Karen, and their three kids Meaghan, Erin, and Kierstin.

The three sisters have grown the company to reflect the tastes of a new generation and to produce excellent jewelry at a more affordable price range. We’ve been a part of many memorable occasions in our clients’ lives.

Maurice’s Jewellery serves as a reminder of these events, and our objective is to produce pieces that are as beautiful as they are important.

The Sentimental Value Of Jewelry: Why We Treasure It So Much

Our unique designs, which bring our client’s visions to life, are so well-known. So, we only work with the best jewelers and craftspeople, and our team takes the time to get to know you.

Therefore, it is our objective to redefine luxury by offering unbeatable pricing on exquisite jewelry and trendy accessories.

Mr. Maurice Benjamin Medbury

Maurice’s Jewellery Medbury, 50, was an antique jewelry dealer who operated in New York City, New York, London, England, Paris, France, and Berlin, Germany. He lived in Alameda, California, with his wife and three children, from whom he had been alienated for ten years.

Meanwhile, Medbury married another woman in London without divorcing his first. Lehmann made it out alive, but Medbury did not.

The Sad Reality Of Maurice
Lora M. Mebury, Maurice’s wife, was three years his senior and 53 years old in 1915. Margaret (after Margaret M. Sims), their daughter, was 25 years old in 1915, and they had two boys, John Phelps, and Gordon Spencer, who were 20 and 19 years old at the time. They were residents of Alameda, California.

Maurice made and lost a lot during that time, having hobnobbed with the elite on both sides of the Atlantic in New York City, London, Paris, and Berlin with his antique jewelry business. He made up to $10,000 in certain months.

The Mystery Of The Man With Acquaintances In Three Cities
Maurice sent remittances to his family in Alameda for eight of the ten years, but these payments halted in the last two years, leaving the family penniless. Lora had not heard from her husband in three years when she learned that he was on the list of passengers who perished on the Lusitania.

Maurice stated his address as New York City when he booked passage on the Lusitania. He stayed in several of the city’s large hotels.

He also had a beautiful rural property in England, as well as two cars. With acquaintances in London, New York, and Paris, he appeared to have led a rich life.


On the day of the accident, May 7, Maurice Medbury was smoking in the smoking room with Isaac Lehmann when the torpedo impacted. The hit sounded to Lehmann like “a subway bomb or a cannon.” “They’ve finally caught us!” Lehmann shouted to Medbury. “Let’s go outside!” says the group.

“Let’s get out of here,” Lehmann said to Medbury, suddenly terrified.

As debris rained down on the verandah café’s roof, the two men dashed towards the deck.  Medbury perished in the sinking of the Lusitania.

Legal Wrangling Between The Wives

Both wives came forward to claim Medbury’s assets after hearing of his death. Lora Maurice’s Jewellery did not seem to be aware of Mrs. Medbury-existence, Danbury’s according to newspaper sources of the time.

Lora Medbury recruited Milton Shepardson as her lawyer to scour New York, London, Paris, and Berlin for remnants of her estranged husband’s estate. Shepardson discovered $50,000 in Medbury’s name and was confident that another $100,000 in cash and securities existed.

Requested The State Department’s In Ensuring Lora ‘S Rights
He also requested the State Department’s assistance in ensuring Lora Medbury’s rights are fully protected abroad from Mrs. Medbury-allegations. Danbury’s.

A Case Study In Estate And Commodities Law
Lora also took her case to the Mixed Claims Commission, which ruled that Medbury’s estate and commodities were worth more than they were worth and were of “a poor and inferior quality.”

The court also ruled that evidence indicating Medbury’s family relied on his contributions was “very unsatisfactory” because he and his family had been estranged for some years and he had stopped sending remittances in the final two years of his life.

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