Look around your house for inspiration

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Some are still putting away the holiday decorations, some already have put them away and are still gazing at the huge areas that were glitzy and gleamed. Now what?

Are you in a rut, wondering what to do with the wall space that is empty New metro city gujar khan? Perhaps you are thinking about that chair that just doesn’t fit the rest of the room or looking at the kids artwork that is piling up and not sure how to deal with all that?

Let’s see what can be done to improve the fit of these pieces.

The vast, open area on the wall Are there delicious meals that have been gifted to you with unique designs? Why not create an interior design using these? Wall hangers can be purchased at large box stores or at hardware stores. Put the hangers on the wall in an unique arrangement that will showcase these beautiful pieces, and create wonderful conversation pieces. What about some unusual jewellery that you don’t use any longer but still remember the many compliments and “OH’s &”AH’s” that you received when you wore it. Consider putting it in an ornamental frame and display it as a display on your wall or in an e-table. This way you can still get that wonderful “OH’s & AHA’s” and showcase these wonderful items rather than storing them in a drawer.

Curtain tie backs to choose from: Instead of buying the same curtain tie backs you buy from the local store and walk past your neighbors’ homes and see the same thing. And then, you’ll be thinking, “I WISH THAT I had something that no one else DID.” Use your jewelry from the past to create a unique & custom tie back that will create a distinguished look you are seeking. Long pearls can be wrapped in a wrap or tied back. A large necklace are great for and bring a spark to any space.

That chair that just doesn’t fit: You painted the room and now that great chair doesn’t seem to fit anymore. What do you do? What can you do? These are cost-effective ways to refresh chairs and make them work in the room. The work can be done quickly and easily via the internet.

The children’s art is stunning! Here are some amazing artworks that your child made and gave to you. Know what? It’s an original piece that nobody can duplicate (unless they request you to pass it on or make a copy to them). These pieces can be displayed on tables, walls or even in frames around the house in frames. Your guests will be thrilled to look at their work, your children will be thrilled to tell everybody what they thought when they came up with it, and you can rotate them so that your decor and pictures will change as they go.


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