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Everything You Need to Know About the Beta HCG Lab Test

If you recently found out that you are pregnant, they may have also told you that you must take a beta HCG lab test as soon as possible. While this test may seem intimidating, it’s quite simple, and it doesn’t even require a doctor’s appointment to be done. Here’s everything you need to know about the beta HCG lab test and how to complete it at home.

The abbreviation HCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin

It is a hormone that women produce in early pregnancy. A blood test for beta HCG levels can help determine if you are pregnant and how far along you are. The pregnancy-test kit your doctor’s office uses is usually similar to what you can order online through a lab test service such as Excel Labs. Here’s everything you need to know about obtaining, ordering, and understanding your results from a DIY beta HCG test kit.

What is the beta hCG lab test?

The beta hCG lab test is a blood test that indicates how much hCG hormone is in your blood. It measures your ovaries and thyroid gland function well and can indicate if you’re pregnant. Another use for it is as a fertility test. Excel Lab, located in Islamabad, offers online lab tests, so you don’t have to travel to their clinic.

Blood Tests vs. Urine Tests vs. Stool Tests

These three lab tests for STDs can provide insight into a potential disease, but only if you choose wisely. There are many different ways that doctors can test for STDs, and an overwhelming number of terms are thrown around during these diagnoses.

So what exactly are a blood test, an Excel lab report and a stool test? All of these lab tests exist because there are certain circumstances where one type of testing is better than another; it’s all about finding out which way works best in your specific situation.

When should you get tested?

The CDC recommends testing during early pregnancy, ideally between weeks 6 and 12, but you can schedule an appointment any time before your missed period. While it’s always best to get tested at your doctor’s office (or a lab with a licensed medical professional), online services like Excel Lab offer affordable testing kits that you can purchase at home.

How soon after pregnancy can you take this test?

Most people wait at least two weeks after having a baby before taking a beta HCG test. However, if you’re breastfeeding or unsure of your exact due date, take another pregnancy test first. If that test comes back negative, you can be confident that your baby is less than two weeks old, the typical threshold for receiving results from an Excel Labs test and can then schedule a beta HCG lab test.

Which labs are better than others?

Now that you’ve picked your test, it’s time to figure out which lab is better than the others. At Excel Labs in Islamabad, we use western labs such as FBS and AAA for our testing; both are based in Europe and have a long history of reliable service and accurate results.

How accurate are these tests?

Online lab tests that require a drop of blood aren’t as accurate as those conducted in a laboratory. Because they have higher error rates, these tests are usually not recommended for medical reasons, like diagnosing an illness or disease.

However, at Excel Labs, we offer several types of online lab tests, not all of which require a blood sample. Our staff is available 24/7 for customer support, so you can order your test and get your results when convenient.

Taking more than one beta hCG test

If you are trying to track your pregnancy and doing an online lab test in Pakistan, it’s normal for women to think about doing multiple beta hCG tests. This is especially true if you aren’t receiving any results after taking a test. Here is some information that may help clarify why you should take one beta hCG test and avoid multiple testing.


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