Information on Maintaining Winter Tyres

Winter Tyres

What is Winter Check?

Winter weather isn’t kind to your vehicle. Winter weather can cause problems for drivers. If you’re driving through snowy conditions, here are some tips to help ensure your safety. You should check your oil level regularly to prevent any damage caused by cold temperatures.

Make sure your windshield wipers are working properly to avoid getting stuck in the snow. Your headlights should also be clean to increase visibility. Finally, make sure you have enough gas to get you safely back to your destination.

Cold temperatures cause the water inside your engine to freeze, causing damage to the internal parts. If you don’t inspect your vehicle regularly, you could end up spending thousands of dollars addressing problems that could be easily avoided if you had taken care of your vehicle before the weather turned bad.

A Winter Check Cheltenham check will help you identify potential issues before they become big problems. Tips on what you should do to ensure its safety during the harsh winter months. Winter inspections are usually performed when your vehicle requires service since it has not had any oil changes or windscreen wipers replaced. These are the major points that you need to check regularly.

You can also do other checks like tyre inspection and battery testing. These checks cover all aspects of your car including tyres, windscreen wipers, lights, oil levels, coolant levels and battery.

Tyre Check

Tyres should usually check at least once a year during the winter. Tyres must be properly maintained to function correctly. If the tyres are not maintained correctly then they may wear out quickly and cause damage to the vehicle. Read – Common Tyre Maintenance Steps

Your technician will check the tread depth and pressure of your tyres to see if they are ready for driving in cold weather conditions. You may also wish to consider changing your tyres to winter tyres to help you deal with the snow and ice.

Battery Check

Check Your Battery Before you go out in winter, check your battery is working properly. You may need to add a bit of extra juice if your battery loses its charge during cold weather. Make sure your battery is fully charged before you start your engine. If you have a lead-acid battery, you should also check the electrolyte level. If you have an AGM battery, you should check the voltage and resistance levels.

Coolant Check

A coolant top-up service will ensure that your car’s cooling system is working properly. If your coolant levels drop below a certain point, your engine could seize up and cause serious damage. Every year, you should top off your coolant. Frequently check the level of your antifreeze. Antifreeze helps to prevent freezing inside your engine and protects your radiator from overheating.

Windscreen Wiper Check

In the summer months, you may not need to check your windscreen wipers very often, unless there is a lot of rain forecast. However, during the colder seasons, it is essential to check your windscreen wiper blades regularly. This includes inspecting them for any signs of wear and tear, checking the blade rotation mechanism, and cleaning the blade rubber. If the blade rubber becomes dirty, then the wiper motor should get cleaned along with the blade itself.

Lights Assessment

Light assessment is an important part of ensuring your vehicle is safe to an important part of ensuring your vehicle is safe to drive. Lights are important because they help other drivers see you. If your headlight isn’t working properly, you could get hit by another driver. And if your taillight isn’t working, you could cause an accident. Car light assessments are also recommended every 12 months or so depending on weather conditions.

Oil Level Check

It is necessary to keep a check of the vehicle’s oil level. If you notice any unusual noises coming from your engine, then it is time to change your oil. Winter is when many cars start to suffer from low oil levels, so it is important to keep an eye out for warning signs and ensure you have enough oil in your tank. Your mechanic will be able to tell if there is too much or not enough oil in your car.

Winter checks are important because snow and ice can cause a lot of damage to cars. A winter check will help you prepare your vehicle for the cold weather ahead. Additionally, you should change your oil before the temp’s decreases.


A Winter Car Tyres Cheltenham check will help you prepare your vehicle for winter weather, including snow, sleet, freezing rain and ice. If you’re not sure about whether or not your check is due, contact an auto repair shop to get a recommendation.

If your vehicle checks out fine, then there’s nothing stopping you from hitting the road. But if your vehicle needs attention before the weather gets too harsh, then let our team help.


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