smd screens
smd screens

With the explosion of e-commerce and online services, the customer experience has become a major issue for physical businesses. This is also valid for public spaces to attract users who are increasingly attracted by the digital dimension. In addition, consumers are now better informed.

They use the web beforehand for prospecting purposes. Spaces must therefore adapt to these new expectations. One of the solutions to improve the customer experience is the dynamic display.

Indeed, it allows to modernize a space and brings many advantages. The dynamic display helps to change a space into their experience and brings a new, more digital dimension.

Improving your customer experience means differentiating yourself not only from the online market but also from competitors. Above all, it is to seduce and retain the customer. This improvement must go beyond the acts that accompany the purchase.

It must allow the customer to have a good time and experience different things. This notably involves being able to offer value-added services that will then impact the act of consumption.


The major advantage of digital signage, especially in large format, is its ability to broadcast messages for all to see. The screens facilitate the purchasing process by informing and guiding users. They also make it possible to recall the various security measures and thus guarantee the integrity of all.

Moreover, thanks to their distribution, they play a major role in reducing sources of frustration. Indeed, a successful experience begins first with the reduction of the negative elements. We are thinking in particular of waiting times, difficulties in finding what we are looking for, etc.

The consumer who goes to a public place is ready to devote his time to it but does not want to waste it. However, screens have this double informative and entertaining function which has a positive impact on the perception of time.

Thus, digital signage is also often used to reduce the feeling of waiting. Moreover, thanks to its ability to keep the user captive for a certain time, the latter participates in the management of the flow. Indeed, the screen attracts attention and invites some of the users to go to certain areas to unclog others.


Digital signage is not limited to transmitting offers and information. This tool also makes it possible to share messages that are more difficult to convey otherwise. We are thinking in particular of brand values.

Nothing like the video to convey emotions and facilitate communication. In addition, 79% of individuals consider that a giant screen conveys a positive image of the product or service offered. Indeed, the use of screens is perceived positively by users and therefore improves the relationship they can have with the place visited.

The SMD Screens thus makes it possible to broadcast new content that invites interaction. They come to solicit the visitor more, invite him to be curious, and make his experience more captivating.

Thus, by creating a new customer experience, digital signage generates a stronger attachment to the brand. A positive perception then improves the overall reputation of the business.


As mentioned in our article on the role of screens in decoration, their functions are not limited to displaying messages. Thanks to the broadcast of video or visuals, they participate in generating a different atmosphere.

It is thus possible to immerse visitors in a more serene atmosphere or to give them a feeling of escape. Likewise, thanks to the dissemination of particular decorations or scenarios, it is thus easier for the buyer to project himself.

Thus, we can see some Nike Stores using video walls to project park decorations to accompany the sale of running shoes. The goal is to invite the customer to stay in the store because he feels good there.

This dynamic display can also be accompanied by additional services (try out, bar area, etc.) which contribute to this more welcoming atmosphere. The shop a more only a place of consumption, but also leisure.

Towards retailtainment

To counter the rise of e-commerce and online services, physical stores must reinvent themselves. Consumers remain sensitive to the benefits of physical shopping. However, they want to find in stores the feeling of proximity that they can have with certain brands.

As online market players do on social networks, businesses must be able to create a link with their customers and share their values. The simplest solution to improve the customer experience is digital signage.

Indeed, communication screens make it possible to bridge the gap between physical and digital. They allow shops to communicate in-store with the same media they can use online. Above all, they allow them to gain visibility and interest from consumers who are more naturally attracted to screens.

If you want more information on the use of LED screens for businesses, you can visit our Winlight SHOP section. As experts in giant LED screens and digital media, we can advise you on your project.

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