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Still today many clients ask us what SEO is. This has led us to launch this article in which we will try to explain what is behind these acronyms, what it consists of and why the website of a company or organization may need it. Our web developments are a tool that serves the execution of the client’s strategy. In many cases, the SEO factor is of vital importance.

In this article we will see what SEO is and some key elements to understand how it affects web development and what its role is in a marketing and communication strategy.


What is SEO?


Behind the acronym SEO is the concept of Search Engine Optimization. Translated into Spanish: search engine optimization. Google, Bing, Yahoo! and many others are search engines or search engines, the main source of access to information on the Internet. When a user wants to know which is the capital of a country, to know what shoe stores are in his city or to know the characteristics of a custom web development, the first point of contact is usually a search engine. In more than 90% of the cases that search engine is Google.

With this understood, the next question is:

how does Google order the results it offers us when we do a search? 

Among many other factors that we will explain later in detail, the search engine takes into account concordance (does the web respond to the user’s search? And authority (is it a web with reputation / prestige / officiality to respond to the search?) The task of an SEO is to make a web page meet all the characteristics that the search engine understands as necessary and to get it to come out as high as possible in the results.

Why is it important to appear in the first positions?

According to information from Advance Web Ranking , the first search result takes more than a third of user clicks. Only the first three results account for more than half of the clicks (each Google page shows 10 organic results, without taking into account advertising, rich results, etc.). A page that is not positioned on the first page of Google directly does not exist for users. If the visibility or business model of a company / brand / organization is highly dependent on the network, it is clear that ranking high for critical searches is essential.


SEO factors: types


As we have already told you, Google analyzes a website taking into account different factors. SEO specialists take care that these factors are optimized to the maximum. These factors can be divided into two groups:

SEO on page

We understand as on page SEO all those actions we do to optimize a website: web architecture, content hierarchy, loading speed, adaptation to different devices, indexability …

Development and web design have great responsibility in this type of SEO, since most of the elements depend on their good work.

SEO off page

We refer to external factors that affect positioning, such as having a network of relevant and quality links pointing to a website. Each link is understood by search engines as a recommendation, and if these links come from authoritative websites, the website will receive a transfer of authority that will help it improve its positioning.


SEO on page for web development


We are now focusing on on-page SEO, since it is the one in which web development has the most to contribute. The development and web design have to serve so that the search engine understands that the web page is the most suitable to respond to the user’s needs and places it in the first positions of its results.

What elements should be taken into account in web development? Let’s look at the most important ones.

Web architecture

It is the structure of the website, the different sections that compose it and the importance of each of them. The main page, the blog, the store, the categories … all these elements, well ordered and hierarchical, help search engine crawlers to understand what the theme of the web is and to judge their opportunity to show it when faced with a specific search. .

Titles and goals

Each page on a website should have a unique title and description. They are the two most prominent elements that a search engine shows in its results index on a web. The title must contain the keyword of the search for which you want to position the page. The description should complement the title and encourage the user to click. Example:


Mobile First

The mobile phone has become the main Internet browsing device for the majority of users, an issue that makes it very important that the website is developed under the precepts of Mobile First . In other words, the development and design approach must first take into account consumption from a mobile device and from there adapt to higher screen resolutions (tablet and desktop devices).

Web design and development should focus on the organization of the elements, the font size, the optimization of the images and videos, the non-inclusion of any non-critical element for the resolution of the user’s need the loading speed is primordial. Most users leave a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.


When we talk about UX we mean the user experience. The design and development should focus on solving the user’s need in the simplest and fastest way possible and also generate a positive emotion in it. The loading speed influences the UX, a good web architecture definitely influences the UX, the development of a comfortable, versatile and secure payment gateway in an ecommerce favors the UX.

For its part, the UI or user interface attends to all visual elements. The UI focuses on the functionality of the different elements and how they serve to satisfy the user’s purpose: the colors, the typography, the organization of the different elements, the texts …




In this first advance we have seen the importance of SEO. Web design and development must take into account these elements for the construction of websites that conform to the parameters set by search engines but above all that satisfy the needs of users and serve the objectives of the brand / organization.


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