Importance of genuine customer reviews on online shopping


Importance of genuine customer reviews on online shopping


10 Genuine customer reviews are crucial to every business because they portray a clear picture of various products. We all are well aware of the best e-commerce websites as we are skewed towards online shopping, especially these days. Lately, online shopping has been popular among people. The main reason being is it is very convenient and easy to access. If you regularly follow us, you must be well aware of online shopping websites and now what we need to know is about customer feedback.

What is a customer review?

A customer review is feedback given by the customer of a product or service made or used by them. It is a way to share their experience regarding a particular brand or product. Genuine customer reviews are far more necessary than you think. These reviews help the company and sellers as they get views about their products but are equally important to other buyers who wish to buy those products.

Genuine customer reviews

Customers are the lifeblood of every business, without them no business sense living up to the needs and expectations of the customers and satisfying them is the most important aspect of all businesses. Therefore genuine customer reviews are essential for any business to succeed. It helps them to know where they stand in the eyes of their customers’ reviews are like a reality check for any company and these have been proven useful.

So, here we are with an article on the importance of genuine customer reviews. It will give you a lot of information that is important for both the buyers and sellers.


Top 10 reasons for the importance of Customer Reviews


All the main reasons for the importance of genuine reviews are listed below.

  1. Customer reviews impact buying decisions of other buyers.
  2. Reviews highlight weak points.
  3. Reviews showcase value for money.
  4. Customers are doing marketing for you.
  5. Customers who give reviews are the loyal ones.
  6. Reviews help boost your SEO.
  7. Better understand your customers and improve customer services.
  8. Customer reviews build trust.
  9. A high conversion rate can boost your sales.
  10. Allow customers to have a voice and create customer loyalty


  1. Customer reviews impact buying decisions of other buyers

Positive customer reviews and negative customer reviews, both equally impact the buying decisions of buyers. The positive ones help the potential buyers to trust the product. Customers who are new to the website are likely to be influenced by the reviews of products on your sites. This helps the buyers to make their buying decisions and eventually increase sales.

  1. Reviews highlight weak areas

The pain points are highlighted by the customer reviews,, these are equally important like the strong areas. It is difficult to deal with criticism and angry customers. Negative reviews must also be dealt with carefully and honestly as soon as possible because it is your responsibility to satisfy your customers. Solving, the grievances of your customers must be one of your utmost priorities if you want to company to prosper.

  1. Reviews showcase value for money

It is no secret that we all want to invest our money cautiously. Buyers look for things that are worth their money. Nobody wants to waste their hard-earned money. There are various options open for buyers to purchase products, they can look for alternatives. Sometimes, the customers spend money on attractive products and good-looking on device’s screens but are not worth the money. In such cases, when customers write reviews it helps other buyers be cautious. So clearly, all these reviews directly or indirectly showcase the value for money.

  1. Customers are doing marketing for you

It is no secret that there are both positive and negative reviews. Negative ones create doubts in the mind of buyers, but you are not aware of what the positive ones can do. They can help you in ways you have not imagined. Such reviews work even better than your marketing campaigns in which you invest a great deal of money and time. Customers are doing marketing for your product when they write good reviews. Customer feedback is important for the short run as well as the long run. These reviews are always there to give a clear idea to the potential buyers.

  1. Customers who give reviews are the loyal ones

A company is fortunate enough to have loyal customers, if you have them then you are simply lucky. The ones taking out time to write reviews are loyal to your company and products because usually, people don’t care about all these things. The company should always encourage such customers to write reviews for your products and services. Today, we have so many platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, where you can get in touch with your customers. Sending mails to the customer and asking for reviews is always a plus for both parties.

  1. Reviews boost your SEO

We surely need not highlight the importance of SEO. Every company wants to see positive reviews about their products or services as it will help them know the satisfaction level of their customers. Speaking of which, linking your product with customers’ reviews will help other buyers easily reach you.

  1. Better understand your customers and improve customer services

Understanding your customer is important and it can be easily done by analyzing the reviews of your customers. This will help you improve your services and will eventually lead to customer satisfaction. By solving all the issues and problems faced by your customers, the overall experience of the customers would be improved. Meeting your customers’ needs would help your business to grow.

  1. Customers reviews build trust.

We really cannot ignore the role customer’s trust plays in the success of any business or company. The positive customer reviews support the product description and help you to impress your potential buyers. According to researchers, the majority of buyers are likely to look up to the reviews of other buyers.

  1. High conversion rate can boost your sales

Usually, customers are not satisfied by the overall rating of your company but always look for genuine reviews. They believe the other buyers who have bought the product are more than willing to try for themselves. This, simply means that high conversion rates help boost sales.

  1. Allow customers to have a voice and create customer loyalty

Not all your customers take some time out to write a review for your product or service. Many people regularly write about their experiences and believe me, the majority of them do not bother to. Those who write reviews are the ones who feel some loyalty towards the brand or product. It helps them feel like they have a voice that matters. With reviews, they try to give meaningful feedback.


As more and more customers choose to do online shopping, genuine customer reviews are becoming increasingly important. Online customer reviews are great in grabbing the customers’ attention and generating sales.


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