How You Increase Your Sale With Dynamics 365 Sales


Leverage sales and marketing automation tools for better benefits

For businesses to make a significant impact in the evolving landscape, they cannot ignore the modern sales and marketing solutions. Organizations that use automation solutions show a significant improvement in business profit margins. Leading companies worldwide rely on Microsoft Dynamics 365 suite to improve sales bottom line. Microsoft’s sales and marketing automation solutions, Dynamics 365 Sales and Dynamics 365 Marketing are most valuable to create leads, opportunities and to target prospects.

The information you collect through sales automation helps marketing teams to create campaigns that precisely target prospects. Let’s take a closer look at how automation might look for both the sales and marketing departments.

How does automation help to boost your sales and marketing activities?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales

Is a sales force solution to facilitate the automation of manual sales tasks using AI and machine learning. This simplifies your sales team’s responsibilities, so they can focus on other tasks important to your business. It also helps in prioritizing leads, grab information related to sales opportunities, closing sales faster and driving more profit.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing

Is an automation solution to automate marketing tasks like sending promotional emails, posting to social media platforms, and launching ad campaigns. With the automation, your marketing teams can save significant time on their manual efforts, and can give time to other valuable tasks.

Why you need to use sales and marketing automation tools?

With sales and marketing automation, both sales and marketing teams at your company can work on the same data. Sales teams can work on sales leads acquired by the marketing team, create relationships with customers and complete sales. Dynamics 365 Sales and Marketing can work on vast amounts of data collected from multiple sources and collect insights that work for you. Additionally, teams can share data, business goals and techniques.

You can push your marketing efforts by delivering consistent messages and content across channels and campaigns. It helps you provide a clear picture of your business to your customers and prospects. With a better view of your business, they will become interested in your brand and make bigger buys.

Automation helps to consolidate data that leads to more sales lead’s conversions. It converts most of your leads into sales. Lead scoring feature in Dynamics 365 Marketing helps you automatically identify hot leads that are most likely to turn into sales.

Automation tools provide an integrated view of everything which means that your teams can get deep information of the sales and marketing activities within your business. From identifying potential sales leads to creating relationship with prospects, driving sales, order fulfillment and following up, sales automation covers complete aspects of your sales. Moreover, the combined data provides a manageable experience to your sales and marketing teams.

How automation works?

Automation helps to create campaigns with content that is relevant to each customer. Personalized content will reach customers at the right time in the customer’s preferred social media channels. This helps to elevate your brand reach and customer engagement.

You can automate marketing campaigns and get detailed information about what works well for your business. This helps to refine your marketing strategies to improve marketing effectiveness.

You get the benefit of integration. Sales data can be combined with marketing automation tool. Real-time analytics and powerful dashboards provide you insights to drive better business outcomes. You can get the solution integrated with Microsoft Power BI with the support of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partners.

You can download reports and view what is going on in the sales process wherever you are, on any device. Track conversations with prospects on social channels and manage data via mobile. Make your job easier with artificial intelligence which alerts you when you need to follow-up with your customers or prospects and prioritize tasks.

Benefits of sales automation and marketing automation

  • With more work done in less time by automating tedious tasks increases productivity.
  • Automation leaves no chance for human error which ensures a reliable experience to customers across all channels.
  • With personalized customer engagement more sales-ready leads will be generated and the customer satisfaction levels will rise.
  • Marketing automation tool provides a comprehensive view of customers and their trends which makes it easy to convert prospects into customers.
  • Provides visibility into your sales process and helps you nurture trusted relationships.

All these points are needed for implementing automation tools to drive your marketing and sales performance. When it comes to sales and marketing automation, Microsoft Dynamics 365 suite is the perfect fit. You can pick Dynamics 365 Sales and Dynamics 365 Marketing to automate your sales and marketing respectively. Depending on your business requirements, your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partner will decide on the solution, whether to go for standalone products or Dynamics 365 CRM.

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