How Will Summer Weather Affect My Roof?


Summer is the season of hot weather, sunny days, and cool breezes. It’s nice to get out and enjoy the weather, but it’s also important to be aware of the effects of the summer weather on your roof.

The heat from the sun can cause your roof to expand and contract, which can lead to cracks in shingles or even worse damage to your home. During summer months, you should inspect your roof for any signs of damage and repair any problems that you find before they get worse. Here are a few things you should know about summer weather and how it affects your roof.

Effects Of the Summer Weather on Your Roof

When you are aware of the effects of the summer weather on your roof, you will be able to take preventative measures early on just in case something goes wrong. To make sure that your roof is in good shape, here are some must-known facts about how the summer weather affects your roof.

Highest Temperature
The summer months are when your roof is subjected to the highest temperatures. With no roof covering to protect it, the roof is fully exposed to the sun and can begin to crack. While most roofs can handle 140-176 degrees Fahrenheit, it’s important to know that at over 100 degrees, your roof could be at risk of getting damaged faster.

Ultraviolet Rays
UV rays are a big threat to the durability of your roof, and the summer is when these rays are the strongest. Shingle damage can happen far sooner than you think. Even on cloudy days, your roof may face purplish UV waves that will damage your roof over time. Repeated exposure can cause buckling, cracking, and oil degradation. To ensure that your roof maintains its integrity, it’s crucial that you install a UV blocker this summer before any damage can be done.

High Humidity
While it may be fun to imagine having a tropical getaway in your own backyard, high humidity can cause several unpleasant problems. There’s more moisture in the air than normal, which means that your shingles can collect condensation underneath them. That can lead to water damage and mold, which could even affect your health!

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Thermal Shock Due to Temperature Fluctuations
During the hot summer months, your roof’s integrity is in constant flux. It expands and contracts as the outside temperatures fluctuate between cold and hot. This can cause cracks and holes on your roof. Once these cracks expand, they can damage the structure of the roof and lead to many other problems like leaks and other damages in your requiring serious restoration work.

Summer’s Here – Is Your Roof Ready?
Summer has finally arrived and we’re ready to get out there and enjoy it! But before you do, don’t forget that your roof needs a little attention too. During the summer months, it’s likely to see some new issues pop up. That’s why it’s crucial that you stay on top of maintenance and inspection throughout the year. If you have any questions about your roof and how you can protect it from the effects of summer weather, our team at roofing services in Hiawassee GA is happy to help!

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