How To Write Facebook Ad Copy That Converts?

  • What is Facebook advertising?

Facebook ads are targeted marketing advertisements on the world’s largest social network. Given that they’re on Facebook, of course, they can be hyper-targeted to a small group of people based on interests, location, and any number of demographic factors.

  • How does Facebook advertising work

If you’re striving for advertising success on Facebook, you can’t afford to overlook your campaign copy.

It might seem obvious that the words you use in an ad are important, but writing great Facebook ads is actually harder than it seems.

What’s more, there are two key components of any good Facebook ad: the visuals and the copy.

The trick is to find a text that matches the customer’s emotions, so he or she will follow your call to action.

  • Why should I use Facebook ads to promote my business?

Dear reader, I remember the first time that I used Facebook ads to promote my business. It was nerve-racking.

So many words to choose from, so many sentences to put together…it seemed like it could go on forever! And finally, when I clicked “launch”, all of my work would be judged in seconds by people who had never heard of my business.

My stomach was in knots and I felt like I was going to throw up. But, you know what? My ads worked great, far better than expected! It wasn’t long before new customers were coming into my store for the first time and handing me money.

That feeling of success was awesome!

I love Facebook ads because you can get the attention of so many people who are “cold” to your business. You can capture their interest and show them exactly what your store or business is all about, in just a matter of seconds!

And I think it’s clear that when you start getting new customers, using Facebook ads will have been worth it.

  • The benefits of using Facebook ads

Nowadays Facebook advertisements are the most common form of advertisement available.

Your business needs to attract the attention of your target market. And, you have seen that Facebook has a bigger audience. Ever thought of advertising on Facebook?

Yes? That’s a great idea!

But wait a minute! Before doing so, there are some questions that need to be answered:

  • How will you go about it?
  • What message will you give to your customers on Facebook?
  • Will they pay attention to what you have to say or not?

Many people think Facebook advertisement is a difficult process, but it’s easy if you have a great Facebook ad copywriter. The Facebook ad copywriter should have a good understanding of Facebook ads and their features. The prime objective of writing any Facebook advertisement is to ensure that your advertisement converts. The Facebook ad copywriter should be able to provide a Facebook advertisement that boosts your Facebook marketing campaign, thereby increasing sales and leads. Write Facebook ad copy with high benefit for customers rather than focusing on the features of the products.

  • How to Write effective copy for your ads that convert

The number one reason why social media marketing is important is that it can target customers in a direct, interactive way unlike any other form of advertisement. With the help of Facebook’s advertising platform, you are able to reach people directly with the products or services that will interest them the most.

The success of your campaign depends on how effective your ad copy is. You need to convince people that your product or service is something they should take their money out for. When you’re starting to write Facebook ad copy, there are many different things that will influence how much of an impact it will have on the people viewing your ads?

• Successful advertising campaigns make very specific promises to their target market about what the product or service they’re advertising will do for them. When you write Facebook ad copy and headlines, it should be directed at your target market.

• The most important factor in writing effective Facebook ad copy is to know what action you want your customers to take when they read it. It’s not enough for your ad to be intelligent and well-written—you also need to craft a call-to-action that will make people want to click through.

• The main purpose of writing a Facebook ad copy is to convince people that your product or service will benefit them in some way. You need to make a promise to your target audience about what they’re going to gain from clicking through and purchasing the items you have for sale.

• Keep it short! A Facebook user’s attention span is lower than ever thanks to their timeline. There are so many distractions on the platform, it only leads to a higher bounce rate if you fail to grab your target audience in under 6 seconds.

  • Be clear and straightforward. Make sure your target audience knows what you’re talking about. If they don’t, they’ll move on to another company’s ad and never return.
  • Be specific and personalized where appropriate! Your first sentence should show the reader that you’ve done your research by including details relevant to them as a person. This is a great way to stand out from the crowd.

Don’t Waste Any Time in Your Second Sentence

The second sentence of your ad is where you can drive home the importance of your offer by showing benefits and highlighting what’s in it for them! You can follow these simple tips:

  • Don’t ignore the power of social proof. Besides having other people’s words in the text, you can also post video testimonials or use images that show crowds of people endorsing your product or service.
  • Don’t lead with the price! If you show your target audience your product is expensive right off the bat, it could scare them away from clicking on your ad. You can either make it seem affordable or lead with the value of your product/service instead!
  • Don’t be afraid to use emojis, symbols, and numbers! It’s okay to feel enthusiastic about your business. Remember, you’re trying to communicate excitement to your target audience so they click on your ad! However, don’t overdo it. Keep your tone casual and approachable so you can eventually sell them on why they need your product or service in their life.

Your Third Sentence Should Be Short And Sweet

The last sentence of your ad should be short and sweet! You want to leave the viewer with a sense of anticipation, so tell them what to do next! You can also add a deadline or emphasize the exclusivity of your offer. To get your audience to spend their money on your product/service, you need to play into these fantasies:

  • The sense of urgency will drive conversions. If they’re feeling the pressure of a limited-time-only opportunity, they’ll be more likely to take action.
  • The sense of exclusivity will make your audience feel special for being a part of the chosen few who got in on your business.
  • The fantasy of not having to work hard, struggle or wait for your product/service any longer will motivate the customer to click through to your business’ website.

If you’re feeling stuck for inspiration, remember to look at other company’s ads to see what’s working! Finally, don’t forget that sometimes the best Facebook ad copy is no copy at all. A single image can convey all that needs to be said, so less really can be more!


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