How to Work from Home as a Graphic Designer


Do you have the creative skills to attract people with a single poster? Can you create an aesthetically pleasing Instagram Feed for your client? Graphic Designers are in need because of the sudden rise in the digitized world.

We need graphic designers to create posters for your upcoming wedding announcement or baby shower invites, to design a logo, branding, and whatnot. Graphic designers create beautiful posts to visually communicate with their audiences. You can either become a graphic designer by taking a degree or you can self-learn via various YouTube videos or courses on various learning platforms.

Graphic Design Tools and Resources

To start with any new venture you need to feel inspired and motivated, understand the challenges you will face, and then work accordingly. If you are looking to start your graphic design career, first you need to collect the resources from where you can learn. Some sites which provide graphic designing courses are

  • Skillshare
  • Udemy
  • LinkedIn Learning
  • Coursera
  • Shaw Academy

You can even look through books if reading is something you enjoy rather than watching videos. Some graphic designing books recommendations are:

  • Creative Workshop: 80 challenges to sharpen your design skills
  • Thinking with Type: A Critical Guide for Designers, Editors, and Students

Now that you have gained knowledge regarding the resources you will need, the next step is to apply the knowledge you have gained. Here are some tools you need to practice the knowledge you gained going through courses and books:

  • Canva
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Procreate

You can use any other tool you are comfortable with. Learn the nuances of the software and then apply them to your future projects. You also need the right tech to work on your projects.

Where can you find freelance graphic designer jobs?

There are various sites you can apply for jobs at. One can either work for a company as their professional graphic designer or choose their path via freelancing. Many companies require advanced degrees hence many designers often choose their path.

Some sites where you can find freelance jobs are:

  • UpWork
  • FlexJobs
  • Behance
  • Fiverr

You can also create a profile on Instagram or Behance, PicsArt, or even LinkedIn so that it acts as a portfolio for your job. Your clients can take a look at your works and gauge for themselves if they would like to hire you. It also shows how you have grown as a person and how your art style has evolved.

Ready to kick start your graphic design business?

Like any other business, you need to first educate yourself with the best business practices available. Understand the finances required, file all the legal documents, and get the necessary paperwork ready.

Find your niche

There are a plethora of niches you can choose to work with from logo designing to branding. Find a niche that suits your style and will also help you make money. While some graphic designers do not specialize in niches, finding a specialized niche can help your business become more lucrative. Figuring out your target niche can be daunting and tiresome, but a little mind-mapping of your interests, passion, and knowledge can help you narrow down your niche.

Some niches you can consider are:

Logo Creator

Instagram Template designer

EBook cover designer

Wedding Card Designer

Envelopes Designer

Build a Website

A website acts as a one-stop destination for all your clients to look into your work profile and your pricing. To stand apart from your competitors you need to set up a website. It acts as an online presence and helps you attract more clients. It also takes your client into your pricing, testimonials, and other services you provide. Setting up your website is easy and affordable. You can set up your website on various host sites such as Wix and also customize how your website looks. Another tip for your website, as opposed to the saying, people often judge a book by its cover so your website should reflect your work ethic and the quality of work you can provide. Because remember, your clients are going to judge you based on your work.

Marketing your business

After all the hassles you have gone through, the next important step is to market your business. Marketing is a crucial step in growing your business as it helps reach out to people and also educates people about your business. There are now various ways to market your business but remember you need to be consistent with your work. Choose two or three different marketing strategies and enjoy the marketing process.

Some marketing tools you can use are:

Facebook Ads

Instagram Ads

Email Marketing

Lead generation

Now that you have got your website in place and you are actively marketing your business, you need to connect with clients. Experts recommend you follow up every day on 4-5 clients before you get a steady flow of clientele.

Invest in your business

Now that you have started earning through your new venture, invest your money in courses, workshops, events, and a lot more. There’s something that fits your budget and fits your niche as well. Courses, books, and other e-education sites act as a source of passive income. As someone rightly said, ‘Education is the best investment’. By investing in yourself and your business, you gain knowledge, skills, and information to grow your freelance business. These additional skills will help take your business to new heights.


You can see, starting a freelance business requires motivation, inspiration, and self-study. With these elements, you can kick start your freelance business online and reach new heights. Before starting your freelance venture, you can work on small projects as you learn. Apply for jobs on various work-from-home sites and gain experience while you are still learning. It is important to get hands-on experience when it comes to designing, it is only then you can develop the skill and the craft. A graphic designer also needs to be updated on the various trends going around in the market so that they can develop their skills accordingly. Since you will be working from, your space also needs to resonate with your work. Here is some home office inspiration for you.

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