How to use a Mouse Properly?

How to use a Mouse Properly

Our hands and fingers can perform a multitude of different actions.

From tapping or clicking a mouse to moving a finger to a phone screen, there are plenty of ways to interact with a computer.

But with all these options, you might be wondering how to use a mouse properly?

One thing about the best mouse is that it gives you a suitable amount of control and can let you interact with a computer from a comfortable distance.

However, sometimes the size of the mouse makes it difficult to use it comfortably. In such cases, you might want to consider using a small mouse pad.

Learn to use the Mouse Properly

A computer mouse is a handheld pointing device and input device used with desktop computers that move the pointer on your screen.

To help you when working when on the go, laptops use a touchpad instead of a mouse because it can fit into their smaller form factors.

Mobile devices like smartphones and tablets are not much bigger than what they are named for so the pointer is operated via touchscreens instead because it would be impractical to have touchpads or trackpads built-in because there simply wouldn’t really be enough room for them.

This page has been created to help new computer users become more comfortable and efficient with using mice for their desktop computers too!

Learn to use the Mouse Properly

Steps of using the Mouse

There are different steps of using a mouse correctly such as

Attached is a mouse with our computer

By the time you start getting interested in the world of computers, you will be around twelve years old. It’s a lot sooner than you think!

However, before one can truly begin to get into the mouse’s mechanics and such—unless it is universal that is—it must first be connected correctly to the computer and working.

If you have a new computer and need help connecting the mouse or the mouse is not working – even if you know how to connect it – see our steps on connecting and installing a mouse here:

Accustom yourself to mouse

Browsers today come with a number of functionalities, which ultimately make the browsing experience an entirely new experience altogether.

One of these is the scroll wheel functionality which can be seen in many computers around the world.

The functionality of this scroll wheel is to let you move across pages with ease and is considered by most to master only after quite some practice.

A mouse wheel allows one to scroll up and down (horizontally) on the page.

To learn more about how it works, check out our homepage to view pictures of both optical mice and mechanical mice!

Pick the mouse

To keep your hand straight while gripping the mouse, keep your forearm resting on the table.

While the tool remains motionless, rock it back and forth to loosen your grip.

Make sure not to grip it too hard or you will get tension in your wrist.

With your thumb on the side of the mouse, rest each of your remaining fingers lightly on one of its buttons.

Keep these digits off the table so that they are free to move around at all times. To move left-to-right, position your index finger by pressing it down over its top button while using your middle finger for its bottom button.

To move forward-and-backward, use either ring finger (for up) or pinky (for down) in conjunction with either button.

In this way, do we know how to use a mouse properly?

Pick the mouse

Working of Mouse Pointer

Start your computer and move your mouse to the bottom-left corner of the screen.

Continue moving the mouse up, to the bottom-right corner of the screen, then left until you reach the end of your screen.

Pick up your mouse and move it back to the opposite side and move it down again and finally right where you started at the top-left corner.

You’ve now moved your mouse around in a square. The computer appraises the mouse position by assessing an x-axis and y-axis value.

As the user moves the mouse to the right, the program determines that it has moved in an upward direction thus increasing its y-axis value whereas when it moves to the left, its x-axis value decreases.

The same applies when moving down except now moving down will increase its x-axis value while moving up will decrease its y-axis value.

How to open a file with a Mouse?

To open a file or program on a Windows computer, for new computer users.

We recommend using your trackpad or touchscreen to double-click, instead of pressing the left mouse button twice quickly.

This allows you to control the speed and timing of your movement better and enjoy greater success in executing double-clicks.

It’s important that you don’t confuse this with the right-click; otherwise, it won’t work.

Click the object and highlight your text

To select the text, just click anywhere inside the text you want to highlight then go to Edit > Highlight.

Now instead of using your hands, you have new ways to highlight with your mouse. Just point on top of an object and click once if you want to select the entire object.

If you want to select multiple files, as demonstrated below, click once on any of them and drag a marquee around all of them by holding down the left mouse button as you drag out a circle until they are all enclosed.

How to learn drag and drop?

The drag-and-drop option describes the action of clicking an area on your computer screen to select, moving, or copying it (dragging) and then placing it (dropping) in another area.

For example, to drag-and-drop an object such as an icon, you would first move your mouse cursor over it.

Then, you would click down your left mouse button, move the object to the location you desire and release the button to set it down.

How to learn drag and drop

How to learn copy paste by using of a mouse?

One easy way to change the formatting of your text is by copying and pasting it into another area of the document.

To do this, first, highlight all of the text that you want to copy with your mouse.

When you have highlighted the desired text, just right-click on any one of the highlighted words and click “copy.”

Once you’ve copied your text, move your cursor to where you want to paste it, and again use your right-click menu to select “paste.”

If you want to know more about tech-related guidelines visit techlysolution.

FAQ Related to the Topic

What should you do to avoid discomfort while using a mouse?

Avoid gripping your mouse like a vice, especially if you play games or work on graphics-intensive software for extended periods.

Proper computer ergonomics can ease repetitive stress injuries and actually improve performance and comfort.

Use a relaxed grip and move the “pointer” from the elbow joint rather than by grinding your forearm and wrist against the edge of your desk.

What are the correct position and use of a mouse?

Stretching to the desk or out to the side of a keyboard when using a mouse, sit back in your chair and lift your mousing hand up in line with your elbow.

The best way to achieve this is by pivoting at the elbow and sitting forward in your chair.

This action will ensure that your shoulders and arms are in close alignment and that there’s no unnecessary strain on your body.

Don’t forget to give yourself some time off every now and again too!

Is clicking a mouse bad for you?

If your mouse is in a comfortable position and your wrist is in a mildly curved neutral position, you’re free to click away.

Since clicking can be painful when you’re clicking with two fingers on different levels with each hand (or even when scrolling with one), make sure the tip of your index finger is touching the top side of the button.

Clicking too hard or clicking with multiple fingers can create an imbalance in the muscles used for clicking and scrolling, causing wrist pain.


It is important to know about the use of a mouse because if you know how to use a mouse properly, it can make your computer experience a lot easier and make your computer run a lot smoother.

The computer mouse is one of the most important devices used in computers today.

It is extremely important that the mouse is used properly in order to ensure it can function to its maximum potential.

It is also very important to keep the house clean in order to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria.

Given the importance of the computer mouse, it is important for everyone to know the use it properly.

We hope you enjoyed our blog about how to use a mouse for long periods of time.

With the information in this blog, we hope that you can take better care of your wrists and hand so that you can have a healthy workday.

If you want more updates on the computer or tech-related information visit our website.


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