How To Take Off Eyelash Extension Remover – How to Use it Effectively

take off eyelash extensions at home

Take Off Eyelash Extensions at Home can be done in a couple of ways. It is important to have all the necessary equipment and supplies before starting so that the procedure will go as smoothly as possible. If your extensions have been placed professionally, they may come with an instructional manual that you can follow. The same applies if you do it at home. Just read on to learn how to take off eyelash extensions at home.

Prevent Any Glue From Sticking:

Before starting, ensure that all glue is dry. This will prevent any glue from sticking to the eyelashes. Use an eyelash brush to brush through the glue and remove any stray bits. Repeat the process with each extension until all the glue has been removed. Then use an applicator pen or makeup sponge to apply the extension remover to each extension.

There are many methods of removing extensions at home. One method is to take off all the extensions by pulling them straight down using a string. This takes a lot of patience, but is quite effective. This is also one of the most time consuming methods because you need to patiently remove each and every lash, which may take several hours.

Use A Warm/Hot Water Pick:

The second method is to use a warm/hot water pick to remove the extension. Warm water is better because it prevents the glue from sticking to the eyelashes. The warm water can also help remove the excess glue, which may be left behind when you remove the extensions.

Do not use nail clippers to remove them. The reason why this is so important is that they can damage your natural hair. Also, keep in mind that extensions are more likely to become detached if the extensions are clipped on the top and bottom of your head. The reason for this is that when you clip them the glue starts to adhere to the skin. Therefore, it is best to remove them from your head first before clipping them to your extensions.

Taking Off Your Eyelash Extensions:

If you are not comfortable removing them or are not able to remove them on your own, then you may want to ask your salon for help. Their technicians have the experience and the tools to remove extensions. But remember, they do not have the skills necessary to remove them safely. Therefore, always ask for their assistance before take off eyelash extensions at home, especially if you are not comfortable doing it on your own.

Always remember to ask your stylist first before taking off your eyelash extensions. They will know what type of remover to use to effectively remove them. There are different types of removers available today. You need to find one that is safe for your extensions as well as one that is effective. Some removers are toxic to both human and animal, so make sure you research it thoroughly.

Important Thing You Need:

Another important thing you need to take into consideration is the time it takes to remove eyelash extensions. Removing eyelash extensions may take several hours, depending on how long they are. For those who just recently had their extensions put in, it could take only a few minutes to remove them, while those that have been in place for a while will take more time.

Those who have a lot of extensions are encouraged to ask their stylist for a faster removal time. It is also important to ask your stylist for a tip on how to take off your extensions. They will know the best way to take off your extensions for good. There are many removers today and most of them are used by professional extensions artists.

Different Types Of Removers:

There are different types of removers out there. One remover that is growing in popularity is green soap. This remover does not damage the hair and it is one of the cheapest options around. If you are not comfortable with using one of these kinds of removers, then you may want to try an alternative one.

A great option that is growing in popularity is the Varifocal Mascara. This is a water-based, remover that you apply with an applicator brush and it removes your extensions quickly and easily. To take off eyelash extensions, one way to get rid of them is by getting your eyelash extensions removed by a trained professional. Another is by buying a Remover kit and learning how to remove them yourself at home.


Either way you choose, using a remover is a great way to remove the extra eyelash hair without spending the money on professional services. You will want to keep a bottle of the take off eyelash extensions at home Remover around for emergencies. It’s better to know you have a solution on hand when you need it than to have to go to the salon and spend a lot of money to remove your extensions again.



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