How to Open a Demo Trading Account?

How to Open a Demo Trading Account

What is a Demo Account?

A demo account is a trading account created by the online brokers of the financial market for beginners of the trade. They can learn to trade, manage positions, make plans and strategies, and many more for a risk-free trade. Thus, traders have less or nothing to lose and more to learn and understand. 

The trading accounts for practice can benefit the traders in many ways, so when they invest in live markets, they will easily find the market opportunities and make most of the trade. A demo account is a valid trading account with real conditions and fake money. 

The trading account provides traders with virtual money used to invest in the market. Investors can in real life invest, know the market, understand the trade, market dynamics, make trading strategies, and have real-life trading experience. The demo accounts are, therefore, called the practicing accounts. 

Market brokers have the demo account facility available for different periods. For example, some may have it for a month. Best Forex Broker in UK 

How to Open a Demo Trading Account?

Opening a demo trading account is a simple process with some steps to consider. Below we have listed the steps with reference to the NordFX. The broker is registered and regulated by the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission (VFSC) under the registration no 15008. Explore Detailed NordFX Review

The broker operates under NFX CAPITAL VU INC and has the best trading services for a smooth and successful trade. Let’s drive in and understand the facility of a demo account by NordFX 

  • To begin with, the first step for opening a demo account is to register with the broker. The registration process is simple, with some information such as the trader’s name, contact details, email address, and password. It is the same as opening a live trading account with an option change. 
  • After completing registration, traders then have to provide other personal information for verification. The data is regarding the income source, trade experience, etc. This is a simple step of requirements of the broker for knowing the trader. 
  • Once the information is done, the next traders must fill in their residential address. 
  • The fourth step is to choose a deposit; traders are asked whether they would like to deposit funds or not now for the trade. Traders can select the one that makes them comfortable. 
  • The fifth step is a questionnaire, where questions are asked related to previous trade and any experience. The questions check the knowledge, skills, etc.
  • The following step is to upload the documents for verification by the broker. This is significant because this is the basis of whether the trader can hold the account or not. Therefore, investors should provide valid documents to the broker. 
  • The broker reviews the application and documents provided by the trader, and after this, traders are given any further access to the account. 
  • In the last step, traders can convert their account into a demo account and practice the trade with the numerous NordFX advantages. 

Pros and Cons of Demo Account

A demo account is like a service where investors trade with no stress of risk and loss. They are free to invest, look at the markets, make strategies and change if required, explore the trading tools and platforms. Thus, a short experience of the financial market trade. 

Brokers give freedom to the investors with such a user account that solves many problems of the traders. The virtual money is provided to invest in different instruments and learn market trading. Moreover, the educational hub is also updated about market and investment knowledge. 

The demo account is designed for beginners of the financial market but could be used by the NordFX clients to explore the broker’s advanced services. 

It mimics the live trading account with many pros and more minor cons for the trade. 


  • Fully digital account 
  • Trading platforms 
  • Trading tools 
  • Practice with virtual money 
  • Make strategies 
  • Understand the market 
  • Access the educational hub 
  • Do research 
  • Opens within minutes 
  • Speedy trade 

Benefits of Using A Demo Account 

The benefits of a demo account are mentioned below: 

The significant benefit of a demo account is its availability for free. Traders can use the demo account without investing or paying any form of money. Traders can access the demo account and understand the financial market with some information. 

Zero trading risk is another advantage of the demo account. Investors trade with virtual money and have no investment made. In addition, they learn to trade, invest in the market, know the market and its strategies, etc. Traders know how to read the charts, use trading tools and platforms, open and close positions, etc. 

The next benefit of a demo account is polishing the skills. Traders use the demo account for polishing their trading skills to make higher profits from live trading. In addition, trading platforms have tools for analysis, calculators, etc., which make a trader perfect for investing in the market. 

Traders can understand the market risks and develop the knowledge to read the price actions, market fluctuations and notice the indicators for better trading. However, leverage is a service that sounds complicated to use, and traders with the demo account imply it to check how it works. 

Moreover, the existing traders of the market can develop their trading strategies. They can imply the current strategy, know the error and customize it as per requirements. Hence, useful for beginners as well as professional traders. 

The trading platforms have expert advisors and automated trading, which are complex to use. However, traders can use them in a demo account to notice their changes and how they benefit the trader. 


The demo trading account has endless trading benefits that traders can keep noticing while trading. We hope with the article, traders have known the process of opening a demo account and how they can use it for good trade practice. Traders analyse the opportunities early with demo account practice; they also know the bid and ask price. Hence, a demo account is the best solution for beginners’ trading problems and even supports the experts.


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