How to manage your HME claims denial problems


Today more than 57% of healthcare practices lose out tons of money due to improper claims management operations. Claims denials not only affect the cash flow but further leave staff with more time to waste on the administrative burden and other resubmissions of claims tasks

However, 76% of denial claims can be easily avoided if careful attention is given.  As more than half of the denial claims start in the front end management process during patient registration when they aren’t checked properly; so experienced management is always beneficial. In fact, this is why today most practices are choosing option like outsourcing to manage their HME claims for a better billing transaction experience.

Sunknowledge increase your HME billing profitability:

Working for more than a decade and helping various healthcare practices in improving the billing transaction, Sunknowledge today is listed as a top successful end to end RCM destination. Offering you tailored customized solutions that take care of all your billing needs so that you can solely focus on patient management and patient health, the Sunknowledge expert additionally saves you tons of money.

How do Sunknowledge improve your claims cycle?

By ensuring a better claims management process with continuous follow up and consistency; the expert performs on efficient claims management process bringing you a better claims regulation with expert supervision. Ensuring the right checks and balances and reducing the chance of billing and HME coding errors, Sunknowledge today is known for outstanding RCM support across the U.S.

Keeping your cash flow running, the expert further ensures a robust RCM solution offering customized reports to understand all your HME billing loopholes and work on them simultaneously. Identifying potential claim denials before they happen, the experts also recognize all the RCM inefficiencies in the early stages so you no longer lose out money on the table.

So stop worrying about your all RCM weaknesses as we are here to and you in all your patient engagement goals.  Staying ahead of industry trends, we help organization in increasing revenue, operating more efficiently, improving the patient care that you have always wanted; we are here to help you make better decisions and expanding your HME business.


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