How to maintain your washing machine and reduce maintenance cost?

How to maintain washing machine-One Point Services
How to maintain washing machine-One Point Services

Washing machines have become the most essential home appliances which makes human life easier. Washing machines are used in every home nowadays, but people do not know how to use them properly on a daily basis. We all know that washing machines are used to clean clothes but on the other hand Washing machines need proper care and maintenance which is very important to make it last longer for years itself. Proper care can reduce the cost of maintenance and can increase the lifespan of the washing machine. If we don’t do this, then the new washing machine will reduce its performance very vastly.

Here are few tips that can be very helpful for your washing machine maintenance


  • Use the Right detergent

As per a specific washing needs a right choice of detergent. Always remember that different types of detergent have different alkaline properties which may damage some machines parts and your clothes as well. For a Fully Automatic Washing Machine,make sure to never use a detergent which produces a lot of suds as this will not clean clothes properly,so use the right choice of detergent for your washing machine.


  • Use it with care

Washing machines are very delicate electronic equipment for every home so always use it with proper care. Every washing Machine has its weight capacity which means people can only put the suggested amount of clothes for washing with moderate water supply of pressure but if we ignore this and keep putting more clothes then the clockwise movement of a washing tub will get affected which may damage the washing machine’s motors. So always avoid overfilling of clothes in your machines


  • Clean filter regularly

Every Washing machines either its semi-automatic machine or fully automatic machines, has a unique lint filter inside the washing tab which ensures it captures all types of lint for top quality of cleaning results. So it’s very important that we periodically clean the filter.


  • Deep Cleaning of Washing tub

People want their washing machines to do its best every time but after a specific period of time the washing machine starts losing its efficiency just because of scaling. Scaling occurs due to water which has a micro residual substance present in hard water. This will become a big issue so a deep cleaning of a washing tub is needed. Different brands of descaling detergent powder is available in the market which helps in removing scaling from washing tub without damaging machines metal or a plastic parts so use the best descaling detergent powder for deep cleaning of washing tub


  • Check inlet and drain hose

Every washing machine requires a smooth flow of water from inlet hose and drainage water from drain hose. All kinds of washing machines have two inlet hoses and one outlet hose.Always check inlet hose from time to time whether it’s leaking or not. On the other hand, do check the condition of the drain hose while it dirt out the dirty water which is full of lint and other micro fabric substances and block the pipe if it’s not get cleaned.


Still Confused?

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