How To Keep Track Excavator Maintained


The construction projects require a lot of digging tasks but due to some trenchless technologies, it has become easier to dig deep down the surface, without harming the underground infrastructure. More advanced and new technologies have been introduced in excavators but it is required to go for the conventional one, sometimes. 

Tracked excavator is a familiar and most used machine in the industry. Its maintenance is as important as its use. Keeping the Excavator in inventory, storage, or using is frequently on-site, it is important to maintain it regularly to keep it working for a long time. Whether you are a contractor or a heavy equipment dealer, you must be familiar with its protection and maintenance.

In this article, we have gathered some important tips for you to keep your tracked excavator maintained and protected. 

Keep the most-used items maintained

During the maintenance of the excavator, it is most important to look at bucket teeth. Because the bucket teeth make it easier for the excavator to fill and hold the bucket with debris. If it is worn out and damaged, it will make the job harder which may take a long time and energy to complete the task.

The worn-out and damaged bucket tooth can be replaced by cutting it from the point and replaced by welding it with the new one.

Moreover, the pins and bushings are also the most used item as the excavator keeps moving during the task. Both of them must be greased properly and should run smoothly to keep the excavator working. Without greasing the pins, you will experience an unpleasant sound that may disturb you and others.

Keep an eye on Track Sag/Tension

The excavator runs on the track which carries the overall load of it. It must be clean and hassle-free to keep the excavator moving finely. If it gets loose, then the excavator will also be affected. If you are going to start a long-term project that needs an excavator then make sure to clean it before going on-site. 

A simple and easiest way to clean the track tension is to lift the excavator up 3 to 4 inches and run the track this way. Keep it running for a few minutes then run it in the reverse direction so that all the contaminants can be escaped and track tension become free.

Before measuring the distance between the undercarriage roller mainframe and the grouser on top, make sure to read the user manual first. Because every model has some unique specification that needs to be followed before resetting it.

The operator will feel the excavator shaking if the track will be loose, whereas the extra wear will be seen in the moving pin. On the other hand, the tighter track will let the excavator lose power. However, the looser track is better than the tighter one.

Schedule equipment maintenance conferring to the work time 

As mentioned above, it is better to schedule the maintenance before starting the project. It will be easier for you to process the work smoothly. Check the engine, oil, and filters prior if they need to be changed, do it accordingly.

Another problem that is seen occasionally is the leaking and some broken parts. The prior inspection of the entire equipment is much better before starting the project may save you from any big hassle during the work. Make sure to do the maintenance up to the mark. Do not ever neglect any issue unseen as it might take a long time and higher cost in the future.

Consider the Workplace Condition

Excavator maintenance has to be done regarding the condition of the job site. Keep an eye on the environment on-site. Settle the machine accordingly.

The sandy or dusty environment of the job-site will require the loose track of the excavator to keep the track rail free from sand. Whereas the job site that has high debris will cause the extra cleaning to keep the rail debris free. Excavators of John Deere have installed the reversing fan on it to avoid the debris entering in track rail.

If the excavator comes with reversing fan, the operator can operate it manually or automatically as well. The automatic mode will keep the fan moving for 25 seconds after every one hour. It can also be handled manually by using the button or switch. This way the debris will be out of the machine and the excavator will keep working without needing it to be shut down for cleaning and cooling.


The excavator is the most used heavy equipment in projects that needs digging and demolishing. The heavy equipment dealers have to keep them in inventory for some time, so they have to be maintained occasionally by all equipment dealers. Besides them, the contractors who own the equipment should also keep a strict eye on the equipment maintenance. By following the simple yet useful tips, you can easily maintain the equipment without compromising on its capability.


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