How To Help Your Children To Develop Strong Writing Skills


Writing is an essential part of education and important to learn for every age. But it is not easy to understand and master. By putting some effort or doing a few activities, parents and teachers can assist a child in developing writing skills. It will help them in their future success. 

Parents should make the habit of writing to their younger kids which will provide great help to them in school life. In addition, adult children can opt for online classes which help them in learning effective writing skills that can make their vocabulary more clear. 

So, here in this article, we are suggesting some ways parents can utilize to develop strong writing skills for their children.

5 Tips To Create Effective Writing Skills in Your Kid

Motivate Reading

A passionate reader is a good writer. The more the children read, the more they will build vocabulary skills. Once a child learns the new words, it becomes easier to make effective use of them in writing.

When students often read, they get exposed to various grammar rules such as where to use a comma, question mark, exclamation mark, quotation marks, etc. They also learn how to form a structure of sentences like a singular verb should be used if a subject is singular, conjunction words are used to join two sentences, and so on. 

Learn the Writing Styles

Writing styles are the ways to communicate with the audience. To improve those, a child needs to learn unique writing techniques which can effectively help them. Narrative and descriptive styles are one of the styles.

Learning narrative style is very useful for adults. This type of writing technique helps you in the narration of a story by writing down short stories, novels, and essays.

A student can use the descriptive technique in poems, diary writings, etc. It portrays a person, place, or thing in a certain way that a picture gets created in an audiences’ mind. As a result, readers feel that they are experiencing the circumstances from the scenario for themselves. Therefore, teachers or parents need to encourage the children to write descriptively that will improve their writing skills and make it more interesting to read.

Help A Child At Home

Children also need to be taught at home as it effectively benefits them. Every child is not born intelligent, but with the guidance of parents at home, they can become so. Many students feel shy or stressed while reading a book or writing in English. Additionally, teachers can not pay attention to each of them individually. As a result, they lose marks in the examinations. 

To prevent such circumstances, parents should help their kids at home also. They can ask them to share the concerns that are bothering them. For example, a child is facing problems in reading the sentences like where to pause and restart the reading process. Sometimes they also feel difficulty in pronouncing a word. Therefore, parents should focus first on their way of reading. Students can write in English only when they learn how to read.

In addition, a child can opt for an online English class that provides you with great knowledge of the subject. You can learn how to identify and use nouns, pronouns, adverbs, adjectives, and verbs. Consequently, a student can learn effective writing skills.

Encourage Writing Daily

Writing daily is an excellent way to promote a good writing habit. You can talk about day-to-day events and write about how they feel today. Penning down about the activities a child does in a day trains them to write more interestingly with each passing day. As a result, it motivates your kid to create a particular way of writing. Additionally, a kid will get introduced to different new words which will enhance their vocabulary skills. 

Sometimes, children find it boring to write down their daily activities because doing the same thing daily makes a person lose interest. So, to avoid such a situation, parents need to assign them something they enjoy such as writing about the family members, interesting topics like “Write about your favourite teacher or festival”, etc. In addition, make them write the topic each day in 100 words.

As a result, it will boost the interest of a child more in writing and help in developing strong writing talent.

Create A Comfortable Environment

Besides motivating your kid to read, there is also a need for a comfortable, neat, and clean workplace. Parents should ensure all essential writing tools that will help them to encourage writing to be presented at the time of studying. Such necessary things are a comfortable chair and table, a good quality textbook, pen, or pencil. 

A parent needs to take care of distracting things like unusual noises from outside the window which can break the concentration of a kid. Remove their favourite games from the studying room so that they can focus on their studies especially during the examination days. Undoubtedly, a good environment or a place influences your child’s learning.

Developing writing skills from primary level studies gives a head start in their upper-level studies. Students should know how to interpret pictures in words. If he or she has effective writing skills, it will be easy for them to write on any subject.

Tuition classes have helped many learners to improve their writing skills and they have seen improvement in their grades. We teach different sentence structures, usage of word choice, and how the flow should be maintained in a story. From the introduction and a summary of the post to the conclusion, we cover all components in our class. Furthermore, our tutor also teaches how to generate ideas related to the topic and craft them into their own words.


Children learn things in a certain way. Initially, writing may not be easy for them but providing help makes them develop strong writing skills. 

These days kids are spending more time texting and typing rather than writing. Therefore, let them dedicate some time to enhance their ability by involving or helping them with the activities which are mentioned above. Surely, a child will learn creatively and develop strong writing skills.


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