How to Get The Maximum From Digital Marketing Channels


Digital marketing is a newer medium. As the virtual world becomes stronger, digital marketing grows as well. It is perhaps one of the most emerging fields professionally and for marketers as well. 76% of people think that marketing evolved more in the last two years than the previous 50. This is kind of fair because the world changed at the same, if not more. As Instagram grows very rapidly in terms of marketing, many people are looking to market their product on it but it is difficult if you have 100 different products so in that case, the Instagram management tools made it easy, on just a few clicks you can automate your activity.

Digital is a better form of communication and gives more platforms to reach a more significant number of target audiences. It is also relatively cheaper and more effective in a short time. This is something that traditional marketing could never achieve.

There are so many different digital marketing channels. Each of them has different gentries. The result is that marketers benefit from making a wider Target Audience.

Let us walk you through the journey of juicing opportunities out of digital marketing channels to get the best.

First, We Talk About Stats of Digital Marketing Channels!

There are so many different channels of digital marketing. Let us first talk about the primary digital marketing channels and their stats to see how effective they can be.


Search Engine Optimization is the best way to bring about an organic reach to your target audience. In a nutshell, it requires you to use relevant keywords to feature as applicable on search engines. Good SEO boosts traffic by 2,000%


Social Media

Of course, when we talk about social media, it brings up a considerable radius. There are so many different social media networks these days that it is hard to keep track. However, this is no reason to ignore this digital marketing channel. It has about 3.03 billion people on it collectively.  Your potential audience is every single user. And 27.64% of people find it easier to purchase social media.


In fact, one of the great advantages of social media for small business is you can use the tools in whatever way makes the most sense for your business and your budget at any given time.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is also an extensive digital marketing channel. The easiest way to explain the importance of this is with a question. How many people have you seen without a smartphone in their hands?

The expected revenue for mobile advertising in 2019 was $65.9 billion for ads.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is a relatively newer field. This is perhaps the reason why it is still a nuisance for businesses to invest in this channel. If you are one of the skeptical ones, then the stats will help you make a decision.

Content marketing is a way to share different types of content pieces like write-ups, blogs, videos, gifs, and any other source on the internet. However, this is not basic. It needs to add relevance for people to pick it and become potential customers. You will need to hire a professional strategist for this purpose.

In a survey, content marketing turned out 17% more efficient than others in marketing tactics. It stood 2nd after social media marketing.

Content marketing is a great way to create different paths for your customers to reach you from everywhere.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is around since Email was invented. Contrary to popular belief, email marketing did not lose its charm. It is still a very valid digital marketing channel. Email marketing has a $38 return for every $1 spent.


Bloggers and influencers are like bees around the hive for digital media. It is a creative way to get some people to follow you. Even though it seems scary, but it is an essential digital marketing channel in this age and time. When you do, make sure to pick the ones without any fake followers.

How to Get the Best Out of Digital Marketing Channels

Now that you know a couple of digital marketing channels and how well they work, it is time to make some lemonade.

Make your campaign Objective

Are you hoping for some direct sales, is it for CSR, or is for branding? Staying focused and organized is one of the principal elements in strategies that help to define how successful your efforts have been over time. Typically, social media objectives are a higher number of followers or clicks or conversions, analyze what tactics you will carry out to achieve those objectives. If the target is to get a maximum number of fan or followers, make it sure to design a flawless campaign that covers all the focused points.

However, the change in purpose will determine the channel that you will use.



Choose the right audience in the right way

Send the right message at the right time to the right person! This is a fundamental premise of marketing that is in the digital marketing strategy. Discover at what times your audience is more attentive to what happens in Social Networks by determining which opportunities users click and share.  You will need to find the right message and timing for your posts and updates in Social Media and necessarily make it formal through Email. Email here can give an impact of an individual focusing on users rather than a massive target.

You can only find all the rights by experimenting. A big chunk of marketing relies on experimenting, and digital is no different. Make sure to research and learn every few days.

Repost your content

Researchers have proved that repeated messages are more effective in marketing. However, many marketers take it as a failing move. Forwarding a piece of content is an opportunity to get a more significant viewership. The first time it was not read may have been due to fatigue or because of a mysterious circumstance.

Email marketers know that it takes several tries to get the right nail to make readers loyal. In email marketing, forwarding a piece is an opportunity to get more people to see it.

Rescheduling your posts is also essential in social media. Repeating content does not precisely mean ‘copy-paste’ of the same tweet or post. It needs a bit of human editing, would it be for different wording, or emphasizing a different part of your news, but related to one main subject of the post.

You can repeat your content on social media several times with a complete scheduling and automatic deleting of the previous one, with a reliable social media management tool. Social Champ is what we recommend! The device works to help you recycle your content and even queue it up. One of the best parts is that it also has a tailoring post feature. In this feature, your post changes according to the platform that you want it.

One of the best things about these features is that content recycles in a subliminal tone.

Promote them to your success

Creating useful promotions helps create a friendly environment and effective strategies. Target your customers with unique advertisements. A promotional email or post can escalate your marketing to a new fruitful level. This will attract them to continue interacting and be more connected to the brand.

Content Scheduling

Making a calendar or some scheduling is very helpful in organizing your strategies. Planning also helps in reducing repetitive conflicts. Email marketers have their timetables months and years in advance. Social Media does not require this much scheduling. However, it is highly recommendable to have a calendar in advance per month. If, through your efforts, you manage to convince your fans or followers to subscribe to your database, make sure you are not offering the same on both channels, or you will lose your audience.

One of the best ways to schedule bulk content is on Social Champ. Social champ gives you the option of better and easier scheduling. There is a calendar outlook to help you through the organizing of all your data.

In a nutshell!

Digital is not very complicated if you do it right. There are just a couple of different aspects that you need to focus on to get it right.

The best part of digital is that experiment is a given. There are fewer theories and more practical. With digital marketing, all tests work in one platform or the other!


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