How To Get Pec Registration


C6 Firm Registration with PEC

Designing or Government project worker business in Pakistan is one of the most beneficial organizations for financial backers and specialists. In any case, while beginning another Construction business, Electrical or Mechanical Engineering administrations, barely any lawful enrollments are required. Barely any offices require NTN and GST enrollments yet few require legitimate PEC enlistment. At first, firms get enrolled with Pakistan Engineering Council PEC in the C6 class. Since C6 (Government Constructor) or O6 (Government Operator) are introductory classifications with Project limit Rs 2.5 Crores or 25 Million. Notwithstanding, C6 Firm Registration with PEC is a cycle that requires 3 to about a month altogether. For getting PEC enlistment in C5 or C4 classes,

Prerequisites for C6 PEC Firm enlistment

For C6 enrollment in PEC (Pakistan Engineering Council), starting prerequisites are no different for a wide range of organizations or firms. For C6 organization enlistment with PEC, aside from NTN enrollment no other enlistment with any division is obligatory. How To Get Pec Registration However, on the off chance that the firm or organization craving to apply for PEC enrollment has at least one earlier enlistment with different divisions then there is no commitment.

There are various types of firms or organizations e.g Private Limited, SMC Private Limited, Sole Proprietor, Form-C and so forth. In this way, PEC enlistment prerequisites are practically something very similar however for certain additional archives. In any case, the records expected for C6 PEC enrollment are as under

PEC is a Governing and Regulatory Body

PEC (Pakistan Engineering Council) is the administering body that regulates designing and development firms in Pakistan. The association partakes in different administrative activities to improve Pakistani designers. Furthermore, they address Pakistani designers on a worldwide stage : Click Here.

The PEC (Pakistan Engineering Council) is a Non-benefit Government Organization

The PEC (Pakistan Engineering Council) is a non-benefit association that was laid out to control the designing and development industry in Pakistan. It is an obligatory prerequisite for each designing and development firm or organization in Pakistan to enroll with the PEC..


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