How to Design and Develop a PWA Storefront for Magento 2 CMS?

How to Design and Develop a PWA Storefront for Magento 2 CMS
How to Design and Develop a PWA Storefront for Magento 2 CMS

The popularity of progressive web applications is not hidden from any of us, especially in online selling world. This is why several e-commerce store owners are taking keen interest in PWA development for overall business success. Know “How to Design and Develop a PWA Storefront for Magento 2 CMS.”

Here, In this blog post, we will discuss the process of Magento PWA development. We will discuss how to build a Magento storefront and its impact on the business. We’ll share all details, go over all the specific steps required to build a proper frontend and backend. Plus, we’ll cover the essential points on PWAs and give tips on the development.

Introduction to Progressive Web Applications

First things first, let’s define what a progressive web application is and what is PWA in Magento 2 CMS. Shortened as PWA, such responsive websites are created to work like native applications, still being a website. They are often considered as the first step of making Magento headless. PWAs make browsing website from a mobile device streamlined without the need to download a traditional app to the device.

Advantages of PWAs:

  • Quick performance and fast page loading
  • Outstanding UX and UI
  • Mobile-friendliness
  • Offline Availability
  • Budget-effective Development

As of now, the whole web is shifting to Progressive Web Application Development, and the E-commerce domain is surely no exception.

Building Frontend Part of PWA on Magento

To build a progressive web application, it is important necessary to take care of both the frontend and the backend. This section is focused to frontend development.

Our homepage include:

  • Header
  • Login/logout button as per the application state
  • Several widgets
  • Email sign up section
  • Footer

Building Backend Part of PWA on Magento

As we continue to perform Magento PWA Development, we move on to the backend.  Let’s start by focusing on important thing that is all about the GraphQL:

  • This query language is needed on the frontend for querying which data should be required.
  • What’s for the backend, GraphQL is required to outline the type of data that’s required and where to get it from.
  • Thankfully, Magento 2 CMS has taken care of the backend side and has introduced GraphQL in different parts.

Business Benefits of Magento PWA

1. Offline Access

The best thing about having a Magento PWA is easy accessibility for users without internet access. Earlier it was not possible for the customers to make purchases online without internet but with PWA development offline business processes can be performed. This overall boost customers to take action anytime anywhere.

2. Push Notifications

Whether a new product is launched or you look to promote a new product, Push Notifications is available to deliver personalized messages. It is a great tool to avoid shopping cart abandonment as well as helps to complete order. Brands can send timely push notifications to the customers regarding visiting platform and avail of amazing services. Reach out to Magento Development Company about the timing & volume of push notifications as it can spoil brand image and even lead to the app abandonment.

3. Improved Search Engine Optimization

It is believed that search engines are more proficient to read and access data on web applications in comparison to native applications. If you are not able to target customers via native app platforms, work on search engines and gain maximum traffic towards the PWA. Furthermore, PWAs are light and hence, the performance and loading time is much lower. This not only ends into search engine favor, but it also turns into enhanced customer satisfaction. You can expect to have increased brand loyalty and positive word of mouth.

With the support of a Magento 2 Development Company, you can not only improve your sales but also contribute towards the brand image and that too in very less time, efforts and cost in comparison to a native application. When you opt for Magento PWA it guarantees seamless integration with the website. Thus to grow sales online all you have to approach a professional progressive web app builder that can cater to your technical needs.

4. Reduced Development Cost

Creation of native mobile apps is all about high development cost, as you need to build separate apps for Android and iOS. When it is about Magento PWA, you don’t have to spend money on two different versions. You can build a single application and be sure that it will work perfectly on any mobile device. Thus, development costs are lower as compared with the creation of traditional applications.

5. No App Store Requirements

With Magento PWA, you don’t need to pass all requirements implemented by Google Play and App Store. App stores can ban a mobile app or remove the accepted app if it fails to comply with the specific set of requirements. In addition, they don’t even send proper notifications, leaving you without a chance to address problems.

Progressive web apps help business enterprises address such restrictions. No need to comply with rules and regulations, which lowers the risks of the app being banned. The listed benefits make small and big companies turn to Magento PWA Development to improve customer experience and connect with more users.

We believe that with engaging & feature-rich web app design practices it is easy to take PWA to next level. When everything is carry out correctly, customers will get an amazing and streamlined user experience. In return, satisfied users will lead to better conversions and engagement.

Wrapping Up:

Progressive Web Apps are not new trend for business enterprises but will remain a prominent trend of mobile web experiences in future too. With the design tips & benefits discussed above, you can simply create a secure & robust PWA to meet business needs in a smooth manner. Just consult professional mobile app developer to implement constantly evolving technologies for improved productivity.

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