How to check the proper list of super bowl MVP Winners?


Quarterback Tom Brady led his team by recording seven Super Bowl victories. And that has made him earn the Super Bowl MVP award five times. He acquired his fifth title after he led Tampa Bay with 31-9 over Kansas City.

So, after the end of the big game held once a year, the star that shines gets recognized as the Most Valuable Player in the National Football League championship game. Apart from Brady, several other MVPs have appeared in the list, as we shall show you below:

When is the Super Bowl MVP voted?

After the final regular-season game and just before the first playoff, that’s when the voting for the Super Bowl MVP award occurs. For instance, in this season, the regular season was completed on Sunday, Jan. 3, while the playoffs kicked off on Saturday, Jan. 9. So, the votes casting for Mahomes and Rodgers got submitted on Jan. 4. Even as we get the big game’s winner, deciding the NFL MVP winner takes time. It could take a month before you celebrate the Most Valuable Player.  

Five players who have claimed the Super Bowl MVP award multiple times are as follows: 

  • Quarterback Tom Brady – 4 times
  • Quarterback Joe Montana – 3 times
  • Quarterback Bart Starr – 2 times
  • Quarterback Terry Bradshaw – 2 times
  • Quarterback Eli Manning – 2 times

Eli Manning (Super Bowl XLII)

Eli Manning has shown exceptional play in passing yards, touchdowns, and completion, ranking in the top 10 NFL history. Manning’s long possession with the Giants led New York to two Super Bowls victories in 2008 and 2014. And he played the two big game five wins against Tom Brady, the legendary quarterback who has claimed five MVP awards. 

Terry Bradshaw (Super Bowl XIV)

The former Pittsburgh Steeler is one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time. This tough competitor passed over 300 yards during his career seven times. Two of these performances were in Super Bowls. Terry also gave 932 yards and 9-touchdowns in four Super Bowl appearances and played 14 seasons, becoming the Steeler’s full-time quarterback in the second season. He won the four Super Bowl titles in six years and was the first quarterback to win the three and four Super Bowls. 

Bart Starr (Super Bowl XXV)

Starr was an exceptional player in postseason games. He attempted for 1,090 yards with one interception and completed 84 of 145 passes in six NFL title games. And after an outstanding performance in his two Super Bowl games, Barr was named the Super Bowl MVP in 1966 and 1967. Starr was an All-NFL four times (1961–62, 64, and 1966). 

Bart also led the league in percentage of passes and completed four times (1962, 66, and 1968–69). Then in 1964&65, he attempted 294 passes with no interception.

In 1972, Starr retired as a player and became the head coach of the Packers in 1975 through 1983. He got elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1977. 

Roger Staunch (Super Bowl VI)

It all started in 1963 when Staubach starred as a quarterback at the U.S. Naval Academy and became a junior Heisman Trophy winner. He later developed a love of football. Roger played for the Cowboys and made some big plays.

The voting for the Super Bowl MVP award takes place after the final regular-season game and immediately before the first playoff game. This season, for example, the regular season ended on Sunday, January 3, and the playoffs began on Saturday, January 9. So, on January 4, the votes for Mahomes and Rodgers were cast. Even as we wait for the winner of the big game, determining the NFL MVP takes time. It could be a month before the Most Valuable Player is honored.

Dexter Jackson (Super Bowl XXXVII)

The Raider’s offense squared off the Buc’s defense, where Gruden’s team did a great job of maltreating Oakland. As Dexter Jackson played a significant role that forced Rich Gannon to give a Super Bowl record with five interceptions, Jackson captured two of those becoming the third defensive player earning himself an MVP award. 

Joe Montanna (Super Bowl XXIV)

The quarterback from San Francisco dodged a tackle that led the 49ers to win 26-21. He got the honors of MVP Super Bowl XVI. 

Montana was at it again after three years of his Super Bowl MVP award. He threw 331 yards and 3-touchdowns, leading the 49ers with a victorious score of 38-16 against Miami. Joe got the MVP title three times after leading San Francisco into four Super Bowl victories. 

Steve Young (Super Bowl XXIX)

This San Francisco quarterback was Montana’s backup for years until his time finally came to shine when he threw a Super Bowl record of six touchdowns. He led the 49ers with a victorious win over San Diego Charges of 49-26.

John Elway (Super Bowl XXXIII)

During the Super Bowl XXXIII, Denver’s quarterback Elway scored a touchdown, throwing for 336 yards. He got the Super Bowl MVP and cricket game. The Broncos won back-to-back titles over Atlanta with 34-19. And that was John Elway’s last game after he decided to retire.

 Tom Brady (Super Bowl LV)

After Drew Bledsoe went down to injury, Brady joined the Patriot’s elite quarterback as an emergency position. Although he wasn’t such a spectacular player then, he kept improving, and he eventually led his team in an AFC playoff to an 11–5 record. 

During Brady’s first three seasons with the Pats, they became one of the NFL’s elite teams posting a fantastic record of 40–12. The Patriots proceeded with a score-record of 11–3 in the regular season to upset the St. Louis Rams in Super Bowl XXXVI. And that’s when Brady got an award of Super Bowl MVP. 

Patrick Mahomes (Super Bowl LIV)

In the 2019/20 playoff, Mahomes led the Chiefs to victory, winning the Super Bowl LIV. And that was their first epic Super Bowl appearance in 50 years, beating the San Francisco 49er since 1970. At this time, Patrick got awarded the Super Bowl MVP as the youngest player ever overall.  Although Mahomes didn’t have his A-game while he played against the 49er’s defense, he helped create a fourth-quarter comeback. And this came from a 10-point deficit and led to a 31-20 win. 

In Conclusion

Every year after the big name, there has to be a Super Bowl MVPThat has been happening since the inception of the Super Bowl in 1967. Bart Starr got the first two MVP, and others followed in the list. Well, except for the year 1978, you can see which player got the glorious award each year. 


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