How to Cancel AVG Auto-Renewal Subscription and Get Refund

How to Cancel AVG Auto-Renewal Subscription and Get a Refund

Cancel AVG Auto-Renewal Subscription and Get Refund

AVG is an extremely well-known antivirus software program since it is among the most popular security software programs that offer exclusive features included in freeware. Another advantage of AVG antivirus software is the fact that you can utilize it as an additional layer of security in conjunction with other antivirus. In the majority of cases, several antivirus programs can cause conflict, but you can utilize this antivirus as an extra security layer for your gadget. The free version of this application has excellent security features that offer a good defense against viruses.

If you wish to have access to the most advanced capabilities of AVG antivirus, you will need choose the paid plans offered by AVG antivirus. There are a variety of great features with AVG’s subscription that is paid for AVG subscription. When you make an the purchase online, you need provide your debit or credit card, or net bank account information. If you purchase an annually-billed subscription for AVG antivirus via TuneUp and the subscription is set to expire the subscription will automatically renew at the time the plan is scheduled to expire. If you’ve purchased the subscription, but aren’t like to use this antivirus any more, then you are able to cancel AVG Subscription.

How to Cancel  AVG Auto Renewal Subscription

There are some things you should know about cancelling subscriptions. This includes:
1. If you sign up to an account and you do not cancel it by hand like the plan you signed up for, it will automatically renew since you granted permission.
2. If you join an initial trial, and then you choose to end the trial then, you are at possibility of losing the trial content completely.
3. It is important to remember to end a subscription at least within 24 hours prior to the trial expires.
We’ve made it super simple to cancel  AVG auto renewal subscription. Let’s now get into the core in this article.
If you decide to cancel the current AVG subscription, then you won’t be eligible for any refund. However, you are able to keep your subscription until the expiry date. Follow these steps:
• Open your web browser
• Visit the AVG website. AVG website
• Log in to AVG Antivirus My Account
• Enter your email address
• Enter your Password
• Click Login.
• The AVG Portal page will show on the screen
• Click here to access AVG subscriptions
• Click the Unsubscribe button
• Click Unsubscribe from renewals in the future and allow my subscription to expire at @@/@@/@@.
• Click the confirm button.
• Then hit the Got it button.
Check the portal again. If you have successfully removed from the plan, the unsubscribe button won’t show up in the portal screen.

You can cancel AVG  Security subscription using an Mac computer.

To end your AVG subscriptions on your Mac To cancel AVG subscription on your Mac, follow these steps:
1. Open your Mac App Store, then select your name on near the end of the bar.
2. Simply click on”View Information” or the “View Information” tab at the top and then sign in if you are you are asked to sign in.
3. Scroll down the next page that is shown by the computer until you are able to see”Subscriptions” and click on “Subscriptions” tab then click on “Manage”.
4. Simply click “Edit” beside the AVG Mobile Security application and click “Cancel Subscription”.
Be sure you use the same username and ID that you used to establish the subscription, so that you can manage the subscription when it is needed. It could be different to your Apple ID or Android brand ID that you set up.
If you are unable to remember your password call the app to get help or reset your password.
If you’ve removed the AVG setup, then you can install it using the help from AVG. Sign in to your AVG account. Follow the steps below to install AVG and then renew your plan:
• Start a web browser and navigate into your AVG antivirus
• Visit the AVG homepage
• Click on My Account
• Log in into your AVG account using your login credentials
• Go to the subscription page.
There will be an overview of AVG products linked to your account. Select the product you wish to renew. Then you will be directed onto AVG’s AVG invoice page. Input all the billing information and then recheck your billing and order details before pressing on the confirmation button. Wait for the process to finish and don’t click on the Refresh button. Visit your email address that you given when you purchased the antivirus. It will send you an email by AVG antivirus. Launch the antivirus, and then click the link to setup. If the installation isn’t on your computer, and it installs the software on your gadget,, and then you will be able to start activating your AVG plan.

Still struggling with problems?

If your problems persist and you require assistance, you can call the We’ll guide you through how to terminate your AVG antivirus auto-renewal and obtain a refund.

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