How To Become A Successful New Real Estate Agent

Successful New Real Estate Agent

Because of the industry’s high demand, more and more people want to get into the real estate business. To become a successful new real estate agent start with defining measurable and realistic goals. Success is not always dependent on the individual, it’s also about the market and merchandise you’re dealing in. 

Instead of figuring out the easy way to become a successful new real estate agent, you should focus on gaining fundamental industry knowledge. Strive to be among the best agents in the market. Consistently brush up on your business practices – regardless of how long you have been working in the field. However, there are some challenges faced by real estate professionals and if they’re left unattended, could lead the business to failure. Whether it’s volatile markets, environmental change, political climate shift, or evolving technology trends, challenges are a major part of every business. Rather than keep repeating the same mistakes, let’s list some of the challenges faced by real estate agents and work on the solutions for those.

Low Inventory

No inventory means no income and no income means no business, it’s as simple as that. It’s tough for new realtors to find listings in a low-inventory market. Agent’s lack of experience results in a lack of trust with homeowners. But you can’t gain experience if you can’t find any work. Referrals are the best option to go with here, everyone would prefer to trust a referral over a stranger. 

Technology Trends

Algorithms, data security, privacy policies, marketing automation, SEO best practices – with so many technology advancements no new real estate agent is not that tech savvy today. Investing in the wrong CRM or errors with transactions are some of the problems that could set you back for months. A simple solution here is to either work with an IT expert or hire a professional to handle all these mishaps. 

Costly Lead Generation

In the early days, when the internet was new, savvy marketing agents could generate leads with only a decent budget. But these days extensive ad networks like Google and Microsoft Ads attract leads overnight. As social media reaches saturation digital advertising is becoming more costly each day. 

Though the real estate industry is highly lucrative, it requires a lot of hard work and commitment. We’ve put together some methods for becoming a successful new real estate agent to help you decide if you have chosen the right profession or not. 

Team Up With Other Real Estate Agents

Working with other established real estate professionals is vital in order to expand your client list. Although working with a split commission or teaming up with other agents could cause some conflicts in the future, it’s the ultimate approach to increase your income and grow your business. Partnering will also help you in gaining more knowledge and experience. You can learn new skills, work with a team, and get a pool of new resources. It’s also beneficial to make connections with other real estate professionals – mortgage officers, inspectors, contractors, and appraisers. You can reach out to them for any advice on transactions or services. 

Enhance Your Market Knowledge

Having good market knowledge is one of the best indicators of a successful new real estate agent and their level of experience. You can never be a hit in the real estate market unless you know the specifics of the market. New agents must spend significant time and dive deep into real estate statistics. Interest rates, price points, and inventory knowing all these details ensure that you have a firm grip over the market. 

If you’re new in the real estate industry, even establishing baseline knowledge could feel overwhelming. This is why it is best to start with the needs of potential clients. At the same time, experienced agents should enhance their knowledge by expanding the boundaries from just the local market to higher areas. Go beyond inventory and sales data, and be aware of hot spots and topics. Staying updated on industry trends is one of the ways to start as a successful new real estate agent. 

Use Technology to Streamline Your Practice

Establishing yourself as a successful new real estate agent requires a lot of juggling in everyday life. To streamline all the aspects of the business you have to be extremely precise when deciding on the technology. Use a simplified tool to easily connect with your clients online. Picktime, a cloud-based real estate agent scheduling software tailored to handle all your client bookings and payments in a few clicks. 

With Picktime you get a personalized booking page with an online calendar. Just sync your calendar (Apple/Google/Outlook) with the Picktime calendar and forget about the personal and business mix-ups and no-shows. With no extra installations required, it has a user-friendly interface supported by all devices and can be controlled from any location. Picktime gives you 24×7 email support, SMS & email reminders, customized booking forms, and end-to-end detailed report of all business activities, and can also handle your payments & invoicing. Just sync with your favorite app – PayPal, Square, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Skype, CRMs, Google Maps, Joomla, Drupal, Mailchimp, Constant Contact, and many others. To know more, sign up for free today!

Keep Track of Your Finances 

It’s best to have a cushion full of funds to fall back on but it’s also essential to evaluate your financial situation before entering the industry. Also, calculate the cost of becoming an agent – prelicensing education, licensing fees, and board dues to check whether it is a good time to invest in a new profession or not. As a licensed agent, you will be fully responsible for recording income, taxes, and insurance. And as you learn and grow as a successful new real estate agent, expenses will grow as well. Agents should take account of expenses that will impact profits like

  • Marketing & advertising
  • Lead generation
  • Vehicle expenses
  • Listing services charges
  • Marketing material

Find a Mentor

Mentoring in the real estate industry, really? Yes. A real estate mentor is a valuable resource to become a successful new real estate agent. A mentor can teach you how to deal with an ever-changing market, work through different types of deals, lead generation strategies, employ marketing, and find unique ways to make more money. An experienced and successful real estate agent is a priceless source of information. 

Create a Search Engine-Optimized Online Presence

Nowadays, social media is a key component for every business. A big part of the latest market trends and updates is present on social media. However, mastering social media platforms requires more than just posting random photos. You must know a way to engage your audience if you want to make any profit from social media platforms. Clients always follow and interact with realtors who are present online. Even if you’re not tech-savvy, some of the platforms that you should join – Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

While your online presence should be dispersed throughout multiple platforms, it could get a little overwhelming to maintain every single one regularly. In addition, you can improve your website experience and pick any two or three platforms for well-ordered postings. One other tip to follow for your social media handles is to try to have the same handle name across all the platforms – this will increase a sense of credibility in your customers toward your business. 

To sum up, every new real estate agent is always looking for ways to learn and improve their business. It’s not just about closing deals, but also entails streamlining efficiency, lead generation, and better networking.


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