How to Avoid Study Burnout and Increase Productivity

How to Avoid Study Burnout and Increase Productivity

Prolonged studies can exhaust you and might start feeling left out without knowing why. This is when you are caught by study burnout and take a whole time to recover from it. One of the students who requested us to take my course online for me told us how his entire semester has been overwhelming for him and how he is just done with studying. We of course didn’t force him to take his courses because we knew he was struggling hard. However, we are here to tell you that the same thing can happen to you as well, if not taken care of timely.

If you are a ranking student, this one shift in your efficiency can cost you heftily. Therefore, to not become a victim of study burnout and keep ranking, it is crucial to work pro-actively. Though you never know when this breakdown can trap you, you can still work predictively on them.

As soon as you see the traces of stress, exhaustion, fatigue, etc. consider taking a break. At this time, it becomes important to give your mind some rest. Pause for a while, and detach yourself from your studies.

Tips to Avoid Study Burnout and Increase Productivity

Below are the top seven experts’ recommended tips that can help you stay away from study exhaustion and bring your productivity to the maximum. However, first, we’d like to tell you about the signs that reveal you are heading towards a breakdown. Please pay heed to them, and start working to overcome them.

  1. Insomnia; having trouble sleeping is one of the earliest symptoms of burnout.
  2. Feeling empty and out.
  3. Blaming mates and teachers for your mistake.
  4. Feeling emotionally and physically tired.
  5. Thinking to quit studies even if you love studying.
  6. Having a hard time with your friends and mates.
  7. Being absent from your class for days.
  8. Experiencing low energy and lack of interest.

Tip no 01: Set Your Limits 

Setting study limits is important to stay sane. No research proves that studying longer hours can improve your grades or double your productivity. Instead, it is good to study with a purpose than just cramming. Give your mind time to process what you are studying. Take shorter study hours and go for gaps in between.

Also, never compare yourself with anyone. Be it your competitor or a rival. Everyone has got their share of strengths and weaknesses. Once your target for the day is met, don’t oversaturate.

Tip no 02: Avoid Multitasking 

Multitasking is one of the reasons students feel full easily and as a result lack productivity. Managing more than one work at the same time is not proof of your intelligence. What if you are working on five different projects simultaneously but none of them yields rightly? Therefore, we suggest working on one project at one time but giving it your best.

To ensure you don’t lose your efficiency midway, it’s crucial to manage your time effectively and not lose the rope. Imagine yourself taking an online class, working on your assignments, checking your office presentations, and boom! Down goes the internet connection. . .

What will you do at this time? Try to fix it and panic? This is why multitasking should be avoided. No wonder why multitasking is said to be the king of draining one’s energy.

Tip no 03: Don’t Procrastinate 

Remember, taking breaks between your studies and delaying your studies are two different things. When procrastinating, hold yourself accountable. Realize that you are postponing your work deliberately and maybe you are getting lazy.

To avoid procrastination, first, analyze the reason for this behavior. Try to complete the complicated work first and then go for the easy ones. You can also distribute your work in different sets of timings. See the below section to know how.

Tip no 04: Make a Study Plan 

A study plan is the best thing to stay on track and avoid study burnout. Before you start hustling for the day, make a to-do list. However, before that, highlight all your important dates like assignment submissions, term examinations, etc. Start your day by setting your goals clear and making a study plan. Allot all your work specific period of time and try to complete it within that time.

If this schedule works well for you, doesn’t cost your mental sanity and you achieve all your goals in the end, make it your routine. Be consistent with it and eliminate all your breakdowns.

Tip no 05: Take Frequent Breaks 

Make sure the study plan you make has enough breaks to bring your mind to peace and allow it to process everything. What mistake most of the students make is they start cramming. Don’t stuff yourself with all information at once. Instead, allow your mind to process it in bits and give yourself frequent breaks.

Also, work a bit harder to de-clutter your mind. Don’t hustle and try to spend some time doing things you love. For instance, you can take a long walk near the beach, go swimming or just have your favorite food.

Tip no 06: Make Friends 

Become friends with your mates. Even if you have a rigid personality and you are an introvert, we recommend connecting with your pals. Connections are great to improve your efficiency and avoid study burnout.

When you know you have a clan that supports you and you can have constructive competition with them, you pay more focus to your studies and enjoy learning at the same time. Having this network ultimately helps lose tensions and maintains your mental sanity.

Tip no 07: Get Help Whenever Needed 

If at any point of learning, you feel like getting help, please head out to your instructor and clear your concepts. When all your concepts are clear and you know what you are studying, you won’t panic at the eleventh hour, which definitely helps avoid breakdowns and boosts your efficiency.


If you think you are proceeding towards a study burnout, check out the above symptoms and examine yourself. If you are, please don’t worry! Instead, take benefit from all these seven tips. All these practices will have a great impact on your overall productivity and will save you from requesting someone to take my course online for me.


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