How to Apply for Student Accommodation in the UK

How to apply for student accommodation in the UK

Finding good student houses will now be a piece of cake. Here’s a detailed guide on How to Apply for Student Accommodation in the UK, where we list the best and most convenient housing options located near the top universities.

We know how difficult it can be to find a place where you feel at home. This is especially true if this is your first time abroad or in the UK. It can be confusing and daunting. Fear not! Our guide to applying for student accommodation London cover everything you need. You can find everything you need, from an overview of the application process to frequently asked queries.

Where can I start?

First, you’ll have many options for accommodation. These are the most popular:

  • Halls of Residence at Universities
  • Private halls
  • Housing off-campus

Each option offers something different, so consider what is most important to your needs. Many undergraduate students choose to live in university residence halls for their first year due to the benefits of living on campus.

You might also find private accommodation near campus depending on which university you attend. These accommodations may be comparable in price to what you would get on-campus.

When is it a good idea to apply for student accommodation?

Start your search early for off-campus and private student housing. This will ensure that you get the best price and availability. We recommend that you start your search in January or March if your course starts in September.

You can often book immediately for current students or unconditional offer holders. You will need to wait until your university choice is known if you are a conditional award holder. This usually happens in August or when you receive your results.

It doesn’t hurt, however, to look into what is available. UniAcco can give you an idea of the private hall options available close to universities that you have applied to. The application process for university halls varies from one institution to the next. For more information, visit the website of your university.

What is PBSA? The UK sector development of PBSA. Its benefits. Future growth.

As an international student you will have to know acronyms such as PBSA. PBSA stands to Purpose Built Students Accommodation.

It is basically housing that has been built by private developers, especially for university students. There are two types of these properties:

  1. Studio flats that can be self-contained and have a shared kitchen, but also offer common living spaces.
  2. Modern residences feature en-suite bedrooms with shared kitchens, dining, and living spaces.

The UK has taken PBSA’s by storm. The demand for student accommodation Sheffield has increased exponentially as the UK continues to attract a record number of students each year.

The number of students who want to continue their education in the UK has increased tenfold over the past 10-15 year.

It seems that PBSA’s are preferred by overseas and first-year students, while UK-based second- and third-year students prefer sharing houses.

PBSA are more accommodating to student’s needs than other forms of accommodation for students in the UK such as university-run halls of residence or Homes for Multiple Occupation. This is the most cost-effective way to get your money’s worth.

PBSA’s offer superfast broadband, 24/7 onsite support, onsite laundry services, large communal halls with TVs and outdoor areas. This makes them a great home-run. PBSA residents don’t have to pay council taxes, which is a great benefit for students and parents.

This is the reason PBSA stands out from other student accommodation. Students should consider the proximity to universities, affordability, quality, as well as accessibility when choosing a property.

Students expect a high standard of service due to the high price. Many PBSA’s have hired managers from the hospitality industry to ensure that their residents have the best possible living conditions.

University Admission Requirements

The UK college access necessities range depending on the kind of path, you’re making use of for, the educational level, your nationality, and the University you’re making use of for.

Here are a number of the predominant UK college access necessities:-

Qualifications and Grades – The first actual standards you want to satisfy at UK universities are your instructional qualifications and grades from the preceding education.

Since maximum UK universities are pretty competitive, you could anticipate being required to have better grades and pretty-appeared qualifications.

Entrance Test – Universities use front assessments to clear out the fine applicants from all candidates.

These assessments take a look at your conceptual knowledge of topics from the path you want to attend. If you rate excessive possibilities you get admitted.

Language Proficiency – If you’re now no longer a local of the UK, you may have to show notable language proficiency. Most UK Universities make candidates mandatory to take the IELTS exam. Other standardised assessments like TOEFL and UCLES also are accepted.

ID Documents – Naturally, as in some other kind of utility, your college utility needs to incorporate an ID record.

In easy words, each record that, in a way, identifies you could be accepted. Usually, a replica of your private ID or a passport picture graph is needed for this section.

Pros Of Private Student Accommodation

Affordability: The main plus point of picking a private-run student housing facility is that it is much easier on the pocket as compared to university-run student halls.

Coupled with all their other benefits, it makes for an inexpensive and convenient package for students staying with them.

University-run facilities are known to have hefty rents with way fewer amenities at their properties.

Top Location

Private-run accommodations trump their university-run counterparts with regard to location.

There’s no doubt that university housing facilities are just a hop, skip and jump away from your campus but private-run facilities are not only located within close proximity to your university campus but are also a stone’s throw from the city centre.

This strategic location makes for an easy commute to any part of the city, easy access to restaurants, nightclubs, pubs, shopping malls and other entertainment and leisure hubs, as well as much-needed amenities in the form of a hospital, pharmacy or mechanic also within easy reach.

This makes for a great place to blow off some steam after a hectic day and even gives residents an opportunity to get to know each other and make friends among themselves.

Many private facilities also have a gym which makes it easy for students to get in a workout without having to leave their premises.

Many facilities even organise get-togethers and parties to help students mingle with each other.

With hands-on and 24×7 available maintenance services and security, students do not have to worry about unsafe premises at any hour of the day or night.

Safety does not only apply to security threats but also extends to an approachable staff that students can reach out to in time of need.

They are more than helpful and cooperative and strive to make the lives of their residents pleasant and comfortable.

You have to more than often settle for cramped spaces with a person or two sharing your space with you. At private properties, you can choose from a variety of living spaces which include rooms with private or shared spaces based on your needs.

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