How Skin Care Treatment Can Help You Get Rid of Acne?

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Acne can make you look like a completely different personality. It has affected many people and is everyone’s real problem. Acne leads to a lack of confidence, stress, and also depression in teens. Sometimes, after using many face washes, applying many acne-related creams, the results may get worse. In such cases, you might need to visit a skin specialist. To deal with all these things, you can go to a laser clinic in Canberra and get rid of these acne. 

If you are at an early stage of acne, you may prevent your skin from further growth by following a few tips. But before that let’s know if skin care treatments can help you get rid of the acne or not?  

Cause of Acne

Acne can occur due to hormonal fluctuation, and it is one of the possible reasons most teenagers suffer from it, especially the male hormone testosterone. Women do have some level of testosterone during puberty, and hormones start growing. Due to that, acnes occur. Women may get hormonal swings at the time of their menstruation cycle, pregnancy, or menopause that lead to acne. It’s not just teens, but it may affect adult people too. 

Another cause of acne is if your pores get jammed with oil and dead skin cells. It can also affect people of any age. 

Acne can be a side effect of medications too. Some people may get genetic acne. A study claims that half of the adults with acne get it from their parents, sibling, or child. 

How can skin care treatment help you?

When the creams and antibiotics stop healing, you must consider visiting a doctor. There are many laser clinic in Canberra with the best physicians who give you the best skin care treatment. 

Light therapy:

Light treatment is a type of treatment that can help you to tackle the redness and swelling caused by the bacteria. These bacteria can get removed by exposing your skin to various forms of light. 

While undergoing this method, the physician uses some medications on your skin to make it more sensitive to light. For this purpose, you will need to visit the doctor many times. Various types of light combinations can be blue and red that may use for this. 

Acne bacteria may get treated with pulsed radiation and heat energy. This light treatment can shrink oil glands and help to decrease further oil reproduction.

Steroid shots:

Steroid injections or shots help in treating acne that causes painful blocks under the skin. After applying these injections, the pain reduces, and the lumps flatten, and the skin becomes clear with days. 

After using these injections, the pain starts reducing.  

The drug is effective but includes some side effects, which are weak skin and lighter skin tone. These injections can temporarily be used to fix unreasonable sores and bulges. So, you can’t use them for widespread acne due to its side effects and requires a doctor’s recommendation. You can go for dermal fillers in Canberra to get apart from the acne skin. 

Chemical peels:

This procedure must not use on your own so, dermatologists can help you with that. Through this process, a doctor applies the mild solution to your skin. The solution helps to remove the dead skin cells, whiteheads, and blackheads and leads to new skin growth. To get better results, you may need to visit the doctor many times. 

There are some side effects, such as redness, scabbing, swelling, scaling, and changes in skin color. You must ask your doctor if you have:

  • Sensitive skin that can form exaggerated scar tissue (keloids),
  • Pregnancy,
  • The severe outbreak of cold sores. 

If you are facing some mild acne on the skin, you can go for chemical peels to improve the skin’s appearance. This procedure can also lessen the fine lines, sun damage, and minor facial scars. 

Extraction process:

Doctors may use some instruments to remove the cysts, whiteheads, and blackheads. It can also help your skin to get clear and its appearance too. There are some possible side effects like scars. 

Skincare tips :

Here are some of the skincare tips that will help you out in clearing skin acne:

1 Wash your face twice a day:

Washing your face twice a day can help you in getting acne-free skin. You can go in the morning time and evening. In the morning, it will help in removing the oil and sweat from your face. And washing your face in the evening can help in removing the dirt and dust. 

2 Use a mild cleanser:

Whatever face wash you apply must suit your skin type. So, always consider a face wash that actually helps you in getting bright skin. If you have an oily skin type, you must choose a face wash that can remove oil from the skin. Different people have different skin types. There can be a chance that your cleanser does not match your skin type, and that’s why it may not show any results. 

3 Use moisturizer:

If you have a dry skin type, you must go for a moisturizer that can help to get the dryness away. You should not consider using a moisturizer that blocks your pores. Also, if you have an oily skin type, go for lightweight moisturizers to prevent heavy feelings. Get moisturizers according to the changing seasons.

4 Get a healthy diet:

Healthy skin depends on your diet. If you are eating healthy and nutritious food, your skin will glow differently. You should avoid unhealthy junk food and oily food items that are causing acne to your skin. 

5 Get plenty of water and sleep:

Your skin needs both water and sleep to be healthy. Sometimes, dehydration can be a cause of acne. Your irregular sleeping schedules also can make your skin acne. So, you must drink a lot of water and sleep for at least 6-7 hours a day. 


Well, these were some tips and Skincare treatments that can help you in getting over acne issues. If you are not confident about your skin, you can go for dermal fillers in Canberra to get better skin. Skincare is important, and if you are in an early stage of acne, you can go to these treatments to get rid of this acne.



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