How do I import MSG Files to Thunderbird? – Complete Solution



In this article, we are going to discuss one of the proper solutions to import MSG files to the Thunderbird account. Having Outlook MSG files is better as it stores the data items properly in a single file.

But it is necessary to have the file stored in a platform where we can easily view it thoroughly. Many times it happens that users have MSG files stored in their system but Outlook is not installed. At that time, there is difficult for users to view the data present in those files.

On the other hand, if we talk about Thunderbird, then it is one of the well-known email clients that users have utilized for their personal as well as professional use. It has the ability to handle multiple accounts just by configuration.

Users also have the query – “Can Thunderbird open .msg files?”

So, without wasting any time, let us continue with the manual as well as the professional solution to import the MSG files to Thunderbird without facing any issues.

Import MSG Files to Thunderbird Manually

For importing the files to Thunderbird, we will perform 2 different steps:

Step 1: Convert MSG to EML

  • Click on a particular MSG file, and change its extension to .eml.
  • Then, a new EML file will be created.

Step 2: Import Resultant files to Thunderbird

  • Open Thunderbird in your system.
  • Go to Tools >> Add ImportExportTools NG add-on.
  • Then, click on Import messages.
  • Select the files directly from the system.
  • In just a few minutes, EML files will be imported into Thunderbird.

Hence, using this manual solution, you can easily import your MSG file to Thunderbird one by one. It is not possible to import the files in bulk quantity.

Instant Solution to Bulk Import MSG to Thunderbird

To clarify, we recommend you to use the Best MSG to MBOX Converter. This is one of the highly professional utilities that allow users to import multiple or even unlimited numbers of files to MBOX Thunderbird format.

Experts had designed this tool in order to understand multiple queries and the needs of the users. Even, after reading queries from most of the technical forums, the tool has been developed. Moreover, it has multiple features inherited that the users easily work on it.

The software also works on other export options such as converting bulk MSG files to PDF, MSG to EML, PST, and in other multiple formats to carry out the task. While importing the files in bulk quantity, the hierarchy of all the files and folders is maintained throughout the process. Even, the data will be taken out in the original structure without any kind of loss of data.

To start the importing of the files, you first need to use first continue downloading the MSG to Thunderbird Import Tool and start the process.

Although, the tool has the ability to work on all the versions of Windows as well as Mac OS system.

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How to Import .msg Files into Thunderbird?

  • Launch the mentioned Import Tool.
  • Upload MSG files or folders.
  • Select the required files.
  • Choose a saving option such as MBOX.
  • Get the resultant files to import into Thunderbird.

Step By Step Guide to Batch Import MSG to Thunderbird

  • Download and run the mentioned Converter in your existing system.
  • Upload the data by choosing the Add option given at the bottom.
  • Once the file is uploaded, see the preview of all the MSG files in multiple view modes.
  • Select the required number of files that you want to convert. (even you can also choose the entire data)
  • Click on the Export option, choose MBOX, and enter the destination.
  • If you want to take out the data of a particular date, then you can choose Advanced Settings.

Note: If you want to create a single MBOX file for all folders, then you can check on the mentioned option.

  • Wait for a few minutes, and you can be able to see the final exported message on the screen.

Therefore, by just performing these simple steps, you can easily import MSG files to your Thunderbird account. Once the process is done, the utility will generate a SavingLog Report that says the number of items exported.

Import Resultant files to Thunderbird:

  • Open Thunderbird in your system.
  • Go to Tools >> add ImportExportTools NG Add-on.
  • Then, click on a folder >> Import MBOX file.
  • Import the files directly from the system.

Hence, you can merge all the MSG files into a single MBOX file, and import the file directly into the Thunderbird account.

Features of MSG to Thunderbird Converter

The software has the ability to work according to the needs and requirements of the users.

  1. Also, users can easily add MSG files to the software just by navigating the location of the path.
  2. Possible to view the loaded files in multiple different view modes such as content view, hex view, message headers, raw message, attachments, NMIME, HTML, and others.
  3. Date Range Filter option to carry out the data of a particular duration.
  4. Stores the resultant MBOX Thunderbird files at the user-defined location. Otherwise, by default store the data at the desktop location.
  5. Do not require any kind of installation such as Outlook to perform the task.
  6. Works on all the versions of Windows OS such as Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, and all other 32-bit and 64-bit Windows OS. It can easily run on all the versions of the Mac OS system.

The Verge

Hence, we had given our 100% to tell you the complete solution in detail. Both the free as well paid solutions can be utilized to import MSG files to Thunderbird. Users can continue with any of the ways that matched their requirements. Apart from that, we recommend you continue and think more about the professional solution. With ease and effort, it is suggested that you should continue with the professional way that allows doing batch import MSG files.


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