How Business Setup Company Can Help to Setup Business in Dubai

company registration in Dubai

How Business Setup Company Can Help to Setup Business in Dubai

Dubai is a land of opportunities and it has always helped investors to establish a firm in various fields. Officials in this city have created an environment that is useful and informative for shareholders by setting out some of the guidelines and procedures listed in the DED. If you are looking for business setup in Dubai, then the best business setup consultancy will completely guide you throughout the process and save your precious time.

A Quick Guide To Start Your low cost Business Setup in Dubai, UAE

Here is a guide to starting your low-cost business setup in Dubai:

  • Business setup packages with all-inclusive expanses – There are many things that you should consider when establishing a business in Dubai. You must follow the step-by-step process. These things are licensing, office space, registration, governmental charges, local agents, etc. Obtain approval from the UAE governmental department is vital.
  • Affordable Regions – If you are making a plan to extend your business, UAE has many affordable regions. Your low-cost business setup in Dubai is completely based on the place of jurisdiction. Mainland, free zone, and offshore are the key jurisdictions in which company formation is divided. 
  • Office Renting Space – If you want to start your business on the mainland, you will need office space. And if you want to start your business in the offshore or free zone, then you have a choice of Flexi desks and office per hour.
  • Hire a Trusted Consultant – An experienced business setup consultant can reduce the burden from your shoulder. With the help of a business consultant in Dubai, you can start a profitable business in Dubai. 

Basic Steps To Set Up A Business In Dubai

  1. Ownership – As a foreign citizen, if you want 100 percent ownership of your company, then you need to choose a license location in one of the many free zones in the UAE. There are specific types of activities that cater to each free zone and clarity in the first step will you find your option. The UAE has more than 40 free zones with various categories of operation, so you do not have any kind of shortage of options for business set up in Dubai.
  2. Legal structure – There are laws for building your company based on your location and type of business. The only owner is not permitted to carry this activity. Every free zone has its own restriction regarding the structure of the company. In accordance, you can establish your business in Dubai.
  3. Employees – Mostly in the Department of Economic Development legal forms, you need to appoint a manager to supervise operations and prepared for your registration prior to being approved. For free zones, every sector has its own important rules about the business structure set up in companies in Dubai.
  4. Local support – It is mandatory to have a local sponsor or agent for DED licenses, and that is a support for foreign citizens, for the free zones, having local support can help you in the business setup in Dubai. 
  5. Company name – Select your company names is very crucial for the legal procedure. The name of a company must be ideally indicating the nature of the business. All the rules about the trade names can be seen on the DED official website.
  6. Share capital – The minimum share capital is typically set in your proposed memorandum of cooperation with the company. In many cases, you do not need to pay minimum capital at the time of business setup in Dubai.
  7. Premises – Once you receive the legal formalities, this will be best to choose certain offices with costs and other details. This means that you would clear the path after the further legal formalities are accomplished. In the free zones, you would receive the help to install electricity internet, water, and other important facilities as well as help to locate the suitable premises your requirement for set up business in Dubai.

Top reasons Why You Need Business Setup Service Providers in Dubai

The business setup services providers are experts in their profession. They know very well inside or outside of a business formation, have extensive experience finding and staying up to date on current trends and legal reforms. An entrepreneur may also have a business idea or an effective scheme. Kick-starting that entails business is dealing with the government process and formalities. Start-ups and SMEs struggle for limited resources as well as money and punctuality.

One requires to understand that we are in the UAE, which is a well-known destination for ex-pats and international companies to establish their businesses. Advisors in the United Arab Emirates assist ex-pats. They are aware that entrepreneurs come from many countries that may have very different laws for the UAE and therefore cannot get accustomed to the processes and rules here. Since a consultant has been doing this for so many years, and many activities are in contact with the administration bodies and understand the right government body that can help in completing the business setup in Dubai task faster.

Cost of company registration in Dubai

The fact is, the cost of company registration in Dubai varies over time because the government can increase or decrease the fees for the various process involved at any time. Therefore, it will be challenging to calculate a fixed rate for different acceptances. The best option is to take assistance of affordable and knowledgeable business consultancy services in Dubai. They can help investors and entrepreneurs to be aware of fees initially and update them on changes in judicial amounts and other government services. An experienced business setup consultant will be able to advise investors on probable expenses, saving them from incurring unrequired expenses.

Business setup in Dubai Free Zone and mainland

The UAE offers you multiple options when it comes to business setup in Dubai. You can choose from a mainland company or a free zone company. 

  • Mainland – A mainland company is registered with the government body of that particular Emirate and must be sponsored by a UAE national. Each emirate has its own economic development department, which issues business licenses to the mainland. If you have a Dubai mainland trade license, then you can have clients from anywhere in the UAE as well as international clients. If you want a Dubai mainland business establishment, then the best business consultancy services will help you.
  • Free zone – A free zone is a separate physical entity with its own set of rules and regulations. The main lure of a business setup in Dubai free zones is that it allows for 100% foreign ownership. Free zones offer international companies’ excellent infrastructure, asset protection, and tax exemption.

Types of business license in Dubai

  • Commercial License – Commercial licenses are for those companies that are involved in any type of commercial trade activity, related to goods, commodities, and services. Before applying for a commercial license, you require to decide on the activities you plan to carry.
  • Industrial License – Industrial license are required to establishing industrial or manufacturing activity. With the industrial license, you can assemble and procedure goods using raw material which is imported or local.
  • Professional License – Professional license allow individuals and companies to engage in a profession in which they are talented, depend on their educational qualifications.
  • Tourism License – Tourism license is issued to individuals and businesses who offer travel and tourism-related services. Businesses that offer tourism activities like hotel renting, cruise boat rental, guest houses, travel agencies, etc.  



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