How Artistic Additions Add Flare to Simple Rooms


Any home can become more attractive and appealing with the addition of stellar artwork. A few pieces of art can drastically alter the tone of a space. If you want to dress up basic areas of your house, here are suggestions for decorating with meaningful art pieces.  

Add a Conversation Piece 

Shop for a unique art design at a thrift store for a contemporary or retro vibe in your foyer or sunroom. It will likely be the first thing people see and possibly start a lively discussion. You might find something from an unknown artist that will spark curiosity or interest. Or you could stumble across a semi-famous artist’s painting. Choose a distinctive work of art that will fit with your home’s decor while adding to the ambiance with its own style.  

Visit an Art Show 

You can also pick up an original sculpture or picture from a local artist to showcase in your dining room or home office. A new style of art can give you and others a focal point for musing on the artist’s intention and meaning of the work. The art piece can become a topic of conversation as you tell visitors who ask where it came from and why you bought it. Mounted wall sculptures or framed paintings make a lovely addition to your home’s decor by coordinating with the decorating period and style.  

Browse Estate Sales 

Look for listings of area estate sales that include artwork of interest. You may be able to buy or bid on quality paintings by a recognized artist at an estate sale for someone who was an art collector. When you know in advance the type of artwork that will be available, you can plan your purchasing budget accordingly. You may also want to compare prices with online vendors to get the best deal.  

Purchase Paintings Online 

To buy fine paintings online, go shopping for classic artwork online at renowned websites. Take your time to browse the categories and artists’ galleries to find something of interest. You can read buyers’ reviews and possibly the artist’s narrative about the origin and composition of each piece. You might be able to bid in an online auction for specific artworks of interest. Verified works of art make a wonderful point of interest in a dining room or living room.  

Art mirrors life and helps us understand and appreciate it better. Investing in artwork for your home can enhance your surroundings and lift you to a higher level of aesthetic appreciation each day. 


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