How and when should I inhale vape air? IVG Bar


The most common question from vaping newbies is how many puffs would be best for them or how many puffs of vaping device equate to a single cigarette. Vapers frequently ask these types of questions, especially those who switch to vaping to quit smoking. So, let’s get into the details to enjoy disposable vaping devices e.g IVG Bar more appropriately.

Avoid Drawing Frequent Puffs

Simply put, you should vape moderately. Never draw frequent puffs from your vaping device. Always balance your vaping, no matter what device you are using, a disposable vaping like crystal bar device or rechargeable one. There are certain factors that determine your puffing rate. Here are some of the factors that might help you understand how often you should puff.


If you vape too much and draw frequent puffs, you will soon run out of your e-liquid. The battery of your vape device can also die instantly if you keep drawing puffs. Similarly, if you become parsimonious towards your vape juice and gradually utilise your device, the e-liquid in your vape tank might get funky or foul.

Nicotine’s Importance In A Vape Device:

Another deciding factor is the nicotine level. Nicotine in vape juices is not mandatory, and if you do not like it, you can totally dismiss it from your vape juice. You can purchase nic-free e-juices and enjoy your vaping.


However, if you have come to vaping to eliminate your smoking habit, you must opt for nicotine-containing e-juices. These e-juices will effectively help you overcome your nicotine craving. One thing that you may want to know as a new vaper is that nicotine in vape juices is lab-processed and is not natural. Additionally, the concentration of nicotine comes in various strengths in e-liquids, and you can easily pick your preferred one.


According to the Tobacco Product Directive, the nicotine content in e-juices cannot exceed 20mg. Vape manufacturers in the UK are obliged to follow the rules set by TPD. The vaping rules could be different for countries that do not fall under the flagship of TPD.

Deciding Nicotine Strengths:

After reading that, you must be thinking about how to know which nicotine strength works best for you. Don’t worry. Keep reading the blog, and you will get answers to your questions.


Have you ever wondered how much nicotine you intake with your single cigarette? Or do you know how much nicotine your single pack of cigarettes contains? Your answer would be no! Cigarette companies do not mention the amount of nicotine they use in their products, due to which it is hard for any smoker to know how much nicotine they feed to their body.


You can easily choose your preferred nicotine when using a vape device (rechargeable or disposable vape such as elux legend mini). Here are the nicotine concentrations that better suit you if you are switching from smoking to vaping:


  1.     3mg_Equivent to 4 to 5 cigarettes OR less than half a pack.
  2.     6mg_ Equivalent to 6 to 10 cigarettes OR half a pack.
  3.   12mg_Equivlent to 12 to 20 cigarettes.
  4.   18mg_Equivlent to 20 to 30 cigarettes OR fill a box.
  5.    20mg _Equivlent to 1 to 2 packs of cigarettes.


When vaping a nicotine-containing e-juice, ensure you never overdo your nicotine concentration. You might feel dizzy if you increase your nicotine levels and consume the maximum amount of nicotine. Make sure you start with appropriate nicotine levels and gradually reduce the nicotine amount to 0mg.

Although vapes function similarly, there are some key differences in their aesthetics and design. Some vapes are small in size and can be easily carried around. While other vape devices are a little hard to handle.

Every vaping device consists of four main components that include:

  1. A Battery
  2. A coil.
  3. A Mouthpiece.
  4. E-liquids.


1. A battery is one of the main components of every vape device. It gives the power needed to heat the coil.


2. A vape coil is a wire wrapped in a spiral shape around your e-cig wicking material. A Coil heats the e-liquid and turns them into vapour.


3. E-liquid is a substance that turns into vapour, when heated by a coil. The ingredients involved in the manufacturing of e-liquids are propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine, nicotine and flavourings.


4. A mouthpiece is simply a part where you palace your mouth to inhale a vapour.


If you have just entered into the vaping world, it is totally understandable to feel overwhelmed. The diverse range of vape devices and e-liquids might bewilder you. This guide will give you a deep understanding of different vape devices.


  1. Vape mods or box mods.
  2. Vape Pods.
  3. Importance of E-liquids.
  4. Myths Associated with Vape Devices.


Vape Mods. 

Vape mod or mod boxes are modifiable vape devices (like Elf bars disposable) that use sub-ohm vaping technology. Veteran vapers tend to use these vape mods as it gives them more clouds, hard flavouring hit and low nicotine level.


Avid vapers tend to choose these vape devices (like Disposable vape) because it allows them to modify the moveable parts of the vaporizer, such as coils and wicks, which alter the mechanics and resistance of power. By doing this, you can play with the power and temperature of a vaporizer, which in turn can help you improve your vaping flavour and help you in cloud chasing.


Vape mods contain tanks in which you can add e-liquids of your choice. E-liquids are made of propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin a, nicotine and flavourings. PG and VG in e-liquids hold great importance. PG enhances the flavours and gives a storing throat hit, which simulates the act of smoking cigarettes.


Whereas VG is thicker, and sweeter than PG. The thicker consistency of VG increases the quantity of vapour generated. Many vapers mix the VG./PG ratios to enhance their vaping skills. Various e-liquids brands such as IVG E-liquids are facilitating people with the best quality e-liquids.

Vape Pods.

Vape pods are one of the most unique and modern vaping devices in the vaping industry. People who are looking for fuss-free and convenient vape pods should definitely opt for these devices. These vape pods are sleek, stylish, compact, portable and are sustainable.

These devices employ the same sub-ohm technology as a mod to create vapour but with less power and temperature. They’re more powerful than a traditional e-cig or vape pen and less bothersome than a mod.Pods are the best vaporizers that you can use with nic salts.

Importance of E-liquids

E-liquids are essential components of any vape device like (Geek bars disposable). The ingredients used in the making of e-liquids are non-toxic. E-liquids may or may not contain nicotine. The strength of nicotine in e-liquids varies from person to person.

Without e-liquids, a vape device cannot work. When mixed with the different flavours, E-liquids give a very enticing taste. Various e-liquid brands such as Signature E-liquids are highly popular among every group of people.

Myths About E-cigarettes

There are various myths associated with vaping. You often hear people saying that vapes contain harmful e-liquids, which indeed is not true. The ingredients used in e-liquids, such as propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine, are derived from organic compounds. Both PG and VG are used as food additives.

Vaping is 95% less harmful than smoking. Evidence shows that vapes are the best alternative to cigarettes, and they help people quit smoking. There are a number of vape devices available in the market. However, make sure you choose a vape device that best fits your needs. If you think you are not acquainted with the advanced vape devices, then you should not opt for them; otherwise, you will land yourself in trouble.


Whether you use a disposable vape device or a rechargeable one, make sure you use it accurately. Never overuse your vaping device otherwise, your device will go faulty. Or you might run out of your e-juice.


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