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Multicolored prayer mat is an interactive prayer mat design to teach children how to do the traditional Muslim prayer in an enjoyable and memorable way. The drugs used are very colorful, with different pictures depicting different Islamic events and meanings. The namaz mat has pre-played audio keys that are touch sensitive and will activate the corresponding sound, like prayer times. How to perform wudu read auras, etc.

It also teaches children about the different time periods of prayer and how to recite certain words or phrases, and say them, while sitting or standing in any position desire. Like the regular multicolored prayer mat, the name also has a variety of designs and colors, as well as different levels of difficulty, so that children of all ages and abilities can use it. This is an inexpensive way to learn about religion in a fresh way.

The mat was originally designed for use in the home by Muslim women, called muftis, who were responsible for delivering Muslim prayers when the family was away from home for any length of time, usually for prayers. The prayer mat was a vital part of their faith, and they would pray five daily prayers without it. They felt unworthy. They kept it close to them at all times. As they believe it would keep them safe and protect from evil spirits, while they offer their prayer services. Today, many people have use these prayer mats for centuries, as a decorative addition to their homes, offices, or schools.

Multicolored Prayer Mat Green with Dotted Pattern:

Nowadays, many Muslims also use multicolored prayer mat, as a way of keeping their surroundings clean. As well as a reflection of their faith. Some even use it as their emblem for being connect with their religion, through the Alhambra. There are many types of prayer rugs available, to match any style of furniture or color scheme that one’s home may possess. Depending on one’s personal beliefs, they can use any color, as long as it is the color associat with Islam. They can choose to use a rug that is pure white.

High Quality Multicolored Prayer Mat

One can find an Arabic prayer mat that comes with Arabic lettering. The qameez, that is used for prostration, in an abundance of styles, colors, sizes, materials, and patterns. The traditional Arab way of worship involved prostration before Allah, which was called names, or reciting the act. Worshipers would bend down and pray to ask for blessings upon themselves and others, as a way of showing reverence to their religion. During this prostration, they spread their hands over their laps, while looking to Allah. Once finish, the prayer mat then covers the prayer leader’s head, allowing him to face directly to Mecca.

Worn in many different styles, the prayer rug has now been adapt into contemporary Muslim furniture designs. Many Muslims who are converts to Islam have adapt the tradition of wearing luxury prayer mats while adorning their homes. This shows that the tradition of wearing them is not a new one among Muslims, but that it has been adopt into Western culture in order to conform to fashion trends. A prayer rug can come in a variety of different materials, such as cotton, jute, silk, wool, or even brocade. They can also be very ornate, with intricate motifs and designs, or simple and flat.

Buy Premium Muslim Prayer Mat:

Muslim prayer mat can come in two basic forms; the mihrab and the qameez. But mihrab is consider to be the most traditional form of prayer mat, as it is make of wool on the front and back. The mihrab is close in a clasp at the front and sides. While the qameez is open on the front top. And can have either a lock or a zipper closure on the back. Prayer mat which are make from silk can have a silk finish, but those make from cotton or other textiles can only be found in cotton. Those prayer mats make from synthetic fabrics cannot have any type of spiritual significance.

While most prayer mats are consider to be strictly gender-specific, there are some exceptions to this rule. Prayer rugs for men can generally be identify by their color-cod Arabic socks. The socks worn by mujahedeen [men who practice sharia law] may vary slightly from those worn by women, but the colors are generally the same, and they will generally have the same motifs and designs. Muslim prayer mat used in worship sites, such as mosques, usually have geometric designs on them, while those used in homes or businesses are usually more feminine-themed.

Wearing a prayer mat in worship sites allows the worshiper to show respect for other people of all ages, religions, backgrounds and creeds. By wearing an Islamic prostration mat under his or her prayer rug. The person shows respect and dedication for all who are gathering. They are showing that they are respectful people want to make the best possible sacrifice for their religion and community. This sacrifice may be death or life, but in Islam, all are equal. But Wearing a Muslim prostration accessory is a way of showing your  For more information visit the link below..


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