Here are the top 5 issues BMWs have


If a BMW car is maintained well, it can last for between 10-15 years and go as far as 150,000 to 200,000 mi. You should service it on average once per year or twice depending on how often you use it.

BMW is a well-known brand for high-performance luxury cars. BMW cars aren’t perfect. If they aren’t maintained, these vehicles can be damaged. It is important to know the signs of common BMW problems in order to fix them before they become more costly or prohibitive repairs. Continue reading to learn more about what to look out for in your BMW.

Faulty Headlights

BMWs have convenient automatic headlights that automatically turn on when it is dark. This feature can cause problems in some BMW cars. The lights might stay on even when they are not required. This can cause excessive battery consumption, and eventually electronic problems.

This issue can be difficult to spot. Photoelectric sensors detect ambient light levels, not driver’s vision. You should check your headlight sensor from time to time to ensure it is functioning properly. If the sensor is not working properly, you should contact a mechanic immediately.

Cracking, corrosion and rust in alloy wheels

BMW cars come standard with alloy wheels. Alloy wheels can be made of forged aluminum or painted. They are light, durable, and attractive. Alloy wheels can crack or corrode. When the paint has melted, the result is visible white spots on the wheels. This is called “whiteworm” in BMW circles.

You can’t fix cracking or corrosion by yourself. Sometimes replacement is the best choice. To avoid damaging your wheels, you should not use high-powered pressure washers. You should wash your tires and your interior wheels regularly. Remove any dirt or dust from your alloy wheels to prolong their life.

Defective Electric Windows

When purchasing a car, security is of paramount importance. BMW owners may have problems because of defective electric windows, which are the most common problem with their car.

Depending on the condition of the window regulator and how hot it is, the motor that drives your car’s windows may heat up. The motor that powers the car’s windows can heat up and cause it to stop working until it cools down. Wait until the motor cools down before it spins again.

It is possible for the regulator to freeze, causing it to fail. This is more common with older BMW models. The system can be further damaged if the regulator freezes, preventing you opening or closing your windows.

If your BMW windows stop working, you should contact a mechanic immediately. The problem will be fixed by a mechanic.

The Heater Core Questions

Inside BMW’s machine. The heater core is part of your vehicle’s cooling system. It is shaped like a radiator, and heats up the cabin by transferring heat from the hot coolant.

If your car’s interior is still cold, it could be that the heater core is defective. Heater core problems can be identified by coolant leaks, engine overheating, and strange or sweet-smelling cars. These problems can cause unexpected breakdowns that could lead to accidents.

These symptoms should be reported immediately to a BMW repair Shop Fountain Valley

technician. They will.

You can check your vehicle for any leaks and consult your owner’s manual to find out when it is time to top up your coolant. This will ensure your engine is at the right temperature. If you’re still not sure, talk to your mechanic.

Overnight Battery Drainage

BMW batteries usually last between four to six years. Some owners report that their batteries have been draining overnight. It is common for owners to leave the lights on inadvertently or leave the doors open.

Other causes of a dead BMW battery are

External devices that use plug-ins to drain battery power

The BMW Intelligent Battery Sensor, which is defective prevents the vehicle from entering sleep mode.

A defective alternator

Jump start terminals can be found under your BMW’s hood. They are used to charge your battery in case it stops working. A BMW battery charger makes this easy. It is a good idea for your car to be taken to an automotive technician to test the battery after it has been charged. An automotive technician can diagnose the problem and suggest a long-term solution.



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