Hair Regimen For 3C Curly Hair

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Curly hair also known as type 3c hair has the tightest curl pattern of all the hair types. This is why choosing the right regimen, hair products, and styling options is important when it comes to caring for this hair type. Keep reading to find out how to treat your 3C curly hair with the tender care and love it deserves.

What Is Type 3C Curly Hair?

As mentioned earlier, type 3C hair is the tightest curl pattern of all type 3 hair. It has S-shaped curl patterns that, when an ordinary single straw is inserted inside one of them, tightly encircle the straw. As a result of its dense and thick curl pattern, 3C hair is more prone to frizz, dryness, and breakage. It can be gotten as lace front wigs, headband wigs, clip-ins, and ponytail extension.

How To Care for Type 3C Hair?

  1. Clean Your Hair Often

Dull and dry hair can result from not giving your type 3C hair a proper wash for weeks or months. Your curls must stay hydrated, healthy, and soft. You’ll need the following to wash your 3C hair:

  • A sulfate-free shampoo
  • A conditioner
  • A leave-in conditioner

How to Wash Your Type 3C Hair

Step 1: Shampoo Your Hair with sulfate-free shampoos

Sulfate-free shampoos are essential because sulfate shampoos strip your hair and scalp of natural oil. Use shampoo and warm water to wash your type 3C hair. The warm water aids the shampoo in removing dirt from your scalp by opening your hair cuticles.
When washing, gently scrub your scalp with the flesh beneath your fingers rather than your fingernails. In this manner, you avoid injuring your scalp.

Step 2: Condition Your Hair

Apply conditioner to your hair from roots to tips after washing the shampoo out. Your hair will get softer as a result of the conditioner, making it simpler for you to detangle. As instructed on the product label, leave the conditioner in your hair. Next, give everything a good rinse in cold water. Your hair cuticles will close up with the help of cold water. Apply your leave-in conditioner to your damp hair after drying it.


  1. Moisturize Your Hair

Due to its propensity to dry out far quicker than other hair types, type 3C hair needs a lot of moisture. Split ends, breakage, and, in severe situations, damaged hair are all effects of having dry hair. You’ll need a spray bottle filled with water, an excellent hair moisturizer, and natural hair oil to moisturize your type 3C hair. First, use your spray bottle to mist some water through your curly hair. After that, rub some oil into your hair to help trap moisture.

  1. Use A Hair Wrap or Bonnet

Ensure your hair is protected with a satin bonnet before you place your head on your pillow. Satin bonnets assist in preserving the moisture in your hair during the night. You can purchase lovely African satin bonnets on

  1. Do Protective Styles

Protective hairstyles help to stop breakage, split ends, and other possible effects of continual manipulation on your hair. The kinky clip-in extension is the ideal protective style for your 3C hair.



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