Guide to Finding Amazon FBA Wholesales Products 


Guide to Finding Amazon FBA Wholesales Products 

Every year, the Amazon FBA sellers spend a lot of time preparing for the peak season. There are many shows that they want to attend to find the FBA wholesale suppliers of their choice. When you are looking for Amazon FBA suppliers, you can surely use them to your advantage, which is one of the many ways you can you can find products and the Amazon FBA wholesale suppliers behind them. Besides tradeshow, there are many online ways to find FBA suppliers for the products that you have selected to sell

Sometimes when finding products and their FBA wholesale suppliers, you want to rely on other methods too besides the trades shows. Also, not every tradeshow is attended by the best suppliers for Amazon FBA. The wholesale suppliers for Amazon FBA can also be found via other sources. Let us have a look so that you cannot just find the products but also the best wholesales for Amazon FBA. 

Here is a look at the different methods for locating products and their FBA wholesale suppliers. 

Reverse Sourcing Instead of Tradeshows 

When you attend a tradeshow to find suppliers for Amazon FBA, you get a lot of catalogs. You have to manually go through each of the items in the catalog to locate them on Amazon. Then you will have to assess whether the products you found are to your liking for selling, and you will consider sourcing from the wholesale FBA suppliers. 

Reverse sourcing is an altogether 180-degree different approach. You can use it by finding products on Amazon which will meet your purchase criteria. Once you have found the products, you try to locate the companies behind those products. 

Reverse Sourcing Overview

Now that we have looked at reverse sourcing let us look at the steps that you need to follow to locate the products that you want for selling on AMZ as a reseller. 

Step 1: Identify products that meet your buying criteria

You need to set the requirements suitable when finding products on AMZ. It means deciding the types of products that you want to sell. Here are sample criteria that you can consider and create your own. 

  • A product that is small and easy to prepare. 
  • Needs to have excellent BSR (Best Sellers Rank)
  • The selling price is $15 or more. 
  • Amazon is not competing on that listing, or it is not AMZ dominant. 
  • The listing is not by a sole manufacturer or owner. 

Once you can find the product that fits the criteria you have set, the next step is to find its FBA wholesale suppliers. You can also use Keepa Chart to assess the competition and other requirements for successfully selling it. 

If you find the product ticks all the boxes for your set criteria, you need to save the information in an Excel spreadsheet, including the Name of the brand owner or the manufacturer for tracing later. Else, you will have to spend more time later to find the relevant FBA wholesale suppliers. 

You can also consider hiring professional assistants for Amazon virtual support to do these tasks for you. 

Step 2: Searching for the Amazon FBA Suppliers or Manufacturers for Getting their Contact Info

When finding FBA suppliers, you can use Google to your advantage to get to the manufacturer’s website. Once you can locate it, you can try finding the contact information and check for the wholesale information page. 

Step 3 – Getting in Touch with the FBA Wholesale Suppliers 

Now, let us look at how you can get in touch with the best suppliers for Amazon FBA. You can use the link for “wholesale” that these wholesale suppliers for Amazon FBA provide. The best wholesalers for Amazon FBA make it easy for the resellers to open an account with them. You need to the form labeled “new account.” 

Sometimes, you may not find their policies and application on the website for opening a wholesale account. In that case, you can consider filling out the contact form or by getting in touch with them via email to ask for the process of opening an account. 

“Sample Email Shared Below When Contacting Amazon FBA Wholesalers, Distributors or Brand Owners.”

I am < Name> and want to inquire about opening a wholesale account with your organization. 

If I am given a chance to open an account, I will promote your brand on Amazon. I will sell the products individually and also by bundling for (Name of the category). 

Shared below is an example of the products solid for (Name of the category).

Please let me know your requirements (including any agreements) that I need to sign or if there are any other terms I need to fulfill not mentioned on your website.

Thank you.

I look forward to a chance to work with your organization.

<Your Name>

<Designation>, <Company Name>

It would help if you made a concerted effort trying to open an account. Sometimes, the brand owners will outright deny selling to Amazon sellers. Still, this doesn’t mean if they don’t sell to anyone else, they won’t sell to you. 

If you come across FBA wholesale suppliers who deny selling to the Amazon wholesalers, you can find the reasons behind their objection. When you find suppliers for Amazon FBA, tell them the benefits of working with you. How are you different than other resellers? The ways you can add value to the business of these wholesale FBA suppliers. 

Use Amazon FBA Wholesale to Earn More Money 

Amazon wholesale FBA is an excellent way to sell products and make money. You can keep on buying and selling products again and again. As soon as the inventory runs low, you can always order more products. 

Make sure that you understand the requirements of each manufacturer, wholesaler, distributor, and brand owner you choose to work with. Then, you can meet their expectations without any hassle. 

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