Guide to Buying a Refrigerator for Your Home

Buying a Refrigerator

Refrigerators are among the most essential appliances we use at home. They are utilized to store all sorts of foods, including cooked vegetables and leftovers left from our last dinner. In our modern, fast-paced life, refrigerators are an essential part of our lives. They are in every home. However, not every household is equipped with the same requirement for refrigeration and it’s crucial to have the correct information so that you can choose the ideal fridge for the home you live in. In this article, we will take a brief look at the essential aspects of a refrigerator as well as the things to look out for prior to buying one. One of the first things you’ll likely have to consider when selecting a fridge is the kind. There are four categories that refrigerators are classified into.

Different Types of Refrigerators

Single door refrigerators

Single-door refrigerators can be among the ones with the smallest sizes of refrigerators available. They come in sizes that range from 50 litres up to up to 250 litres. In the doorway, the refrigerators typically contain a freezer compartment on top and a drawer for vegetables at the bottom. They are equipped with simple cooling capabilities. Single door refrigerators are an excellent purchase if you need basic refrigeration but don’t want to sacrifice a lot of the size of the room. Buy French door fridges online at the best prices. 

Double door refrigerators

Double-door refrigerators can be among the most sought-after models of refrigerators you can find in houses. Contrary to single-door refrigerators that have one door, these refrigerators come with an extra door that is used for freezing compartments. Double door refrigerators come in a variety of sizes and designs. The most classic model is called the top-mounted freezer. The name is a reference to the fact that these refrigerators are equipped with a freezer situated over the refrigerator compartment. They are available in big capacities that range from around 600 litres.

They’re not expensive to purchase. Refrigerators with bottom mounts are gradually gaining recognition over the top-mounted versions. They have their freezer situated at the bottom just below that of the refrigerator. This means that the fridge compartment is set at an acceptable height, which makes it easier for you to get to it. Also, it prevents you from having to bend down each time you have to get things out of the refrigerator. In addition, freezer compartments are usually with pull-out drawers. This allows you to have a great perspective of the things that are stored there. Bottom-mounted refrigerators are offered in a similar capacity like top mounted refrigerators.

Side-by-side refrigerators

The refrigerators come with two doors that are open parallel to each other, just like the doors on cabinets. They typically come with huge capacities, ranging between 550-700 litres. They’re also larger than traditional two-door refrigerators and can make a huge mess in kitchens. The freezer, as well as the refrigerator compartments, are situated on top of each other, so there is no need to bend to go into one of the compartments. Certain high-end models also have Ice and water dispensers.

Multi-door refrigerators

The multi-door fridges can also be referred to also as French door fridges. These refrigerators come with at least two storage compartments. They generally have a side-by-side arrangement at the top as well as a pull-out drawer on the bottom. Some models even have the same side-by-side design door layout on the bottom. They are available with capacities of up to 800 litres and are designed for homes that have large kitchens. They feature the most modern cooling technology, including integrated water dispensers, fast freezing compartments, and more.

Direct or Frost-Free refrigerators

Direct cooling refrigerators are typically available in single-door versions. They utilize the natural convection process to cool. There isn’t any circulating cool air inside the refrigerator. This means that there is an accumulation of ice in the freezer compartments. This requires manual defrosting every once or twice per week. On the other hand, direct coolers are more affordable to purchase and can to be more energy efficient than frost-free models.

Frost-free models do not require manual defrosting, and they are able to maintain a consistent temperature throughout the refrigerator. They can preserve food for longer but also use more energy. Nearly all of the modern models on the market have frost-free refrigerators.


A refrigerator’s capacity will determine the number of food items it can hold and the amount of space they take up. It is important to choose the correct capacity to meet the requirements that your family has. A refrigerator with a larger capacity is not just going to cost you more, but it will also consume larger space within your kitchen. Manufacturers also discuss how much freezer space is available. Some manufacturers will mention the capacity of their gross total capacity, together with the net capacity.

It is essential to look at the net capacity as it’s the actual quantity of food that you can keep in your refrigerator. If you encounter a manufacturer who only lists its gross capacity you can determine its net capacity by subtracting approximately 5-10 per cent from the gross capacity total.

BEE star rating

Refrigerators are likely to be the only appliance in our homes which consumes energy constantly. They have to work every day. This is why it’s vital to pick an energy-efficient refrigerator that can help reduce the cost of electricity. The most efficient way to locate an energy-efficient refrigerator is to look for its rating of stars for it. These ratings are given to the products through BEE. BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency) after conducting a series of tests of its performance. It is also based on the energy usage of the refrigerator during the year, which is also stated on the label issued by BEE.

The more stars displayed on the label indicate how energy efficient the refrigerator is. Because frost-free refrigerators consume more energy, a star rating is required for them as direct cooling refrigerators are part of the voluntary system. It is important to note how the rating of refrigerators with different capacities differs.

Inverter refrigerators

The majority of refrigerators today have compressors that operate in full-on and full-off modes. This makes the temperature within the refrigerator fluctuate continuously. They consume more energy due to the compressor’s requirement to be turned frequently. Inverter compressors used in refrigerators are able to adapt their speed based on the temperature of the room. This helps the refrigerator maintain its temperature at a constant level and consumes less energy in the process. Inverter-equipped refrigerators are also known to produce less noise than standard refrigerator.


Older refrigerator models utilize grill-shaped, steel shelves to store food items on. They were useful to circulate air inside the refrigerator’s refrigeration unit. Some entry-level refrigerators still use metal shelves. A majority of modern refrigerators have glass shelves that are toughened. They are sturdy enough to withstand the heaviest of containers. Since glass shelves do not have gaps, it is possible to store small food items on the shelves. They also enhance the appearance of the refrigerator. If you are looking to relocate food items within your refrigerator and you want to adjust the shelves, adjustable shelf refrigerators are a good option. They can be moved up and down, or removed completely to store larger containers or bottles.


Refrigerators are among the most important appliances for homes in kitchens, which is why it’s essential for them to be able to blend into the style of the space. The majority of refrigerators are available in various subtle colours which can allow you to blend them into the colour of the walls. There are also patterns on their doors. It is also advisable to glance at the dimensions of the handlebars that are on the door. Some refrigerators include them in the door, giving the appearance of luxury.


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