[Guide] How to do Apply for business license in Dubai?

business license in Dubai

The UAE has become the biggest source in the Middle East and abroad for investor-friendly policies. That is to say, with ambitions to offer all investors and entrepreneurs with room to develop, nurture, and build their firms; the authorities of the city have devised a straightforward procedure for a home business license in Dubai.

In this essay, we will make sure you understand everything about home business licenses in Dubai and why they are so creative. On the other side, you will comprehend the step-by-step approach to issue it. In addition, we will show you the varieties of Business Setup Dubai Mainland and the UAE. Let’s observe:

  • What are the varieties of home-based enterprises in the UAE?
  • Positives and drawbacks of this sort of business
  • Legal requirements of home-based enterprises in Dubai
  • What are the prerequisites for a trade license registration?
  • Applying for the trade License
  • How can Connect Services Middle East aid you to establish your home-based company in Dubai?

1. What are the sorts of home-based enterprises in the UAE?

If you do not have enough cash or you simply want to manage your own company from home; there are various alternatives if you wish to investigate them. Therefore, here are some alternatives you may follow:

1.1. Tutor/Teacher

Tutoring is a popular sector for many persons looking to make money without investing. In addition, this is a terrific alternative if you are excellent in any field. In the same spirit, thanks to Covid-19, the current revolution in trends, and changes in the way we operate; many instructors are embracing online teaching services such as Zoom to educate students.

Further, you may offer your skills and possibly reach youngsters around the world.

1.2. Social media influencer

The development of Tik Tok and Instagram created the opportunity for numerous people to actively become social media influencers and earn a profession. Certainly, becoming an influencer became the typical employment activity for many individuals and work 7 to10 hours like any other profession. In this section, you may promote content for many companies and brands and at the same time make money.

On the other side, you need a huge following number to take the benefits up to the limit.

1.3. Videoblogging

Another fantastic possibility is to establish a video blogging channel specializing on unpacking thins. Similarly, there are other YouTube channels generating gobs of money with this method. In the same line, some of them critique tech goods; while others perform diverse compilations in numerous sectors such as:




Football players, etc.

There is a large variety and you may draw inspiration from others and develop something similar.

1.4. Selling using e-commerce

Entrepreneurs are earning excellent money by building e-commerce shops. And like many other locations on our list, you have a lot of diversity to pick from. That is to say, you may develop a generic or a specialised shop based on your capacity to get the items. From electronic gadgets to artisan crafts; you may offer anything.

In other words, if you have the correct ability for doing inventory, managing orders, and arranging the procurement of the items this will be an extremely lucrative company for you.

E Trader License in Dubai

Dropshipping is a common technique for e-commerce firms; discover how to establish this sort of company.

1.5. Web development/Graphic designing

A successful talent is possibly the finest method to make money online. For instance, firms such as Freelancer and Fiverr; link you with folks wanting various things. Thus, if you are strong at web development or graphic design then this is the perfect approach for you. In addition, today, there is a huge need in these 2 sectors.

And by completing assignments, you may increase your profile; enabling you to work on even more projects in the future. Therefore, you might make a lot of money along the road.

1.6. Freelancing

At this primary notion, freelancing is a highly lucrative and straightforward business field.

If you wish to keep studying, here is our advice for self-employed persons in the UAE.

For instance, you may make photoshop projects, create material, perform music editing, development-related tasks, and so many more. Above all, freelancing allows you a number of sectors to pick from.

2. Positives and drawbacks of this form of business

Starting a company on your own may often be a hard and tiresome process. But undoubtedly, it is always necessary to examine the advantages and downsides before making the choice to start; or not, this activity.

When we consider the beneficial elements of a home business; there is a home business license in Dubai. But other than that, there are not many overheads involved. Firstly:

You will not need to pay rent for your workplace.

In addition, while you are working from home, there are no travel charges associated to go to your office. In order to legally start this activity; a nice thing you may start getting is a trade license suited to work from home and manage your company.

Starting a company from home in the UAE provides you the advantage of having an investor-friendly environment. That is to say, the government of the nation is constantly devoted to helping and fostering start-ups and small enterprises; they do this to enhance the economy of the UAE in the long term.

You must correctly register your company so you avoid compliance concerns; read our step-by-step guidance.

For example, there are various online markets beginning right now that specialize on SMEs and home-based enterprises. And all you simply need is a home business license in Dubai. Therefore, this demonstrates that the UAE’s culture is growing and Dubai is the forefront in accepting these changes and also apply for Best PRO services in dubai.

When it comes to the bad sides of beginning a home-based company in Dubai; there might be a handful of them. For instance, if you are operating a firm that at its heart, needs you to meet multiple customers; meeting them at your house is not the ideal choice. Further, some companies prefer cooperate with suppliers functioning from official corporate premises; but this is becoming unusual.

3. Legal requirements of home-based enterprises in Dubai

If you wish to start a corporation to conduct your business from home; the procedure may be straightforward, particularly if you cooperate with us. In the same line, we finish our procedure with the goal to bring simplicity to our partners since not all the applicants are business-related persons.

Similarly, here is a list of things you need:

Trade name registration.

A valid establishment card from the FAIC (Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship) (Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship).

Capacity to recruit people, you will have up to 3 work permits available.

Membership counts in both the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization (MOHRE) as well as the Chamber of Commerce.

Renewal of trade/commercial license for more than a thousand business operations.

A genuine home business license in Dubai.

The DED (Department of Economic Development) is the government organization in charge of granting the trade license. Thus, it enables you to manage your own home-based company or SMEs. In addition, with the general license, you may include company operations and startups that operate in social networking sites or online into the DED’s database.

However, there are several positives, besides from being authorized to operate your commercial activity. Let’s observe:

You gain advantages from bank entities.

It gives consultation to launch an economic venture.

You gain a “Customer Client Code”, this is supplied by Dubai Customs and smooths importing or exporting transactions.

You acquire an establishment card, enabling you to recruit 3 workers.

The candidate receives temporary employment services.

You may participate in conferences, training courses, and exhibits.

Holders receive the Dubai Chairman membership for business operations.

You get to showcase your items at the consumer points of sale of Dubai Economy Partners.

And if you choose, Dubai Economy partners will also supply you with choices for a workstation.

4. What are the prerequisites for a trade license registration?

Applying for a home business license in Dubai is necessary for establishing a home company. But, applying for this sort of license is not always straightforward, particularly if you do it by yourself. Similarly, you must complete specific conditions for acquiring a DED trade license. Here is a list:

Entrepreneurs are transforming the way we live, read about 7 reasons to be one in the UAE.

The proprietor of the project must be of 21 years of age at least.

Start-ups or initiatives must exist in Dubai.

This sort of license is provided solely for residential areas.

The project owner must have a valid Emirates ID.

In addition, he/she may hold more than one license.

DED home business license is valid only for one year and is valid upon expiry.

The holder may have 10 activities per license inside the same description area.

The economic activities, social media profiles, and trade name may be adjusted as needed.

Not every company will need you to get a home business trade license in Dubai. But there are certain choices you may pick and not apply for a trade license.

5. Applying for the trade License

This sort of license requires applicants to pay the registration cost upfront. In addition, candidates must renew their license yearly as well. On the other hand, the DED has certain severe criteria for the trade name licensing. For example, terms such as ‘God’, ‘Lord’, or ‘Allah are absolutely banned.

In the same spirit, you must contact the government officials in charge before finalizing your name. However, at Connect Services Middle East we take care of this procedure from beginning to finish on your behalf so you can focus on your home-based company.

Further, an already reserved trade name for a comparable work activity as yours is still not acceptable. In the same line, we must add that the trade name should not include the name of a person. On the other side, it might carry the name of the ownership/partner of the license.

The name is possibly the key identification of a firm; read about all you need know while altering it.

In other words, it is definitely banned that the name includes any discrimination or any connotations linked with vulgarity. Moreover, the DED has set these regulations in order to maintain the safety of company; and free from wrongdoings in the long term. In summary, we will contact the necessary activities before finalizing the trade name since you may not be aware of additional constraints.

6. How can Connect Services Middle East aid you to launch your home-based company in Dubai?

In Connect Services Middle East care a lot about our partners. That is to say, we recognize that beginning a remote company might be daunting occasionally. Thus, we are here to give you our varied location rates, discounts, and packages when you are beginning a company in the UAE. Similarly, you may start working remotely, or in any of Dubai’s Free zones or the Mainland.

In addition, we can sponsor your firm, this way you may start operating hassle-free in Mainland Dubai. Further, we have more than 20 years of experience dealing with all sorts of companies across all industries in this wonderful nation; this allowed us to gain the comprehensive experience we need to aid your organization in all areas.

In the same spirit, we will make sure you select the most suited company location. On the other side, we make sure you obtain the advantages of all jurisdictions of the UAE. Thus, we evaluate locations, laws, restrictions, and free zones about your company aims.


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