Great craft to give as a gift

Great craft to give as a gift

Great craft to give as a gift. While toddlers find themselves unable to buy a nice gift for dad, the same cannot be said for making a Father’s Day card in kindergarten. Such a creature also has a very great sentimental value, able to melt the heart of dad. Simple drawing on paper, easy origami, handprints in paint, Cap on the best DIY card ideas for creating cool drawings with little hands.

Top idea how to make a Father’s Day card in kindergarten

Materials and tools needed:

  • Scrapbooking paper (22X28 cm)
  • Colored cardboard
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Decorations

How to do:

  1. Wrap the paper halfway overall so that the printed side is facing out.
  2. Then unfold and fold the two opposite sides. Make them meet in the middle.
  3. Adapt the paper over to the opposite surface also fold the bottom 2.5 cm up.
  4. Turn the paper over again. Fold the top corners inward so that they meet in the center. To achieve the collar of the shirt.
  5. Fold the opposite corners outward. Thus, the white part would be exposed.
  6. Fold the bottom up and slip under the collar to complete the shirt.
  7. Finally, cut a small piece of card stock to the dimensions 5 x 7 cm. It must be able to fit inside the card. Unfold the top and secure the small cardboard inside. Use this to enter a message.
  8. To add a final touch, attach small pompoms (as buttons) or ribbon (as a bow tie).

Materials and tools needed:

  • Farfalle pasta
  • Acrylic paint
  • Paintbrushes
  • Cardboard
  • Hot glue or glue

How to do:

  1. Paint the pastes in various colors of acrylic paint. Depending on the color, there might be a need for a few more coats of paint. It is not necessary to repaint the reverse, which will not be visible.
  2. Once the paint has dried, add a few white peas. To apply them, use the opposite side of the brush or a paint marker.
  3. Fold a piece of standard card stock in half. Trim the sides to a standard size of 13 x 18 cm. Optional: Glue, a part of the green card on the face, creates a contrasting effect.
  4. Line up the bow ties and tie the pasta on the face. Here is a super simple and uncluttered Kindergarten Father’s Day card.

Handmade and super original handyman dad card

Materials and tools needed: 

  • Cardboard – brown, red, gray, yellow, blue, silver
  • Black marker
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick

How to do:

  1. First, print the template and cut out the instruments. If the child is tiny, he might need a little helping hand.
  2. Trace the cut pieces on cardboard of a chosen color. To make the pocket, cut another rectangle measuring 8 x 13 cm.
  3. Add detail to the hammer and the handle of the screwdriver using a black marker. Draw more lines and numbers on the ruler.
  4. Secure the handle of the screwdriver in place.
  5. Fold a sheet of brown cardboard in half.
  6. Attach the yellow pocket to the bottom of the card, gluing only the bottom and sides. Allow the glue to dry.
  7. Draw stitches with a black marker and mark the word dad on them.
  8. Fill the heart pocket and craft tools.
  9. In the end, insert the heart and the craft tools inside the pocket.

DIY with handprint – sentimental Father’s Day gift idea

Materials and tools needed:

  • Canvas
  • Cardboard or DIY paper
  • Painting
  • Brush
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Black marker

How to do:

  1. Repaint the child’s palm with the paint chosen for the face of the snowman “daddy” and the fingers (without the thumb) – with the paint chosen for the hair.
  2. Firmly press your hand against the top of the canvas, fingers pointing up.
  3. Help the child gently withdraw his hand so as not to smear the canvas.
  4. Repaint the child’s hand, but this time chooses a brighter color for the palm, a “skin” color for the tip of the thumb and little finger, and finally – a blue paint for the rest of the fingers. . Let dry completely again.
  5. If desired, cut out a “tie” from card stock and use a black marker to add details. Finally, glue the tie on the handprint.
  6. Mark the eyes, eyebrows, nose, and mouth and repeat over with a black marker.
  7. Soak the joint in pink paint and apply it to the handprint as a cheek. Using a fine-tipped brush, apply a brown paint color over the eyebrows to match the color of the hair.

Ultra-cute Kindergarten Father’s Day activity – a DIY card with a “koala” pattern

Materials and tools needed:

  • Card stock in black color and two other complementary colors
  • 2.5 cm, 4 cm, and 8 cm diameter circle punches
  • Double-sided adhesive dispenser
  • 5cm oval hole punch

How to do:

  1. Choose a color of paper for the koala’s face. Fold the paper in half and cut a circle using the 8cm hole punch.
  2. Using the small-diameter hole punches, cut circles for the ears. For the larger of the two circles, choose the same color as that of the head.
  3. Have the ears tied behind the head on the top fold? Then, use the oval hole punch to cut the nose out of black paper and Flashlight.
  4. Finally, glue the mobile eyes above the nose.

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    Great craft to give as a gift

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