Getting The Best Out of Your iPad

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Did you get an iPad in Dubai on your birthday or bought it yourself but getting trouble exploring its features and can’t make it to the most?

If you are searching for some smart and useful iPad tips and tricks to get the most benefit from it, increase your workflow and efficiency or just enjoy your iPad’s supremacy more around the home, you have landed in the right place. Here we have lined up some awesome functionalities of the iPad to get into for experiencing a new world of convenient technology!

Getting The Best Out Of Your iPad

Get A Complete Control

You can control your iPad with instant clicks on the shortcuts. Swipe down the top right corner of your iPad, and here you have the convenience of shortcuts of controlling brightness, adjusting volume, and turning Bluetooth on/off. The most awesome thing is that an iPad can also manage your smart home accessories or other smart devices.

Booby-Trapping a Data

This is the most incredible security feature any smart device can offer. If you have some secret surprise plans in your iPad to implement and don’t want them to be known by others, the iPad has the solution. Go to your iPad’s settings, Touch your ID password and erase Data.

This step will automatically erase data after ten attempts of the wrong password if someone tries to unlock your iPad.

See What’s Running with Clarity

It’s one of the awesome features: you can see what’s running on your iPad with bigger thumbnails. By swiping up from the dock, you will see all the apps running with bigger thumbnails to easily get a better idea of identifying them. 

Explore Energy Hogs

Energy-conscious people love this iPad feature and always want to save their batteries from excess usage. Exploring energy hogs would be great for all of us to know the battery performance and app usage. Go to the settings and then select the battery to have an idea of your battery’s health. Check the apps are running in the background and how much battery it has consumed in a day.

Get a VPN

The iPad in Dubai has the VPN’s feature here for the safety and security of your data. If you have access to the VPN, go on the setting, select Virtual Private Network, and add in the ID password and relevant information. Unlike VPN apps which only protect the data within the apps, here it offers system-wide safety and security. 

Using Two Apps at Once in a Split Mode

Split view is the much-needed feature we all have been yearning to get for too long. Working side by side, you need both apps to be on the same page simultaneously, not dragging them up one over the other. If you have a research paper in one app and are writing it simultaneously, drag it from the right-hand edge, two apps on the screen.

In another situation, if you are listening to music on youtube and you have to chat with your friend too, you can do it via the iPad’s split mode. 

Use Gesture Multitasking

iPads have the best gesture multitasking. If you are using an app, pinch four to five fingers to see the currently open apps. You can swipe sideways to switch between the running apps with the same fingers. If you don’t want this feature, you can turn it off in the settings.

Manage Storage

Well-known for numerous benefits and features, the iPad is also well-reputed for its storage efficiency. If you want to clear the excess garbage up, go to settings and then storage. You can see which app is taking more space. You can also offload the unused app, this will eliminate the app, but the data and the icon will be kept to use later. 

Control Kids

The iPad ensures that our kids are always involved in healthier activities to protect them. You can always control what your children shouldn’t access and let them only get in and see what you want by privacy restrictions and content blocking. 

Give Siri an Accent

Most of us don’t like Siri’s default voice. iPad ensures to fulfil the customer’s demands brilliantly just the way they want. Relying on your location, you can opt between the different options for Siri’s voice.

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When you have an iPad you have been waiting for so long, Remember it’s not an android, so don’t treat it like an android with the limited functionality where all smartphones almost work the same. It’s an iPad, and Apple is well-known for its commitment to bringing ease to the user’s life with fantastic technology. Now when these tips have opened the world of technology for you, make the most out of it! 

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